Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Big hug

Knocking doors this week we found a family I had previously worked with in Allenmore(Samoan). The Dad is a member mom is not 3 unbaptized children Nunu randy and Austin. I baptized Savannah their aunt who doesnt live with them but visits on the weekends. Shortly after Savannah was baptized she moved and went inactive:( On saturday we went to visit them and savannah was there. We were just chillin downstairs with the kids and she came running down the stairs as she got near i held my hand up to give her an awkward wow havent seen you for a year high five.. missionary probs lol and she just about took me out and gave me a huge hug. I was way happy to see her. She said she was still thinking about serving a mission.. Way exciting to hear even after a year of inactivity she still has desire to share:) we are going to work with her to get the rest of the family baptized.:)

Tracting describes this week pretty good:) Went to zions camp with half the mission on Wednesday it was way fun! check out the blog for pics

Love you all 
Elder Fife

Monday, June 13, 2016

Bringing gangsters to church

We brought a former gangster to church his name is Gee Gee. He is an author of two books and talks about all his sin and how he is changing into a man of God. He shortly went to jail after his books were published... its a work in progress.. haha We were praying there would be some black people at church so he would feel comfortable... it was one of his concerns. hahaha God answers all types of prayers.. I walked into church and to my surprise I see an African family taking up an entire pew. I found out they were from Nigeria and were visiting their less active uncle before they drove up to salt lake city so Brother Aliche could get set apart as a mission president presiding over a new mission in Africa. 
Gee is on house arrest and he got permission to come. He seemed to like it will let you know next week how he is progressing

Got the real old lady to church again on sunday. She stayed for gospel principals this time and loved it. As she was leaving early from gospel principals she said she was so happy when she came to church here and has never felt so special. It was way sweet:)

lots of knocking this week... love you all 
Elder Fife

wonder what race of person is living in this egg roll basket house? lol

Mom and son

Mom, Probably was the most challenging of my mission but it wasn't really that bad... So my mission is going pretty good if that's the worst thing that has happened..

Glad the swimming lessons went well. I was worried yall were gonna have like 40 kids in the pool at once. How many days a week is it? That sounds way cool with the handy cap kid too. Seems like yall are having great experiences. Who would've thought that would've happened doing swimming lessons?

Sad about grandpa. I feel bad for the guy too. makes me sad

Cade is crazy glad he is okay. I hear when you crash and your helmet is involved you are supposed to through it away and get a new one because it could have damage and isn't as safe.


I feel like Gig harbor will be a good place for me. I want to go and work hard because the missionaries over there now aren't the greatest. and it will be cool to be where you used to duty bop around and stuff :)

I kinda want one of those buzzer razors like the 3 prong face shavers things. you know what im talking about? ive been getting tons more facial hair and I definetly need to shave everyday and razors are way expensive. maybe check ross or tj? im not sure I don't need nothing too fancy or expensive maybe even one of dads old ones it don't matter to me. 

My week has been pretty good ill give more details in a bigger email. loves so much
Elder Fife

On Sun, Jun 12, 2016 at 3:14 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com> wrote:
I'm sorry you had a challenging week last week! I know we have challenges to help us grow and it seems like you learned from this challenge and you are moving on and not letting it hug you anymore. Some people are mean and insensitive. Was that your most challenging week so far on the mission??

Swimming lessons went well! We teach 9 classes. It's a long day. Start at 9:20 and go til 3:30. It's a long day in the pool. The kids seem to really like it so far. Hannah and I taught a private lesson to a special needs boy. He's 11 and has no use of his legs. It was a spiritual experience for me and Hannah. He is the sweetest boy and his dream is to swim in the deep end with no floaties!! I taught him in one one session to breast stroke with his arms and move his upper legs. We played basketball and he made six shots in a row. He told his mom he loved swimming lessons so much and asked everyday when he can come back. Warms my heart. He had such a sweet spirit about him.

We are visiting Gpa Marlin and Thelda right now. Gpa is not doing good. Feel so sorry for him.

Cade rolled the 4-wheeler down SV hill. He had a buddy on back. 4-wheeler is totaled. I'm so grateful he was wearing his helmet the wheeler hit him in the head and he has tire tracks on his jacket. He got a slight concussion and is doing fine. Dad is going on high adventure to the Moab river tomorrow. Logan, Hunter Logan's friend are going.

I'm sending you some skin stuff tomorrow. Vitamin E oil put it on at night. Do you have any other requests?

As far as the Gig Harbor situation. I'm torn when you got called there I was certain you'd go there that was part of the reason you got called there. I don't get the feeling yes or no when I pray. What feelings are you getting? I won't be disappointed if you don't go. The Lord will direct you and the President. I'll keep pondering and praying.  Did you ask to go back to Lakewood?

I hope you've had an awesome week!! I love you so much!! Momma

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Hard week last week

48 students? dang all at the same time? thats crazy how will they all fit in the pool at once? 
That is really cool though im excited for you seems like that will be really fun. Seems like you cant get away from the little kids though.. hahah in the school year pe now swimming lessons. Youre gonna be a good grandma. lol 

Things will always go well when you fast and pray. I fasted and prayed yesterday and I already see the hand of the lord in my life. Good luck today!! i love you momma

Are the fifes just gonna through all their stuff in storage? dang sounds crazy!! 

Summer workouts i kinda remember those.. haha i sluffed them all though.. Hope they work way hard hannah has the chance to play college sports if she works hard now. I hope cade works hard too if i were him i would work my tail off. 

Thats kinda funny cade has a girly friend... lol

Ill work on him hard when i get home. we will get him out of his shell.

This week was hard... ill spare you the details but someone i baptized texted me and said probably the rudest thing someone has ever told me... Hurt my feelings way bad. The coolest part of it all is I dont dislike him at all. I still love him with all my heart. I hope he will turn around and come back to God.

Sorry about the downer.. haha im not sad about it anymore it was a really good learning experience for me. I will now be able to relate to people better when they are going through hard times. IT was a faith building experience. 

I love you mom, Elder Fife

On Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 10:39 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com> wrote:
I hope you've had a super week!     I'm a bit stressed right now. My first day of swimming lessons is tomorrow . I have 48 students coming yikes!! I fasted things would go well now I have to have faith. The Fife's are all here with all their stuff lots and lots of stuff.

Cade and Hannah start summer workouts tomorrow morning. I hope Cade can earn a good spot on the team. I'm skittle worried about him. He's so quiet doesn't share feelings not sure what he's thinking or doing. He has a girl he likes and she seems to like him. Totally blindsided me. I see glimpses of Cade but 14 is a hard age.

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Helping old ladies

Friday we were driving home after a long day. On a busy intersection we saw this old lady with a walker and bags and bags of groceries attached struggling to get up the curb. It was 9:00 P.M. and raining pretty good. We parked the car quick and ran to help her but it was too late..... lol just kidding!! we went and helped her up the curb. Elder Burton grabbed her cart and I took the 83 year old tiny lady by the arm and we walked her half a mile back to her retirement home. It took a solid 30 minutes in the rain getting her there...she was way slow. She is a super sweet lady and we got her to church this Sunday. She loved it and is way excited to start going every week. 

These pics are just some of our homies. they are way cute:)

We are tryin way hard to get some tisms 

love you all 
Elder  Fife

Friday, June 3, 2016

Staying in Tacoma with Elder Burton

Sweettt!! congrats to cole on the priesthood!!! Good for Mary too thats sweet. what about denise? Sounds like lots of fun.

The blatters got here 6 weeks before I got here. So they will have a year after I go home. They are from the bay area. Loaded people lol

The work was better this week. We needed to face a little bit of opposition so God could make us happier when we had success. We found 2 really solid baptism potentials yesterday. we are excited about it. 

I finally feel like i have started to figure out my skin.. seems like ever since sophmore year i had zits and couldnt get rid of them... i had a pretty bad breakout last transfer it was way annoying... my face is slowly healing up.. and because i got to shave everyday when i had zits it would rip them off and now it caused some scars... you know if i could get anything to help with that? 

Anyways, we had a good week. The weeks seem to go by really quick I only have 11 left... crazy to me. austin and hayden get home in june... sounds really cray

hope you have a wonderful week momma!! summmemeerererer thats sweet. loves

On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 8:19 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi son
We had a great day! Cole got the priesthood it was special. Jim and Jimmy came and my parents. Sharon, Ken and Bergs are driving here now.so crazy!!  Mary got married on Saturday in the Ogden temple it was fun to go check that temple out. It's newly redone it's beautiful!! They didn't have a reception only a luncheon. It was good food and a fun atmosphere at an Italian restaurant.

When do the Blotters finish being mission presidents? Where are they from?

How's the missionary work this week? Hopefully good! You and Burton killing it, I'm sure you are.

Sheri Egberts mom passed away this week. More and more people my age are losing their parents. It's sad but a blessing if they are sick. Marci also list her mom but I think I told you that.

2 more days of school. Yippee!!

We went to Grandma Merle's grave today. She has been passed away for almost 16 years.

Hope you are doing great and the wa- tac is treating you right. We met a girl in Ogden who served in your mission she also loved it!!

I love you my son!! Momma

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