Thursday, March 24, 2016

Steve gets baptized

this was a way good week. Steve got baptized!!!! steve was super Elect!!!! I met him before when i was going through choco city in lakewood.. he just walked the streets drunk and high. he was super miserable. 

He married his girlfriend and moved in with his girlfriends brother. (Bro Semeli) he is in our ward. We taught them and the difference of being in a home with the spirit without the alcohol and drugs was so drastic.. The spirit truly cant dwell anywhere unclean. Steve has quite the past and he truly started afresh. he left his old self in that water and came out like a child. 

It was way funny. I was a witness ( the guy to make sure he gets fully immersed) when you get baptized the person baptizing you has you put your hand over your nose so water doesnt go in.. we taught steve that but forgot to tell bro semeli... so when bro semeli lowered him he used his arm to lower him making it impossible for steve to plug his nose.... lol his face was so funny looking....

sorry about the grammer lol 

we were wondering where we should knock one afternoon.. and I had a vision where we should go.. i turn to elder bagley and he said he was thinking of the same place. We drive their and the first door we knocked we found nate. Nate committed to come to church the next day. At church he said he felt peace like he has never felt before and said he wants to be baptized... so that was way cool!!! the spirit guides!!!!!!!

miss and love yall have a good week. 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cherie gets baptized

We have been teaching a lady named Cherie. Everything we taught her she loved. Everyone in her family was inactive. As we taught the whole family the spirit brought back feelings that they missed. The past two weeks their family has come to church and loved it. The gospel gives peace that cant be found anywhere else. The graves family found that out the hard way. 
 Cherie has had 7 surgeries on her face for face cancer and right when we found her it was all healed so she could be immersed in the water. She broke her back a couple years ago and she was really scared to be baptized. Elder Bagley and I both got in the water and she squatted down and I cant believe it worked..... first try even. it was a miracle. Her head was right above the water and I think an angel pushed it down... such a tender mercy.

Her husband passed away 11 months ago and we are going to do baptisms at the temple for him in the coming weeks. We are way excited to bring her to the temple with her family.. One step closer for them to be sealed.

Elder Bagley and I went to one of our converts house in allenmore on Pday. Her name is Charlene. It was way awesome!!! she is fulfilling her calling in the young women and has a temple date to be sealed to her husband sometime this summer!! such a happy moment.

I wish i could keep in touch with  more of my converts see where they are at... one thing facebook might be nice for I guess...

We are teaching a guy named steve canda!! he is way sweet. He married a member in the wards sister and is living with them member. ELder bagley has actually taught him in the past in 2 other areas... pretty cool how god keeps putting them together. Maybe this time Elder Bagley can get it done... lol he is getting baptized on saturday!!!

Elder Bagley and I are way excited because we have got some pretty rare stuff rn. We just got an Old tism... now we are about to get a Black tism. steve is pretty black!! lol

God has blessed us so much. Without Him, Christ, and the Holy Ghost we wouldnt be able to baptize anyone. 

Hope yall have a good one.
Much love,
Elder Fife

casper the ghost found him knocking doors couple weeks ago... dont do meth


Friday, March 11, 2016

Uncle Jimmy& bud

Dear Elder Fife,
I have been thinking of you so often over the past couple weeks.  You have uplifted me and our family so many times with your missionary experiences and epic adventures that I wanted to share one with you that we have just had.  We were challenged a few months ago by some great Elders to pray for missionary experiences.  It was a normal dinner appointment and then the usual commit the family to pray and try to find.  For some reason this time we seemed to take it a bit more serious, the boys started going out with missionaries weekly, I started praying with a bit more faith to get some sort of experience.  I spend most of my time working as you know and we are all mormon at work so I really wondered how I could actually share the gospel in any meaningful way.  Around Christmas time we knew we were going to need some customer service help so we used a temp agency to hire someone.  Josh started working for us, every hour Josh took a smoke break, he had 2 cars repossessed while working here, he is married and his wife was not working, a pretty typical undereducated, poverty cycle situation.  A daughter that the grandmother has custody over etc etc.  Not Gospel accepting material right????  I read the attached story and could not help but feel like Josh was one of my friend in the pre existence.  It makes no sense, we could not be more different in almost every way.  But I could not shake the feeling that the Gospel would change their lives.  Finally I invited them to take the discussions, I brought them to church, they are not in my ward so I went with them to another ward.  We had them in our home for the discussions, we testified of the Gospel and taught them the plan of salvation, the Spirit was there and strong and witnessed to them that what was being taught was true.  They accepted all the commitments, Josh stopped smoking, Rainie (his wife) took out her tongue ring, they committed to pay tithing even knowing they don’t have enough to get buy now.  We promised Rainie that if she would commit to pay tithing that she would not only get a job but a job that did not require her to work on Sunday……Elder that night they committed to pay tithing and the next day she got a job.  Last Saturday they were both baptized and Sunday given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Their whole countenance has changed.  Rainie even bore her testimony.  Their Daughter wants to get baptized too……I just wanted to share with you something that you have been lifting me with for 18 months.  God is good.  He loves all his Children and we have made promises to find those that we loved in the pre existence, of that I testify and know is true.  I am so thankful for the Gospel and for this opportunity to see Josh and Rainie blessed by it.  What a miracle.  I love you Elder…..

Read this to the members you visit and tell them that a brother in Arkansas promises that if they will pray with faith God will help them find their friends…

The following even took place in a ward in Salt Lake City in 1974. It happened during Sacrament Meeting and it was told by a representative of the Twelve Apostles who was in the meeting. A young man, who was just about to depart for his mission stood up in Sacrament and shared in essence the following testimony:

"Brothers and Sisters, as you know during the last few weeks I have been waiting for my mission call. During the time in which I was waiting I had a dream. I know that it wasn't an ordinary dream. I dreamt that I was in the Pre-Existence and was waiting for my calling to go to Earth. The same emotion and anticipation that I had before I received my mission call filled me."

"In my dream I was speaking with my friend; he was a very beloved friend and I felt a special closeness about him, even more than I had known in this life. While we were speaking, a messenger came and gave me a letter. I knew that it was my calling to go to Earth."

"With great emotion, my friend and I opened the letter. I gave it to him and asked him to read it out loud. The letter said: 'You have been called to go to the Earth in a special time and a special country. You will be born in the true Church and have the Priesthood of God in your home. You will grow with many blessings and advantages. You will be born in an abundant land, a land of Liberty. You will go to the Earth, to the United States of America.'"

"My friend and I rejoiced while we read my calling and while we were rejoicing, the messenger returned. In this occasion he brought a letter for my friend. We knew that it was his calling to go to the Earth. My friend gave me the letter to read out loud. The letter said: 'You have been called to go to Earth in circumstances of poverty and conflicts. You won't be born in the true Church. A lot of suffering will come to pass in your life. Your country will be involved in political and social difficulties, which will hinder the work of the Lord. You will be born in Costa Rica.'"

"We cried, my friend and I, while we read the calling. And my friend looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, 'When we are down there on Earth, you in your chosen land and me in Costa Rica, my friend, please come and find me.'"

Then this young missionary, with tears in his eyes said: "Brothers and Sisters, I have received my mission call. I'm going to Costa Rica."

One year after this Sacramental Service the Bishop of that ward received a letter from the missionary in Costa Rica. The letter had only one piece of paper and written in big letter were the following words...



Jim Fife | CEO

Mom + bud

Mom, tacoma is a crazy place!!!! thats for sure

I hope more people will start feeling the spirit because the devil be working on them pretty good lately.

I have been slacking on pics i am sorry momma i lost my cord but i have a new way to send em so dont worry. 

Haha i loved those pics of yall singing that was funny. looks like you were belting out a beautiful note!! I love you mom. 

This week was pretty lame it was stake conference so we had to get our investigaros to another building and none made it..... it was frustrating our most solid invest struggles with anxiouty.. it is hard no unhallowed hand can stop this work from progressing though. persecutions may rage mobs may combine and armies may assemble but that aint gonna stop us. i love you mom have a wonderful week

On Sun, Feb 28, 2016 at 12:00 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Hey cutie!
How did things go this week in Tacoma? Tacoma sure has its share of crazies, but those crazies can change. If they feel the spirit you bring they will be converted. The most unlikeliest of people can and will accept the gospel that's the beauty of it. The gospel is for everyone. Sister Wheelock informed me you'll be staying. I'd be super surprised if you weren't. You've be slacking on pictures lately. Get me some pictures son.

Logan and Jim came up for the weekend so the boys and I went skiing with Logan at powder mountain. It was a nice day and good to hang out and get to know Logan better.

Dad and I sang at a CES devotional in the tabernacle in SLC on Friday. It was super awesome! Elder Ballard was the speaker. If you can watch those sort of things you'll see dad and I singing away in the choir. I felt the spirit super strong as I sang about Joseph Smith with such righteous people in a historical building, with a member of the quorum of the 12 there. Little faith and testimony building experiences are good for the soul. We got to go underneath the tab in those tunnels. Elder Ballard arrived right as we were heading up stairs. He was in a golf card with his wife and his security guards. It was neat to see all that in action.

I love and miss you. Hope you have a great week. All my love to you, Momma ps I'm so proud of you.💕💕💪💯

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Elder Fife & Elder Bagley reunited

last year in the Samoan ward I was companions with Elder Bagley. He is now my companion again!! its way funny Mom prophesied it lol in the family calendar Elder Bagley and I are posing for the month of march... 

This week was way awesome we were getting people to church on sunday and got a call from a less active member saying she felt abandoned from the church. We decided to go over there to try and get her to church. While we were there come to find out her mom hasnt been baptized.. she had been taught the lessons in the past but coulnt get baptized because she had face cancer and couldnt be immersed... she is super golden keeps all of our commitments went to church sunday.. brought a huge chair in from the foyer and put it right in the middle cuz she has a bad back... she loved church and is getting baptized on sunday!!! Elder Bagley and I are both going to be in the water to help her. it will be a real neat experience. 

We were walking into church on sunday and I saw my main man brother sameli we are pretty tight because I talk a little Samoan to him. He just lost his wife and is having some hard times. He told us that he has a referral for us and wants us to come by to meet him. We did and turns out it was a former investigator of ours from allenmore he married his daughter his name is steve and hes black. He is super elect and will be getting baptized in 2 weeks. 

Last transfer was pretty humbling.. we zeroed out with tisms. Opposition is the best, these tisms would never be as joyous as they are. God blesses those who remain faithful throughout difficulties. I testify of that. 

I got to hear 2 wonderful missionary experiences this week. One from my lil bro Cade he has been inviting his friend to mutual and church. Im so proud of that dude!! keep it up man

the other, Uncle jimmy told me how his family followed the promptings of the spirit to see whom needed the gospel. 1 Samuel 16:7 look not on his countenance or the height of his stature for I have refused him for man seeth not how the lord seeth for man looketh on the outward appearance but the lord looketh on the heart. something like that.... The least expected person turns out to be Gods number one perspective. Props to the Arkansas Fifes for seeing through Gods eyes. 

love you all
Elder Fife

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Picture at the Wheelock's

Crazies in Tacoma

lol my comps email home last week i didnt want to write it up so here it is craziness

Ok so we have an investigator named Paula. Elder Fife and I had gotten in our beds and had fallen asleep. All of a sudden the phone lit up the room and started ringing. We wondered who would be calling the missionaries at 12:00 at night. We were going to wait till tomorrow to see what it was(because we technically arn't supposed to do that)But Elder Fife felt prompted to answer it. He grabbed the phone and to our surprise, Paula, our not so solid investigator is on the line. She began to tell Elder Fife that her son is in the hospital with a hernia and a blood clot. She was crying her eyes out and asking why stuff like this happens to good people and a ton of stuff like that. Elder Fife comforted her for at least an hour and reassured her that her son would be fine. He finally got off the phone and we shrugged and went back to sleep. Next thing I knew the phone was lighting up our room again! Elder Fife checks it and Paula is calling again. He throws me the phone and says," Dude it is your turn." At this point it is 2:00 in the morning! I answered and she is just destroyed. She said her son passed away. I proceeded to comfort her for an hour. We finally got done talking so I hucked the phone and hit the sack. We went over there the next morning and she was so heart broken. She said she drank half a gallon of alcohol and smoked a pack of cigarettes. We gave her a blessing but she was still super defeated. We parted ways and we went about the day. The next day I received a call from Paula while I was knocking doors. I answered and she was angry! All I heard was a slur of cursing. I asked her what was going on. She said," My son is alive!" She then began to explain that her son and his friends played a joke on her!.............They played a joke. It was all a joke! His brother had heard that he died and he came home from his honeymoon. The grandpa flew in from Maine. Turns out it was all a joke. Apparently the grandpa found him and is going to kick his booty. It was so crazy! Can believe that?! Wow.

This may sound crazy but i promised that lady her son was going to be fine. I just new it. When i heard he died i was so shocked... but turns out the holy ghost never lies!!! 

this week we were at costco with the lakewood zone leaders and we had 4 bags of 60 dollar protein tons of chicken peanut butter bread milk eggs tons of stuff we were in line put our stuff on and the cashier told us that our groceries were paid for. The lady that was in-front of us paid for the groceries.... it was literally 600 dollars... he said that her daughter was a mormon and the church changed her life so she wanted to give back... it was flipping nuts i felt so grateful but sick to the stomach at the same time.. God bless that women!! 

Got transfer calls staying and getting one of my former companions elder Bagley I served with him a year ago so im pretty stocked to have him back!! 

I love you all have a good one.