Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mom and son

Mom, I love you much!!! it was my favorite present to see you and i got some pretty awesome gifts as well like i can live off of beef jerky and pistachios for a month!! haha 
The Boazs again werent they just over there for thanksgiving? is Austing still livijng in new york? 

24 years wow!! that is a quite the amount of time!! exceeds my lifetime.. obvi lol Yall are probs skiing right now that sounds like the dream in all of that fresh snow!!

love you so much momma nothing really happend this week... christmas kinda caused the work to be slow but next week we should be having some miracles!!! loves
Elder Fife

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 6:59 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
So so so great to Skype with you on Christmas!! The best present I received, and I got some great gifts...

We had the Boaz's here for church and dinner. Austin came and brought his 5 year old Evan. It was good to see them had not seen them for a long time. They say Hi.

It's Dad and my 24th anniversary today. It's crazy to think I've been married longer than not married. Time flys when you have a great life :) best decision I ever made.

We have one more week of Christmas break. Dad goes back to school tomorrow. The boys and I are going skiing Tuesday. I hope we don't freeze its really cold right now!!

So fun to talk with you and see you evolving into such a force in the world and in the mission field. You are on a grand adventure. It's awesome to be on this journey with you keep killin it son!  I love you all my love to you Momma

Dad and son

Dad, It was good to see you Christmas. I loved seeing the family its weird being on a mission and not talking to you all. and when I skype home it feels as all is well and feels familiar and at home. I love that. 
I love that story I wrote it down in my planner probs share it in a training.

24 years? man that is super crazy!!! you are an old man!! haha lol i know its going to be hard to find someone near as good as momma hopefully i will get lucky!! no way you deserved that good of a lady!! hahah just kidding 

hope you have a good week joe. loves
Elder Fife

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 8:29 PM, <> wrote:
That was an awesome little chat we had Son. You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you so much for what you are doing for our family. You look great and have such powerful countenance. You are full of the Spirit and it radiates out of you.

I came upon a story president Monson shared about a missionary who was extremely successful and baptized tons of people. They asked him if all his success was from member referrals. He said none of them were all from tracting. They asked him what his secret was. His response was awesome. He said he tries to baptize every person he sees. When he sees someone who looks really rough and might be smoking he tries to see them all in white and entering into the font. He said that viewing them that way has given him a power to testify with huge power.

I thought it was a cool story and reminded me of you. You mentioned how some of the elders in your zone are not having as many tisms. Maybe if they could see Gods children more as He does it would be diff.

I am sure mom told you that Me and Mom have been married for 24 years today. I am so lucky to be married to your Mamma. You need to find someone like Mamma one day. It will be next to impossible but if you keep laying it all on the alter these last 8 months I am sure God will oblige.

I love you so much Son. Me and Mamma did real good. Actually I am forever humbled and grateful to God for blessing us with such a perfect Son.

Loves. Pops

Latrone gets baptized

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Small world indeed

Good week, Latrone got baptized #blacktism!!! Anyways it is a sweet. Small world story with latrone. So, his mom was raised in foster care all over utah and when she was 17 she went to Skyview highschool.. dont remember what year but she had the one and only papa Fife as a seminary teacher.. haha she said she was being disruptive and papa fife kicked her out... Gave me a chuckle!! She has lived a hard life doesnt make good choices when choosing her men.. lots of alcoholic and drug addict boyfriends basically wrecking her life. They were an inactive family had moved in 2 months ago when we knocked on her door and she wasnt happy to see us. She had anti feelings against the new rule of the church concerning children of gays not being able to be baptized.. We just invited her to church and somehow the spirit touched her and she came. Her son is Latrone a half black 10 year old with size 12 feet, size 36 waist and a lisp.. haha cutest lil guy ever. 

He asked me to baptize him I was honored. After we got dressed in white i opened the door to the font so he could see what it looked like and he darted into the water kinda like when you run as fast as you can into the ocean.... i couldnt hold back the laughter it was hilarious!!! 

Anyways, overall good week. Excited for Christmas!!! love ya all have a good one.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving pictures

Mom & Son

Mom, I am getting excited to talk to you as well. hopefully it works a little better than last time it wasnt too great on my end.. haha

Probably the best way is just put money on my card I might be able to get it tomorrow or friday because I wil be in tacoma. 

Good for zollypop he desirves a nice gal. haha
 I love teedle he is such a sweet kid makes me sad to think he is self conscious or whatever hopefully it brightened his day. 
Phenemonia dang thats a bummer!!! good thing greg is there makes it much easier for yall im sure poor grandparents though il keep em in my prayers.
well at least you get to see both of us on the tv and in california!! but yeah its sad not to be together for christmas.

Elder Hatch one of my fav companions is getting married... like whatttt haha he emailed me today saying he just got the ring and is proposing this week.. he is getting married the first week of may im sad ill miss it!!! haha might have to have him borrow the cardboard cutout so i can be there for his wedding too hahaha

today was a slower week we got transfer calls i am staying with goldstrohm and we are going to train a new misisonary and help a struggling one. 
love you with all my heart momma thanks for your love
Elder Fife 

On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 5:32 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hope you had a great week and Sabbath day! We are getting so excited to talk to you we can hardly stand it!!! I think we have it all figured out, pray for no technical difficulties :)

What's a better way for you to get your suit from H&M? Cash or put $ on your card?

Did anyone tell you Zollypop got married? He got married around the same time as Haley. He married a usu soccer player.

Thank you for that thoughtful letter you sent Cade. He felt pretty special getting a letter from his big bro.

We are getting ready to watch the first presidency message. I'm sure you get to watch it to.

All the grandparents have been sick this week. Pneumonia for Thelda Marlin and Olaf. They are getting over it. Scary business for old people. Marlin & Thelda aren't doing so well. Greg moved in and is taking care of them. Not an easy job!

Haley isn't coming home for Christmas. I'll be without 2 of my babies. Sad for me but I guess I can't do much about it. We are going to California before Christmas and are staying in Oceanside. Haleys  in laws are flying her and Mckay there for Christmas. We will see her there so that's better then nothing. Mckays family is super cool. You will really like them. I bet that's strange for you to have Haley and Alex both marry while you are away. Taylor's sister thinks you cute. Haha Haley was sad to not be home for thanksgiving but I was proud of her. She made Thanksgiving dinner for her and Mckay.

I love you son! You make me so happy knowing you are loving serving a mission and finding joy in bringing souls to the gospel. What a great blessing you are to your family and the people in Washington. Have a super week. All my love to you Momma. Oh thanks for saying all those thanksgivings meals weren't as good as mine. :) loves

Nafu gets baptized

This week I was able to go back to Tacoma and watch Nafu Talataiena get baptized. I taught her all the lessons she wanted to be baptized she just couldnt quit smoking. She didnt speak much english there was an obvious language barrier so I dont think the spirit really touched her as hard as she needed it to quit. I got transfered and Elder Amituanitai came in strait from samoa... get ready for this they are from the same village they went to highschool together.. like what that blows my mind.. True testimony that he was sent to this mission for a specific purpose. he was able to speak to her in their native language and give her the help she needed to quit. She has fully quit and is preparing to do baptisms in the temple next week!!!! 

When i got to tacoma for the baptism I saw Jack a husband of Charlene Angafili someone I baptized sitting in the front row. Jack was inactive and had some word of wisdom issues. He believed in the church just didnt have much motivation to live the gospel. We began teaching them and they slowly progressed we actually stopped seeing them because their progression was so slow. Jacks mom asked him to watch the priesthood session of conference so he did and the spirit touched him. They invited us back and we taught and baptized his wife in a couple weeks. 

I go and sit by jack and he was stocked out of his mind to tell me he is getting the  melchizedek presthood on sunday and blessing his newborn in church the following sunday.. like man i wanted to shed a tear or two it was so awesome.. They are planning on getting sealed in the temple in a year!! excited to go back and watch:) 

love you all have a great week. 
Elder Fife

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒπŸ’š

I got the meals down!! it was tough but we got em down without being rude!! probably gained 10 pounds that day. haha the ward took care of us but not as tasty as mommas cooking! ive told everyone but i will say it again it is super weird when you dont recognize half of your family members in a family picture.. haha weird

I do pretty good on my journal I get all of the main big stories but i dont get much else... Everynight it takes us about an hour to plan because we have to make 2 sets of plans for each companionship. so by he time we are done we gotta get ready for bed... i do my best though could do better still im hinking i want to print out all of my emails so i can make sure i have all the good stories. 

pretty lame week only 1 investigator showed up o church this week and he dashed right after sacrament so pretty lame... we are building back up our teaching pool knocking los of doors and going through the part member family lists doing member inspires to get some new gators!!! 

one of my companions wanted to make brownies and we didnt have oil i told him that you dont make them with oil and they are way good... they didnt turn out i guess you just got your way with the brownies.. haha

at dinner yesterday we were eating with some members and i said something about President Blatter the mission president to my companion then the dad at the dinner just wen off on how he was a bad mission president and how he was full of himself etc said bunch of dumb stuff.. I just wanted to punch the dude all he ever says is bad about people by the end of the meal i was so dang frustrated... i just dont understand some people.. President blatter is the best he is loaded like has 3 houses in hawaii 3 in mexico and you would never know such a humble man dresses like jumk haha i need to work on patience but this guy was unbelievable 

well love ya lots pops have a good week loves

Elder Fife eats 3 Thanksgiving Dinnas

Mom, the dinnas were good but not as good as yours... the bishop is really cool the family is really nice haha she is a little too nice sometimes.. haha 
good ole norm did he make his classic sounds at cade and cole? haha
I dont recognize some people in that picture.. hahah that is so weird to me!!!
man looks like a freezing game good for byu with the victory though still dont know where my loyalty is haha
good for cole with a good game!!! 
Lara miles havent thought about that family my whole mission they are like the only non members in the whole valley hahaha we outta work on em.. is lara a member I cant remember 
christmas packages seems so early it aint even december yet!!!
haha you know me too well i don know if i could handle a package chillin with me for a whole month hat would be crazy haha i miss ya lots mom I hope you have a wonderful day!! i get to talk to ya in less than a month thats exciting!!!! loves

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 5:22 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hey son! How were the 3 thanksgiving dinners?? I loved getting pictures from members! Is the bishops family cool? We survived ours! Norm ate himself sick as always. Boos in laws ended up coming. We had 32 people. We turned the ping pong table in to a massive table got tons of people around that. Josh was annoying everyone so ya not a lot has changed haha.  Hannah ken and I braved the cold and went to the BYU usu game. The temperature was in the teens. Hannah's feet got freezing so we only lasted until halftime. It was a close game til second half and byu smacked em down 51-28.

Hannah has her first game on Tuesday. Cole had a great game on Saturday. He reminds dad and I of you at times. I saw Lara Miles on Black Friday and she couldn't believe how much Cole looked like you she called him little buddy.

I send your first Christmas package to the mission home. I'm sending another for you to open Christmas Eve. I won't send it until it gets closer cuz I know you can't be trusted!! Haha

I love you so much and I'm so proud of you! You are seriously killin it! Keep up the hard work son you are so blessed!! Take care of yourself and remember how loved you are... All my love to you Momma

Monday, November 23, 2015

Micah quits all his vices and gets dunked.

Last week Wednesday, our investigator Micah quit smoking cigs and weed cold turkey and baptized on tuesday!!!! It was so sick Micah has had the biggest turn around ever in the past year he lost 100 pounds, quit smoking, chewing, etc and when we yelled at him out our car window  3 weeks ago has fully committed himself to follow Jesus Christ. Cant explain how sick he is in this email he is thinking about serving a mission right now throwing away his 6 figure job to serve the lord. The spirit does incredible things pretty cool how the Aonement can cleanse us of all our bad and alow us to feel something so pure and peaceful. 

We were eating dinner with this lady and her x husbands x wife... haha yeah weird i know but anyways they were super sweet ladies and come to find out one of them was baptized in 92 but somehow the records got lost... so we re baptized her on sunday haha she asked me to baptize her because I was the tallest.. 

We have 3 dinners for thanksgiving so pray for me thats gonna be rough hopefully the 6 months in the samoan ward got me prepared for that

love yall
Elder Fife

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ernie gets baptized and training day pictures.

Killin it!

Baptized a Lamanite Ernie

this week we had a lamanite baptism!! His name is Ernie Nakamura he is an indian native to washington. Grandpa Olaf probably wouldnt like him because he gets to catch all the fish he wants, but anyways he was taking missionary lessons for over a year I guess God finally smacked some sense into him. Ernie is a good guy he quit smoking a week ago and says hes done forever good thing for him the spirit has his back. 

We have been teaching a guy named Micah we saw him on the street when we were driving by and yelled to see if he wanted a jesus card turns out he did. He knows a member of the stake presidency because he used to play football with his son. We had a lesson at President Tallys house and Micah is excited for his baptism on sunday. The only thing holding him back is he smokes a pack a day. he is only 20... this guy is awesome is reading the book of mormon coming to church just is having the hardest time ever giving up the cigs but we will keep workin with him hopefully he can quit by tuesday!!

talk to you next week
Elder Fife

Friday, November 6, 2015

First week in Grays Harbor

My first week in Grays Harbor was good! We taught this girl named Dana the last few lessons and baptized her on sunday her family has such a crazy story... little too crazy for this email probably.. the change that they made in order to be baptized is awesome!! Repentance is real! Her paretnts were baptized 2 weeks ago and Dana decided to get baptized a couple days ago and her father was actually able to baptize her. 

An investigator In the samoan ward texted us a week before I left telling us she wanted to be baptized on halloween. Her name is Charlene Agafili her husband Jack is a member but is inactive. He watched the priesthood session of general conference a couple weeks ago and he felt it was for him and is making a comeback!! this desire made his wife evermore interested in the church. She decided to take the lessons again and we felt impressed to have a scripture of the day from the book of mormon with her she kept her commitments and the Book Of Mormon converted her. She asked me to baptize her so I was able to go back to tacoma and do it!!  

Up here in aberdeen people are so wack.. even worse than tacoma everyone looks so sad its a pretty depressing town.. but that makes missionary work easier lots of humble people willing to listen to us. 

Have a good week,
Elder Fife

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tacoma zone

Buds leaving his Polys

Dad, wish i couldve heard your talk on the atonement that would be sweet!!!!

I am so happy for cade that is so sweet does he only play center of does he play some d too??

I am leaving all of the polys im bummed haha it is so awesome over here but the lord needs me in Grays harbor I guess rumor has it its the best ward in the mission but I doubt it after being in the samoan ward with referrals coming in on the daily.. haha i will miss it

not too much time to email today but i love ya pops have a good day

On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 6:56 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son.  Cade and his team are on their way to the big Mini Bowl.  It was a crazy game the other team was driving down for the go-ahead touchdown and Cades team intercepted the ball on their own 3 yard line.  They were able to hold them off and won by 5 points.  Now they have Syracuse for the big game on Halloween at Weber State University.  I guess no trick or treating this year.  

Cade was showing me some Hudl videos.  He went on to your high light reel and saw you dominating back in the glory days.  It was fun to see and remember how incredible you were on the football field.  

You have obviously brought the skills to a way more important field as of late.  I know you are a even better phenom in the Miss Field.  

My lesson today was on the Atonement.  Wow!  It went really well but what a sacred, powerful topic to try and do Justice to.  I had no chance but with the Spirit I feel that the Students really felt the Spirit and Power of this most important of all Doctrines.  I was impacted more so than I can ever recall teaching the Atonement.  The Gospel is so powerful and real, when we try to get after it.  

We have all been eager to hear if you got transferred or get to be with the Polys for a little longer.  My guess is that you are staying put. I took Cade home teaching yesterday and he taught his first lesson.  He did really well.  We go to the Netherys and still have the Marshalls. Reminded me of when you were a fresh Pup.  

I love you so much Son.  May God continue to bless you and yours!  Loves


Transfer meeting

momma i have transfer meeting today not much time to email after that big one I sent will you tell all the kidos I love them and cade congrats on going to the mini bowl like that is so flipping sweet for him like dang!!!! zi know Garrison Beach really well he played qb alot in practice he is a nice kid. cole has pretty dang strait teeth i notice thats good for him!! haha I love you momma hope you have a wonderful week!! 

I am going to Grays Harbor its close to aberdeen?? i have no idea everyone says that it is an awesome ward over there it is just a little nicer version of tacoma. I am sad to leave though i love this place so much and so many people to teach and baptize.. Brother strickland the ward mission leader called president and tried to convince him to let me stay but he wouldnt let me hahahaha good try though ahah love ya momma

ELder Fife

Elder Fife's last letter with the Samoans. Heading to Grays Harbor

This week we baptized a guy named Ernest. Ernest got in a super bad car accident about 10 years ago and lost a leg. After the accident he found himself lost, depressed and an attempt to make things better he turned to alcohol. Ernie had struggled with alcohol for 7 years when he finally asked for help and as of a couple days ago he has been sober for 3 years. Ernie lives in a halfway house where people go to stay safe from alcohol or any type of addiction. 2 months ago we knocked on his door and started teaching him he could answer all of the baptism interview questions but 1 which is asking if he knows if the church was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. He struggled for a month and a half with that one every visit we would tell him to read and pray, read and pray, he just wouldnt do it. we were about to drop him when finally he kept the commitment and read and prayed he said that he knew without a doubt Joseph Smith was a prophet because when he prayed he felt so much joy and peace that he had never felt before. This experience once again proves to me the Book of Mormon is true!!!

We also baptized a little girl named Haley. Haley has had many missionaries teach her in another ward but was never receptive. She moved into our ward and we went over to see if anything has changed and for some reason she was ready to be baptized all we did was go over the baptism interview questions and she was ready.

We started teaching a former investigator named Charlene and felt impressed to give her a scripture of the book of mormon to read each day as we did this her testimony grew and wants to get baptized on Halloween. She has tons of family in the church but she was raised Lokieki. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and is excited to go on "Temple Dates" with here husband. She is jealous of her member friends she sees their pictures on insta hahaha

I am being transferred to another area today it is so hard saying goodbye to my converts and the ward like man I miss them already they are the sweetest most Christlike people I have ever been around. 

I thank the lord for the last 6 1/2 months being able to serve in a ripe area of his vineyard. Ive had the greatest companions, Ward Mission Leader, Bishop, the list goes on I am so grateful and sad to leave but the lord needs me elsewhere. 

Have a good one,

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sweetest letter from my Son

Mom, Glad I could make your day:)

There is the sweetest senior missionary that works with like paper work and stuff at the mission office and she was telling me about her daughter that plays soccer for BYU and I told her that my cousin does too... well anyways come to find out her granddaughter plays goalie and was starting last year until Rachel came and gave her a nice seat on the bench.. hahah it was kinda awk after that..

The mice problem has actually calmed down as of late though so that's good!!!

cade is going to the semis?? that's so sweet good for him 

This week was really good transfers are this Saturday I guess I will see whats going to happen I really want to stay because we have so much good stuff happening here but my time may be up. I love ya momma have a good day

ELder Fife

On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 6:51 AM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Son~ Thank you for the sweetest letter! I was running a bit late for work and don't usually stop to get the mail and I was prompted to get it. To my nice surprise your letter was in there. Made my day!!! Heavenly Father knew I needed to hear from my precious boy. I'll be coming up there this weekend to make sure the spiders and mice are taken care of but seriously that sounds awful!! Does the President know about that problem? I'm looking forward to going back to Hawaii soon with the fam. This time no crutches for you. That's cool your comp is from there. Hook ups are always a bonus😊 love and miss you so so much! Keep rockin the watac they need to be whipped into shape! Go Hawks πŸ’šπŸ’™ they lost again I'm sure the fans there aren't happy!!! Loves

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Elder Fife remembers Victoria's name

Busy week. We saw many miracles though. It was 8:50 PM and we were about to go home when we got the prompting to go to Winco. (grocery store around here) We walk in and towards the back there was this Samoan guy who just moved to Tacoma from Olympia. He was super fob, acronym for fresh, off, boat. like this guy could hardly speak english was wearing a lava lava just your typical samoan. Turns out his wife is a member and he wants to get baptized. We were super happy bout to walk out of the store when I recognized this lady.. but i couldnt remember from where. I say hi to her and told her I recognized her immediately after that her name came to me VICTORIA I helped her move into her apartment a year ago... she was super nice but she was always so busy to go back and see. Anyways she was super humble her father had just past away a month ago and was so happy I remembered her name and she invited us over to her house to teach her. 

Hope you all have a good week. 
Elder Fife

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Watching conference

Precious SonπŸ’•

Mom, Good for teed that is awesome!!!! I hope he does well cant believe that kido is 14.. dang he is getting big quick. too bad for cole though.. hahaha

Kimball is a punk.. haha wish the best for that kid but if he is acting like this so young i worry about him in the future.. haha bishop jackson needs to spank him or something..

I got the package it was perf thanks so much I havent had seeds in a long time either thanks for the card too!!.. and we go to the mall because we like to eat there on mondays and the last couple weeks my companions had to buy new coats shoes shirts etc

I love you momma Hollands talk made me miss you lots he was exactly right though i love you momma
ELder FIfe

On Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 7:41 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son!
Hope you have had a good week. Conference was super awesome! The talks were spot on, loved them. I missed the Saturday morningsession cuz of football games so I will have to go back and watch those. Cade's team is region champs they have home field advantage this Saturday at SV. Cole's team is out. Where did you watch conference?

We had a family party for Cade's birthday tomorrow. Hard to believe he is turning 14!! Cole and Bubs are not that good of friends lately Kimball has a girlfriend and is using bad language. A bit concerning...

Did you get the package?  Just a few goodies hope you enjoyed them. So how many comps do you have 3? They look like studs.  

I love you so much thanks for being so inspiring and such an amazing missionary! Take care of yourself and I'm glad to hear you didn't get punched in the lip haha. All my love to you son, Momma

October conference

Great week hearing from Gods spokesmen. The messages I took away was Discipleship, faith, and counsels with the lord. We were promised if we do these things we will be able to partake of our fruit which is Eternal Life, Gods greatest gift. I love how easy it is to talk to the lord and get inspiration. Pray and ask What do i need to do to become a better disciple? Whatever thought or impression that comes to your mind is what the lord wants you to do. If you do what you are impressed to do your faith will grow. We invite people we teach to counsel with God if they need to be baptized in 2 weeks. Then promise them in the name of Christ that they will get their answer and be baptized its so simple. If we find the humble and true seekers of christ it is simply amazing!! they get baptized every time!!! Its all about counseling with the lord the counsel the lord gives you will bring more blessings God is waiting to bless you, you just need to put forth effort in order to recieve them. 

This week has been full of meetings pretty lame we couldnt procelyte as much as we wanted to. and the ward didnt want us to baptize during conference weekend. but we are having some baptisms next week that we are stocked about!!! One leg ernie, Haley, john vaifanua and 2 sons all humble seekers of christ ready to follow him and be baptized what a blessing being here where the lord provides a way for us to accomplish the things he has commanded us. love you all 

ELder FIfe

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dad & Bud

Good for teed!! can cole ride the clutch now?? what one did you sell the bullet?

haha yeah we heard about that.. didnt Utah kill that team they lost to too? We hear utah is way good this year beat Oregon too. seems like hannah is doing great good for her. is the competition super tough now they are in 5a

hah you will never live that moment down will ya?? little did you know i let you win all along ever since elementary school  I love you pops have a good week. ken said she loves your classes so thats sweet!!! 


On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
What going on Son?  Another glorious week I hope.  Me and the boys were hanging solo the last few days cuz mom and the girls went to Vegas for some wedding.  I got Cade another used dirt bike on Friday and he is pretty stoked.  We sold mine and Coles so Cade could get something bigger.  Now Cole has Cades old Bike ( I should say Wylies old bike) and Cade got this Yamaha 225 that is pretty Beast.  

The Cougs needed your Boy this weekend!  They got shut out 31 to 0.  On Thursday at Hannah game good old Craig Anhder came up and talked to me.  He was super interested in how you were doing and had nice things to say about you.  I know he wasnt your fav but he seems like he has repented and is "Nice Now". Hannah had a great game and scored a goal and they got a somewhat rare win.  

I am so glad you are loving your new comps and the work is going well.  Hope to have a nice little update tomorrow.  Nice to hear that you arestill balling for baptims.  Ha Ha.  Do you ever tell dudes that old man took your down in one on one when you were at your prime?  All those times I let you win to build your confidence I finally had enough and threw down.  I reckon I could still humble you!  

We look forward as always to some good report tomorrow.  Caleb when off to Spain today to start his Mission.  Pretty cool.  

Love you My Son.  


Malia gets baptized