Monday, November 23, 2015

Micah quits all his vices and gets dunked.

Last week Wednesday, our investigator Micah quit smoking cigs and weed cold turkey and baptized on tuesday!!!! It was so sick Micah has had the biggest turn around ever in the past year he lost 100 pounds, quit smoking, chewing, etc and when we yelled at him out our car window  3 weeks ago has fully committed himself to follow Jesus Christ. Cant explain how sick he is in this email he is thinking about serving a mission right now throwing away his 6 figure job to serve the lord. The spirit does incredible things pretty cool how the Aonement can cleanse us of all our bad and alow us to feel something so pure and peaceful. 

We were eating dinner with this lady and her x husbands x wife... haha yeah weird i know but anyways they were super sweet ladies and come to find out one of them was baptized in 92 but somehow the records got lost... so we re baptized her on sunday haha she asked me to baptize her because I was the tallest.. 

We have 3 dinners for thanksgiving so pray for me thats gonna be rough hopefully the 6 months in the samoan ward got me prepared for that

love yall
Elder Fife

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