Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cole and big bro

Cole, hope you had a happy birthday my man. Heard you were sick and feelin crazy.. lol thats funny mom said you said some funny stuff. Cant wait to watch you get your wisdom teeth out when youre on that crazy medication.. lol 

I miss you lots brother cole hope you have a good day and week enjoy the last days :) loves

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 8:23 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Hey what's up hello what are u up to and that is really cool that I was your first baptized soul person and now u have baptized all of these people that u love all a lot but I love u more hehe 😘💙 I love u lots bud

   GOOD NIGHT AND BIG BALLS 😂😂😬😬😬😬😂😂😂😂😬😬😂😂😬💙

Joe and Son

chillin in the celestial room had it confirmed that i should work in the temple @ home. Im excited for that. I really hope i will be able too with it being a college town and all. hopefully they have spots open. Might have to go to Brigham.. who knows.

Im excited to be with them boys at home. We will have lots of fun together. They email me every week always say sincere words. haha good boys. 

Crazy mom gots my flight plan. I remember elders saying they had their flight plan and it was crazy to think about. Now its my turn... i only have 2 transfers left 12 weeks... that will fly by this last transfer flew by 

This week missionary work seemed really slow. We are working really hard and not seeing the fruit we feel we deserve. Going to seek the spirit to improve our planning sessions so we will be at the right place at the right time. 

just here emailing a member called us and told us about twins who may need to be baptized so we are excited to follow up with that one. 

biggest bummer this last week to we got a referral from the church it got sent to our phone. it was a 9 year old kid that had just moved in with his member mom and he wanted to be baptized. we go talk to charlie the 9 year old and he said he wanted to be baptized. his mom was busy so couldnt come talk to us. we went back the next day and his mom said that he got baptized a month ago... hahaha such a bummer

Excited to be around the tute pops. have to eat beam and do some push ups in your office lol


On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 7:01 PM,  <>wrote:
That was a very happy surprise to get my own letter from you. Made the day after my birthday very special. I loved your letter!  I love your plan and know you can and will succeed at what ever you set your mind to that accords with the Lords Will. You will be a huge blessing to the Lords Kingdom post mission. I am super excited to get some reinforcements with these boys. I love them to pieces but I would love to get them more spiritually minded. I know they are still just little but not that little. Me and Mom have had some tough times trying to get Cade motivated.

Mom has been showing me some fun pics of you going to the Temple with the mission. Looks like you are having awesome times. I will be happy to get some high lights tomorrow. That little Reagan sister missionary in my class seems really nice. She was excited to make the connection. She seems to have Wa Tac pride.

I can't wait to see your face around USU and the Tute. There will be many lives for you to bless here too. I love what you said. No time to get fat and lazy post mission there is so much to do to be anxiously engaged and do much righteousness.

Keep on rockin and lovin every moment. I love you so much Sonny.



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Temple trip

Went to the temple this week:) I loved it no other place in the world like the temple. Rode in a school bus haha it was fun chillin with all the bros in the back of the bus. It was a great experience got lots of new knowledge and revelation. 

Pretty slow week... 

It was way sad yesterday we were driving down a main road and we see two old people walking across the street not even looking for cars. People were slamming on their brakes to dodge them it was cray. They just kept walking very sluggish to the other side... we get closer and find out its Steve Canda our recent convert and his wife. I stop in the middle of the road and start yelling at them to get out of the street and he comes and starts talking to me like nothing was going on cars honking and people yelling. I pull over to the side of the street and before we could get out Steve and his wife were yelling at each other calling each other names and what not... 

Steve and Diane were homeless before Diane's brother Joe let them move in with him. Joe is in our ward and is way cool. Steve and Diane have been through lots drugs, crime, everything. They totally changed Steve got baptized and they went to the temple together to do baptisms for the dead. They are really not intelligent.. like teaching them was a disaster their comprehension was little to none. 

While teaching the new member lessons we could tell something was up with them. they were always fighting about the stupidest things. like Drinking too loud or what did you do with my quarter? 

So super long story short after church on Sunday Diane accused Steve of cheating on her because he changed his wallpaper to another default picture. and she didn't believe he knew how to do that. and she also accused him of stealing her rubber band... way stupid.

Joe semeli the guy that they are living with lost his cool for a minute and grabbed steves neck pushed him against the wall and told him to get his stuff and leave...

shortly after that we saw him and Diane fighting on 72nd st... We now have no idea where they are... It just proves that once you indulge in certain sin it is nearly impossible to change and repent. They were so close but satan worked on him starting with little arguments with his wife now they are back on the streets. Its way sad. Im way bummed about it but i have realized I can control what I can control. Hopefully they can get a grip and fix their life. 

Dont be like them this week. Contention is always your fault. 

Love you all. Elder Fife

May Seattle Temple trip

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mom & bud

Mom, I loved talking to you! you are the greatest mother for me. at church we made a list of all the attributes of our mothers and You have them all! I think all the time at how you are flippin awesome. On Skype it just feels like I never left.. idk seems like the time has been so fast like I was just gone for scout camp or something.. haha lol I love you mom 

dinner was average.. haha super oily rolls like they were drenched feel like 10 zits coming eating that thing... 

loves lots
Elder Fife

On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 7:38 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Thank you for being such a sweet son! So much fun talking to you. Made my Mother's Day complete. So cool you want to come home and get to know us again. Be a temple worker. Your mission has been such a blessing to us all! I got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. I gift and card from Haley and a letter from you. Your letter melted my heart. Shed a few tears so nice. Thank
you. You have grown so much in your understanding of the gospel. It's awesome!!

How was dinner? Keep kickin butt!! I love you. Mom

Son + pops

Its all lined up... crazy what time is my first class? do i got a pretty packed schedule?

Yeah I know Sister Sasser she was a good missionary. She was in the boonies when i was her zone leader. Her area was pretty dang slow i felt bad for them. 

Im excited to hear one of moms powerful testimonies!! i got to hear yours during the institute talk that was awesome to hear!! :) Moms an awesome lady

Hear your going all the way up to Arkansas to drive the uhaul back to Utah. Sounds fun wish i could go with you that would be fun

I will try my hardest to get you and cole a tism!! i will try super duper hard!! haha

I really am relishing these moments because i know when i get home a new kind of stress will come. Im kinda nervous for school and stuff i just hope my studies skills ive gained will make things easier on me. 

miss and love ya pops hope you have a good birthday week and when i get home we can burn your modesto nuts shirt it might need to be retired. lol

On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 9:52 AM,  <>wrote:
Hey Son. I think I got your fall semester all lined up. Now we can forget about that and bust out these last few months.

I started a new class this past week.  I have a Wa Tac pride former missionary that you know. She started out with you and you were her Zone leader.  She said you are an awesome missionary. Her name is Reagan Sasser. Ring any bells?  I was just able to talk to her for a bit. Kinda cool that she served together with you.

It was so awesome to talk to you last week. Mom gave a super powerful testimony today and you would have been so proud. I know today was a weird day for fast Sunday but because of stake conference etc we did. I knew mom was feeling it. Finally at the buzzer she got up and bore a super powerful. Witness. Now I know where you get your power. Always thought it was me but I got notin. It is all your Mamma!!!

Have you given some thoughts to my birthday this Friday?  Ha ha.

It is Coles bday on Thursday. Me and Cole want you to get us each a Tism. That is our Birthday wish.  See what you can do.

Hope and pray all is going well and you are loving every moment. You gotta relish every moment because it will be gone way too fast.

Love you so much Son.


Elder Fife's official release date 😊




Dear Parents,


We are certainly in no hurry to have your missionary leave us to return home, but Church Travel likes us to begin this process early. 


Please read the attached information about your missionary’s upcoming release and departure from the mission and get back to us as soon as possible regarding your plans.  I will need to make travel requests next week for missionaries departing the mission on August 16, 2016.  Please return your information NO later than Thursday, May 18, 2016


If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to email or call (253-566-5480).


Thank you,



Sister Brandi

Mission Secretary

Monday, May 16, 2016

Killa week

Pretty killa week:) I see hannah representing well in the newspaper, congrats!! Happy birthday this week pops and cole. My mouse scrolled over Haleys email and it said Haley Robertson.. I wondered who the heck that was.. haha it was slow to click

This week was hot!! its nice to cool down with some rain today. Elder Burton and I are having tons of fun together. We have been greatly blessed by the lord. We have been finding some great people who seem Elect. 

We got a referral from the church the guys name was Josiah. His wife is a member and he had been taking the lessons before but they moved before they could finish. We started teaching him this last week and he is way solid. They have a 2 year old daughter and one on the way. They want to be sealed in the temple. 

We are excited to get him baptized in the coming weeks. 
We are planning a temple trip for gregorio and laura:)

Mauris, gregorios brother should be baptized this week. He is a great kid. hopefully gregorio will have the priesthood so he can baptize him sunday. that would be coolio

Jarrod came to church. He is a way black dude. drives a deville and smokes tons of pot. lol he is engaged to a less active member named Jnell. they are living with her mom rn cuz times are tuff. Jnell recently had a baby 2 weeks ago. We gave her a blessing the day before she went in for the c section and from what we heard everything went perfect. The priesthood is restored. We also gave Jerrod a blessing he had an allergic reaction at work and his employer got scared and fired him.. We gave him a blessing and some God given counsel. He healed quickly and the past week we have been teaching them quite a bit and he said because of that God gave him a job. He told us after his interview and they told him he got the job he immediately went to the car and said a grateful prayer.
Right thern with the real intent we taught he committed to go to church with God. 
In elders we go around the room and discuss good moments we had that week. Jarrod volunteered and said that He got a job and after he told God he would go to church to show his gratitude. He then said the best part of it all was my baby slept the whole night for the first time last night. he was way grateful for sleep and knew that was a sign that God was providing the way. 

During Church it was a way boring talk... old dude just talking and talking it was hard to listen.. I have had questions about miracles. Lately so many people have been telling us that they have seen awesome miracles of healing and what not that their pastors have been performing. I kinda was just like yeah, yeah sure... I opened up the bible dictionary and under the word Devil (pretty sure its devil) it says something along the lines of how the devil has power to do miracles to convince people of false churches or false doctrines.. I thought it was way interesting answered my questions. I feel much more obligation to correct false doctrines and find the elect and bring them to Christ. 
I love you all!!!
Elder Fife

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mountain view ward tisms

Awesome week in the Wa-Tac

This week was way awesome!!!!!!

Laura and Gregorio were both baptized. We found them both while we were knocking doors. We knocked on Lauras door like 3 weeks ago. and Gregorio was the one smoking in his car as we passed by while knocking doors. I love how the spirit puts you in the right place at the right time.

Its really neat because both of them have family members that are members. 

At the baptism Gregorio's mom told us she got baptized in Montana and his uncle told us he got baptized in a ward near by. The uncle brought his non-member wife who is interested in learning more and hes interested in coming back to church after seeing how happy gregorio was. Gregs lil bro maurice is getting baptized next week. We are going to try and get greg the priesthood so he can baptize him. 

Laura's brother was baptized a couple years ago and throughout the teaching process he encouraged her and answered lots of her questions. Laura brought a friend and her mom to the baptism and they both have lots of potential:) it was such a good day yesterday!!!

We also confirmed Little Rebecca at church and her dad loved it. The mission President came to support. In his testimony he gave the dad a shout out it was way cool hopefully the dude will feel the spirit and get baptized!!!