Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elders out biking

Mom & son 8 months out for Elder Fife

dang 8 months? isn't that crazy?? haha seems like yesterday doesn't it? 

We had Zone conference with Silverdale gig harbor and Bremerton at the Silverdale stake center 

Yeah knocking doors is pretty fun I love it!! haha lots of people don't like it but I think its cool talking to the crazies and my favorite part is when people yell at us I find in so interesting and entertaining. Maybe im just weird though...

Sad that grandpa is like that but doesn't seem any different from when I left. Haha I love that dude. tell him whats the jerk for. for me. lol

Yeah that was a ton of snow that's so random that that happened.... today it has been so warm we went to port townsent to fort warden to check that place out it was so cool. we went before but it was very overcast it is super pretty there. I seems like all of yall are doing awesome!! I cant wait to talk to you guys on Skype here soon:) loves momma\
Elder FIfe

On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 10:52 AM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com>wrote:
8 months since I've seen your darling face. I love how much you seem to be enjoying your mission! This week on April 16 marked a year ago that you received your mission call. Wow time does fly!! The Lord does know what's best for us even if we don't feel like it at the time?

You had some kind of a training with the Gig zone. Where was it? Lots of cute pics of you on the blog. Poulsbo is a quaint Scandinavian place. I noticed you bought something there. Where was the training?

Can't believe you knocked doors for 9 hours one day!! You are dedicated and hard working missionaries!! You will be blessed! Keep up the awesome job!!

When I got to grandpas yesterday to clean I asked him if Thelda was there? He said idk who's here I'm really bad with names!!! Haha he also said its really hard to get dead when you can't die. He's not very happy but he's pluggin away.

We got a crazy amount of snow one day but it's all melted now. Hope you have had a really great week. What are your plans for pday anymore sight seeing?

I love you Son!! XoXoXoX Mom

Bill Cartwright an investigator passes away

yo whats up all. so this was a good week full of knocking doors trainings and driving. being in port angeles you have to drive super far to meet with other missionaries to do exchanges and things but its a good time. im not even going to try to write well so hopefully you can understand this email. One of our investigators Bill Cartwright we have been working with just passed away:( he had cancer but the doctors didn't know. they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him the original diagnosis was arthritis but that was way off. He had been wanting to get baptized for a long time but he was always in so much pain. He lived alone with his German Shepard A kasha  one of the best dogs ever. Bill would sometimes fall and a kasha would always be their to brake his fall. Cutest thing ever. He passed away in his home on Thursday and his family found him the next day.. We actually went over to his house that Thursday and I totally knew something was up just because how his dog was acting when we got to the door.. but I know he is In a better place. 

Happier note Micheal an investigator we are working with RN is getting baptized on the 2nd the other night he felt the spirit way strong and cried... hahahaha it was so awesome and funny he is like 6 foot 5 and a total tough guy didn't want to admit that the spirit touched him. Micheal has totally changed his life he quit smoking just cold turkey couple weeks ago we were super proud of him.. but on Tuesday we were hungry and went out to eat and we saw him outside the restaurant about to light a cig with his buddy when he saw us he got so scared we called him out on it and he took it as a sign from god it was the first cig he smoked in a couple weeks and that very minute he lit one up we were their to stop him.. haha 

oh yeah and another bummer this week  Elder Haynie and I were working out one morning and elder haynie does way weird workouts but anyways he attached a resistance band to our bench press layed on the ground and was doing some tricept workout. while he was doing whatever he was doing I look over and see the whole bench press tipping over with like 200 pounds of weight heading straight for our sliding glass door... im just thinking.. bro serious... haha and yeah went through the door shattering the glass and launched the screen door across the deck. $1200 damage we felt super bad

hey I love all of you hope yhou have a wonderful week.
Love Elder Fife

Father son letter

Dad, yeah we do knock lots of doors the whole mission knocks everyday from 5-7 and we usually knock more but that's a mission rule to knock then. It is actually quite successful up here that's where all of our baptisms come fro mreally the members aren't very good at giving referals ender haynie and I hound the ward for them but nothing much has come from it sadly. Yeah we had a few big trainings we did one at zone conference with 3 other zones so that was a big one it went pretty well I still get a little nervous but its not really a big deal anymore its pretty cool to see how much ive grown just being out here for 8 months.. 

sweet for the cord im excited to see yall its coming up quick and yes we will use Skype again. 

Yeah of course dad I train good. I work out every morning and night. I weigh 190... so that's weird coulda used that during football I just wasn't dedicated enough then.
I have riden my bike once in the last 4 months.. haha but we will have to ride it tons this week because we are really low on miles... we get 1500 a month but that goes by so fast being in port angeles everything is so far away.

Loves dad
Elder FIfe

On Sun, Apr 19, 2015 at 11:13 AM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son. Wow that was a marathon door knocking day you were telling us about.  So is that common to do a lot of door knocking in your miss?  We did a bunch of that but I know it is not the most effective.  Is the member missionary work slow?  Do you get many church referrals?  Do you do any internet type missionary work?   Mom has been showing me some pics of you preaching the word at some big training meeting?  That must have been the Wednesday training you were talking about.  Did you rock it? 

So I picked up some cord so our phone convo for mothers day should be much better.  Is it going to be through Skype again.  That is coming up pretty soon.  Awesome.  This is the last week of classes for the semester.  I gotta say it was pretty dang fun.  

So is Michael still getting dunked in a couple weeks.  That is great to get a couple married and on the gospel path.  Hopefully, the others will continue to progress.  It is hard to compete against the natural man and all the temptations this world has dangling in front of people.  Once they feel the true Joy of the gospel they will forsake all the junk and take the plunge.  

Are you still training good?  Ever ride the bike anymore?  Keep up all the good work Son.  Love you soo much


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dad & Elder Fife knocked doors for 11 hours

hahaha that's so funny that they dunked ya.. I would've given that ball a nice toss too to see you get dunked... hahaha Was it a nice suit you cant be reckin you sweet suits!!! 

Dang that's crazy that they all already have their mission calls... I did giggle a bit when I heard connor was going to Africa... he will fit right in with those runners. they are all good kids!!!

This week has been a good week. we have been working really hard on finding new gators not a lot of luck quite yet just lots of potentials the other day we knocked from 10 to 9 so that was crazy... We have the city in our area and also tons of boonie areas that haven't ever really been knocked they are so far apart its not fun kfnocking htose. 

We have Michael getting baptized on may 2nd we are getting him and his gf robin married then they want to go do baptisms for the dead it will be an awesome experience. we have other people progressing slowly but they are just struggling with this and that. I told mom but for our zone meeting President and sister blatter gave us a surprise attack... haha At Mission leadership training he gave us a training on being Celestial Missionaries so it was interesting giving him the training he gave us.. haha he said we did good though. President Blatter is an awesome man I really look up to that guy. 

haha I asked haley to give me Mckays email I will give him a nice little interrogation.. haha we have a zone conference this Wednesday and we are giving a training on planning from 9 - 9:30.... not really the best topic but hopefully we can think of something fun to do. 

I love ya lots pops.
you were looking fresh in that pic mom sent me with Hannah. LOves
ELder FIfe

On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 6:51 PM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son.  Hope the week has been stellar for you. We have had some good chats with some of your former fellow Tacomamites.  We talked with a Tuesher and some other guy that I don't remember his name.  I am sure mom will talk to you about it.  We had an institute Luai social and met them there.  Seem like good dudes.  I got dunked in a dunk tank with my full suit on.  Took one for the team.  The water was freezin and the dumb tank would dumb me no matter.  They could miss the whole thing and down I would go.  We brought the little boys and bubbs and they took me down a few times each.  Even Mom dunked me.  

So hopefully you are continually seeing miracles and helping people to dope up on the gospel instead of Mary Juana!!  So sad to see the devil work on peoples natural man and incur such addiction and lose of Spirit.  They can beat it through The Atonement.  If they would just listen to you they would have such Joy and Peace.  How is the new comp Haynie?  Those RM dudes said he is a great dude.  I am sure you are Rocking it.  Is the leadership stuff going well too?  I am sure you are laying it on the alter and blessing many lives.  We love to hear that you are loving your Mission.  

We got two more calls from the Quorum this week.  Sean Horton is going to Lubbock Texas and Tyler Conley is going to Seoul South Korea.  That should have been you!  Ha ha.  We are up to 5 now with calls.  Ryan to France Nathan Moser to Texas and Connor Mantz to Africa.  The missionary Program is such a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel.  

I love you will all I got Son.  Be safe and be powerful!

Loves Dad

Monday, April 13, 2015

Cole & Elder Fife

Cole yeah I saw a picture that cade sent me looked like you guys were having fun!! haha I catch people smoking all the time they like to blow it in your face sometimes too.. haha crazy people out here. So how was the year of sking you like it?? you guys are going to be crazy motorcycle riders by the time I get back. Loves so mucyh
Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 9:06 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com>wrote:

Me & Cade caught some air on our dirt bikes. Skiing is over if you didn't know. Have you caught anyone smokin? Cade pops good wheelies. Loves bye Cole

April 13

Mom, seems like you guys are having a wonderful time back home!!! everyone is getting engaged and stuff left and right I don't even know whats going on no more... haha and Hannah looked great haha I laughed though seeing her with chad just because hes such a goober. looking at the pic makes me so glad im not in high school anymore.. haha

yeah sister walker sent me this huge text this morning of the crazy experience yall had with the connleys ELder and sister walker took us down to the temple. they are so awesome!! 

Elder haynie is a really good missionary he likes to work hard and we teach well together. I forgot my cord at the apartment so I cant send you any pictures sadly but we are having a great ole time. we had our zone meeting on Wednesday and President and Sister Blatter gave us a surprise visit but it was a really good experience and the spirit was there I really feel like they liked it. THey said that we did a good job so that's cool. 

Micheal Coop is getting baptized on the second now we have to get him and robin married Micheal is so cool really big funny guy not the brightest but loves learning about the gospel watched 5 hours of church movies the other night.. haha
Yeah ive told president that you are from there but im not sure if he remembers... what ward are you from there are quite a bit of wards there. 

not really a lot has happened this week we have just been knocking tons of doors trying to find more people to teach. t;he mish is awesome im loving it!!! I love you momma
Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 7:01 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com>wrote:
How's the week been? You converting some of those atheist potheads?  We talked to a couple elders that recently returned from your mission. They say it's the greatest mission in the church and that they miss it everyday! Elder Toucher said he met you on his last transfer. They know Haynie. They laughed at how we said Tugbes name. Dad was in a dunking machine up at the institute they had games and prizes the boys and Bubs Had a blast.

Hannah had a ton of fun with ur bro chad! He's a funny little dude! She's getting asked to dances right and left. The next one is senior ball at MC.

Dad and I got to listen to Elder Golden from the 70. He is from South Africa he's a total stud.

Have u met the Walkers yet? Alicia Connleys aunt and uncle?

We are doing well Spring is a busy time of year!! I love and miss you and am so proud of you!! Does the mission Pres know I'm from Gig Harbor?

Lots of love to you son! XoXoXoX all my love Mom

Elder Fife & Haynie preaching the work at a Port Angeles training

Monday, April 6, 2015

Daddy Joe Elder Fife

hahahah you are such a punk pops I love it. but probably true you can curl that much. my new companion is awesome he loves to work hard and we have gotten tons done. this part of your email( To serve for the right reasons not for glory or positions but without guile and to love, serve and help people.) Ringwood had a really good talk about that and I do try my best to do it for the right reasons I always need to be aligning my will with heavenly fathers making sure I don't have pride. 
I was thinking about going to priesthood sesh with you and gramps and cade when I was sitting in there at church kinda sad those were good times. But soon enough we can go together again. Yeah that was a president about 9 -12 years ago and there was another shout out for our mission about the thialand stake pres his daughter served her mission here and just left so I guess kinda a shoutout.

I have loved my mish its such a great experience trust me I am not anywhere near perfection but I try my best.. haha love you so much dad thanks for your example. loves
Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 5, 2015 at 8:24 PM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son
Conference was awesome!  Seemed like there were some nice tidbits for missionaries.  That was super cool that you sent Cade that letter.  That really meant a lot to him.  kinda a tough age and lots of insecurities.  I am stoked that you benched 225.  Now we can work out together when you get back.  I can do curls with your bench weight.  It will be perf!!  Hey Hey

So how is the new comp from Saratoga Springs?  How is the work?  How are the missionaries you are over?  That one talk was sweet about Shiblon and positions in the church and on missions.  To serve for the right reasons not for glory or positions but without guile and to love, serve and help people.  Some awesome pearls.  Seemed like the Prophet was not doing to well.  What about Elder Neilsen who spoke today who used to be the Mission Pres of your Mission.  How long ago was that?  I thought his talk was sweet.  I took Grandpa and Cade to the Priesthood Session.  Cade kept wondering when it was going to be over.  He doesnt seem to have you love of gospel study yet.  I not so sure you had it at 13 either.  I know I didn't.  

You are looking sweet in those pics you sent.  The mission is a very special time of life.  You are having experiences and learning things that will set you up for this life and eternity.  We all gotta remember to stay close to the Tree.  I hope you felt a huge resurgence of passion and desire to continue to rock the work as a result of Conference.  I am so delighted to have such a perfect Son.  

Love you Son


On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 12:19 PM, Christian Fife <christian.fife@myldsmail.net>wrote:
Dad, I am super excited for conference it is going to be awesome I love hearing the prophet and yeah I remember I did sleep through a few sessions but you know ive learned now.. hah get off my back pops im gonna beat you up. 

This transfer has been a good transfer it flew by like the rest of them my comp is a super good guy he was bullied like his whole life for being over weirgh it makes me so sad I hate bullys he has such a good heart. great missionary. My new comp is from Saratoga springs so a fellow Utah guy. I hear hes a great missionary. my mission has been awesome so far I learn so much my fav part of the day lately has been studies I just love reading the scrips 1 hour never seems to be enough I read about teancum today it was way sweet!!!!

I sent a letter to cade the age hes at im afraid is when the porn addictions start someone out here shared a story of his 8 year old brother getting addicted it just broke my heart. it starts so young. I think you should talk to the both of the boys about it. even more than you already have because its that big of a deal. 

Im glad the tute was a good year!!! whats better seminary or the tute??

I love ya lots dad
ELder Fife

On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 11:51 AM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son.  Hope all is well and beyond.  We had a interesting week.  I am sure you are going to get the low down from Mom.  The kids are stating their spring break but I already had mine so they are going to Midway for a few days.  I hope to catch up with them at the end of the week.  

I don't have a whole bunch of stuff for you this week.  I will look forward to getting a little more this week than last week from you.  It sounded like you had a nice little field trip.  Hopefully, the work and the leadership is still going well for you.  It seems like that place is really pretty.  

Are you bonding with some of the members like you did in your last area?  Seems like you had some real Bros for eternity there.  Have you been able to scout out some tism prospects?  

We are winding down the school year at work.  We just have about 3 more weeks of teaching.  It has been a good year at the Tute.  I was touched by that letter from Dane.  Man I sure hope he can find some peace from his adversities.  We have Isaac coming in to the priests today to share his mission exp.  

I hope you have an awesome Conference experience.  I think the Conference while on your mission has huge impact.  I bet you will not even nap like I used to catch you doing.  I hope you have an awesome Easters.  I hope the people will let you share Jesus with Them during this awesome time.  

I love you Son


Direct quote loving every minute of it.

So I don't usually do these big mass emails but lots of good stuff has been going on lately so I thought I would share some. First, Conference was awesome the testimonies that the prophets and apostles have is incredible. The obvious themes of it all were family/marriage and the Atonement. these are the only things that really bring joy into a persons life. 
We have an investigator right now that we found in Wal-Mart. He invited us to his home and turned out his girlfriend was a less active. We reactivated them and now we have been working on helping him quit smoking. After teaching the restoration he went cold turkey and quit smoking his pack of cigs a day. Then we had a huge stumbling block he has to pay child support for his kid and most all his money he earns goes towards that. His girlfriend robin doesn't want to marry him because she doesn't want her money going to his ex-wife because she "hates her" didn't sound right so Elder Haynie and I became lawyers and found out all this stuff about law we found a loop hole with the help of bro smith an accountant and now we are having a marriage-tism in 2 weeks. 

next we met a couple named paul and ellen we helped them move in this huge cabinet into their house we set up a return appointment to watch conference at their house they loved it and want to know more about prophets because she has always wondered why prophets don't exist anymore. She is getting baptized in 3 weeks. Her husband paul cant hear well and said he will join if his wife joins but if she doesn't he wont... so it is going to be hard to get him a testimony.. haha but they are a great family. 

Its hard being up here in Port angeles because there are tons of stoners and tweakers so they are usually not very nice and atheist.. but whatevs

so much more stuff happens hard to put it all in words and never have enough time to share. the mission is the best loving every minute of it. 

Love Elda Fife

Missionary leadership training

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Neah Bay

hey yall sorry we planned a trip to neah bay it was gorgeous but we just got back and have to get back to missionary work:) Our mission had a temple trip last week but we didn't go we taught high school students the gospel 6 classes of 50 minutes... but we get to go to the temple this Friday with the mission president and the departing missionaries so that will be interesting. sorry for the lame email... haha thanks so much for all the birthday stuff it was a great birthday!!! didn't really feel like much of a bday but I celebrated it in my heart with yall loves talk to you all next week.

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Beautiful Neah Bay

Temple trip. Elder Fife says bye to Elder Schaffner

hey all!! so this past week has been a great week. Went the the beautiful Seattle temple it was a great experience. We left Sequim at 7 for the temple and got stuck on the hood canal bridge for 45 minutes so we all thought we were going to miss the session. We took the ferry to seattle super pretty. We then got stuck in traffic and after lots of prayer and faith we somehow made it to the temple at 10 but that's when the session starts but lucky the mission president and the temple president held it for us. After we went to deseret book and I saw a member from the summit ward Brother Gray. I acted super excited when I saw him and when he saw me well not so much... His name is a good description for his personality.. gray. haha that's mean but he is grumpy old man. 

Also transfer calls were on Saturday and I am staying in Port Angeles and am getting a new companion named Elder Haynie he is a way cool missionary don't know him too well but im excited. Elder schaffner is going to gig harbor to be a zl there. Seems like it should be the other way around right? 

Elder schaffner has been sick like 5 different times this transfer and me not once so that kinda stinks sickness is holding up the work. But we still got some stuff done we have a couple people getting baptized soon named chris and peyton they are younger kids we talked to their dad on the street and he invited us back he wants to get baptized too but he has to get married and quit smoking so some hold ups but he gave us permission to baptize his kids they bug him every day for it the are good kids. 

We have brought back a less active family named the stories. they got offended and didn't ever think they would come back 5 years ago. But the stake pres ( the one who offended them. bishop 5 years ago) shared a testimony in stake conference of how he was really stressed out because he had been diagnosed with cancer had 7 kids in the home at once and was a lawyer. so they realized that what he said he probably didn't mean and so they forgave him. They now have goals of going to the temple as a family and Mckabe their son is planning on serving a mission. A very rewarding experience. Lots more info im leaving out that's just the good stuff. 

Benched 225 the other day so that's kinda cool and kinda good. 

I cant think of anything else to say... but I love yall so much thanks for the support:)
Loves Elder Fife

Ferry ride to the Seattle Temple