Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cole & Bud

haha thats funny coley boy!!! I am so proud of you getting the priesthood. With the priesthood comes great responsiblity!! remember that the priesthood is the power of God and with it you can do things that he would do. Such as help his children. you will be able to do that as you pass the sacrament. The sacrament is what everyone takes to get forgiveness of their sins. The way you can make sure you have the full power of the priesthood is by being worthy. I love you coley and am so proud that you are getting the priesthood. loves lots

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Hi bud I went to the fun park on Monday and this guy was like hey you are a fife Christian and Hannah's brother and I said how do you know and he said because of your Hair and four head so that is cool nah you will be way bedder then me at skiing always haha and you can do all dem back flips. I love you Cole

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2nd cousin visit watac

Swollen ankle

Yeah hannah told me about that we are twinners. Its pretty cool my ankle is totally fine still it is swollen but i can walk fine. 

I have been to frisco freeze it is pretty good!!! I liked it lots!! have you been there before?? I did watch dads talk i lovedddd it it was so dang good it was weird watching it but it motivated me lots and it was just awesome!!!

im proud of that cole brotha he is the best!!! I miss you so much mom i think about you all the time i love all those pics you are a pretty lady!!! time has been going so fast for me how about you? lol it is pretty wild. 

anyways i love you mom 

Elder FIfe

One of the happiest times

Also one of the happiest times of my mission we were knocking and we found some of my lost recent converts on a door i saw him and we both smiledd super big and huged his name is konoleil he is samoan dude i baptized him and his daughter he has 8 kids and he went inactive because his son had lung problems he was getting surgery the next day I gave him a blessing and through the priesthood he had a miraculous recovery!!! the doctors were amazed what a little faith can do blows my mind. GOd is good

Sometimes investigators drop bombs

This week we had a baptism all set up with our investigator Lataya. She was sickkkk we were going over the tism interview questions with her and she told us she was bisexual and didnt want to live by the Churches standard... We taught her the law of Chastity like weeks ago she didnt say anything about it. We were both actually expecting it... the holy ghost can tell you the truth of all things. I was pretty mad and grossed out but thats just lyfe. 

David came to church this week and loved it!!!! came to all three hours and is smoking 80% less cigs a day!!! He says without a doubt he is done today so we are pretty stocked! His roommate is an ex member who is making his way back to church and is awesome fellowship. 

The Riche Fam (3 unbaptized children we found knocking) again failed to make it to church. The devil is working extremely hard on this family. Every week someone is in the ER i cant believe it. They are super strong reading and praying everyday as a family. Joseph the oldest he is a little autistic he is such a sweet kid his prayers are the best. Im convinced God cant help but answer our prayers when we are sincere.  The other day Joseph prayed he would have a good day at school and when we went to see him that night he had the biggest smile on his face and said that his prayer was answered and he had the best day ever.. I love it!

Maryah( 11 year old girl mom is a member) mom went to the hospital saturday night had some intestinal virus.. the devil workin testing my patience sometimes. lol 

In the Tacoma zone right now we have some of the greatest missionaries ever!!!! Plus the authletic talent blows my mind... Im sure we could give any utah high school basketball team a run for their money :)

I love you all and hope you have a good week. 
Elder Fife

Friday, February 19, 2016

Dad + Bud

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Dad, lol 6 months im going to be sculpted by angels lol. roadblock though got my ankle sprained pretty good yesterday suprisingly i could still walk right after but got a baseball stuck in there by the looks of er. I was good the rest of the day until we got home then it got super tight i got some ice on it then went to bed woke up at like midnight and it was throbing pretty good got up and could hardly walk woke up the next morning same dif got some ice on her. and by the time we left i could walk again pretty nice tender mercie still going strong! 

The tism drought didnt get resolved we have tons of prospects tons of people on date for baptism so soon, soon. 

I had a little korean lady call ya last week.. haha she gives us food all the time like she gives us everything i feel bad she is super strong in the gospel but doesnt understand lots just feels the spirit. i dialed your number told her to call you and darted. lol she called later "brotha Fii i just talked to your daddy" hahaha lol she loved you and always says thanks to me for calling you for her. 

this area is awesome we have so much potential i have definetly loved every single one of my areas i have been so blessed i have served a different mission than many of my fellow watac missionarys they serve in boonie areas and its just crazy the difference... 

elder henderson has been our for 4 months hes a greenie still but very good missionary!! \
loves dad.
Elder Fife

On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 8:15 PM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com> wrote:
Happy Valentines Day Son.  I know you could not care less about v-day but I heard Mamma sent you some stuff.  I am also hearing about 6 months till sexy.  Wow!  You must be a tubby if it is gonna take you six months. I would think 6 days would be sufficient for you.  

I hope the mini tism drought got resolved this week.  I know you had some good prospects coming along.  And some miracles in the making.  I loved the Spirit directed story of you and your comp asking that person to go to church.  

I have Ethan in my returned Missionary class.  I probably told you he got super skinny. I think he got some korean intestinal bug or something.  Another blessing to be rocking Wa Tac I reckon.  

How does this area stack up with your other areas?  about the same? better? Seems like you have adjusted and ended up loving most if not all your areas.  How long has your comp Elder Henderson been out?  

Well I gotta get the troops together and do some spiritual stuff.  Love you Son.  


Mom + Bud

Momma, the treats were delicious!! thanks so much i got it right on time and all. 

those pics look awesome 15 minutes is all to get there? crazy. short runs and long lift rides? thats how i felt beaver was like after going to snow basin!! 

Things in the wa tac are going good im loving it out her mom. its hard getting people to use their agency wisely but you know at the end of the day if you did your best the lord comforts you with peace. Pretty great. 

I still dont like sushi it grosses me out lol
FIshing trip sounds like a lot of fun!!! looks like im just going to have to buckle down and get to school no fun for me lol

I love ya mom imma share some stories in a big email!! loves

On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 7:16 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hey Son,
How's my boy? Did you like your treatments? Hopefully Sister Wheelock got it to you. I took the boys skiing at the new place in Richmond on Friday, it took us 15 minutes to get there. It was so nice and convenient but the runs are short. They didn't get the biggest lift up and running yet. So we are heading up to the Beav tomorrow.

Dad and I had our Valentine's date hit up Sushi and froyo it was yummy!!

How did things in the wa~tac go this week??

For Christmas my sisters and I got my dad a fishing trip. We are taking him to Victoria BC. In July.

Thanks for saying I'm a good Momma, that's cute of you!!

Take care of you son! I love you cutie and I hope you have an awesome week:) all my love to you Momma❌⭕️❌⭕️πŸ’•πŸ˜˜


sup yall, 
This week we wanted to find some more people to baptize so we decided to pray specifically for a family. We prayed for direction on where to knock and where we were directed we found a PMF. This Part member Family is super Elect. I was talking to the mom at the door she said she was a member and wanted to come back she had been inactive for years. I asked her if she had any kids she said 3.. i asked if they had been baptized and she said no but they need too.... i asked how old and she said 14 11 and 9 like crazyyyyy as i lifted up my jaw and walked in we talk to the kids and the dad invite them to read the book of mormon and be baptized. they read 4 chapters the next day as a family and are coming to church!! way sweet. 

I dont have much time so dont judge my writing lol 

the lady we talked to at her mailbox after being directed to her disappeared we hadnt talked to her for a week.... we kinda forgot about her and were driving on the backroads last week and we saw this soaking wet women walking we roll down the window and ask her if she wants to come to church.. lol dajavu it was the same lady. she had been in the er because she was throwing up blood and wanted to be baptized the next day... sadly she couldnt because she didnt meet the church requirement but it was still flipping sweet!!

we had the impression to go visit this guy we knocked into that was x commed for some reason so we go knock on the door he said he had been waiting for us and had someone for us to teach. he introduced us to his friend david his roomate. david is native and loves the book of mormon wants to be baptized. he is bringing his sister to the next lesson. 

i sprained my ankle pretty good at ball yesterday.. didnt even cry i was a champ

lataya has quit drinking coffee but at our lesson told us she got prego... gotta reteach the law of chastity i guess 

i love you all have a good week 
ELder Fife

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mom and son

Mom, my knee aint too bad nothing to worry about. It is an apartment really nice apartments its sweet place. 

I got a call from them and the peeps in utah are sending me all the stuff i need in the mail. thanks for doing that for me. 
the lady who quit coffe got evicted so that was pretty depressing we kinda lost touch with her but hopeufully we see her again. Dang the word of wisdom is a killer!!!!  that is a cool story about grandpa oscar i love it!!! the spirit really does change peoples lives he really was seeking the truth being in norway not very many people are baptized over there. 

kimball got the priesthood hahah that blows my mind momma they are crazy old 

momma i love ya lots think about you all the time i brag to all my comps that my moms better than theirs.. its true stuff lol cant wait to see you i told dad that im probably coming home on the 17th again may come home a week early for school pres blatter said that would be best for me.  
I love you dearly!!!
Elder Fife

On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 12:52 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hey Son!
That's nice you can play basketball but bummer your knee bugs you! That's sweet you have your own bathroom. Is it a house or apartment? I called the mission home and told them what you need to do to get a new drivers license. So hopefully you'll get that figured out.
Did that lady give up coffee in time to get baptized? Starbucks started in Seattle people are hooked on the stuff!!
It's crazy to me people don't have to be off all that addictive stuff for longer before they can be dunked. My Grandpa Oscar Christian (you were named after him) was taught the first discussion in Norway and felt the spirit knew the gospel was true drank coffee cup after cup. The missionaries told him he'd have to give up coffee and he quite cold turkey got baptized never had a problem with it again. So I know it can be done :) I'm so proud of you, you are working so hard and making a difference in so many people's lives what an incredible experience!!

Dad and Hannah bore their burners today. They both did great!! Kimball got the priesthood today. Everyone is growing up.

Had a basketball tournament in Pocatello with Cole yesterday. He has potential just doesn't come naturally like it does for you and Hannah. It's really frustrating to watch. He did hit a 3 and a great swat and some rebounds.  Making progress hopefully.

I'm sending you a valentines package tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day son. I love you with all my heart!!❤️πŸ’•❤️

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Walmart worker

This week we were shopping at Walmart just chillin checking out when this homie tries to dart out the door with an Ipad... hahaha this Walmart worker comes out of nowhere right outside the doors and blindsides the dude like ray Lewis... it was the coolest thing ive seen in a sweet minute.. like that dude needs a raise!! As he and the other Walmart employees drug the dude in he was like man i was just kidding ill pay for it... lol 

We dropped like 5 investigators this week because they weren't progressing... Because of our faith and doing so the lord blessed us with a couple more. 

Mariah and her mom just moved in from Ocean Shores. Mom has been a member for 24 years but has been inactive. We found her knocking doors and Mariah wants to be baptized!!! 

Lataya pretty sure i talked about her last week.. She is progressing and is getting baptized next week too!! 

We were driving to an appointment and we felt prompted to pass the street we needed to turn on and talk to a lady walking to get her mail. Elder Henderson asked her if she wanted to come to church with us the next day. She said she did we got out of the car and asked her spirit guided questions in so doing she broke down in tears told us she had been clean from drugs for 5 weeks but was really having a hard time. We told her God loved her and was proud of her. We told her she could be baptized and be forgiven of her sins. She felt the spirit very strong and said she would love too!!! This wouldn't have happened if we hadn't listened to that still small voice. Seek the spirit through prayers of faith!!!

I love you all 
Elder Fife

Sweet letter between Cole and big bro

Cole, you are such a nice brother. The baptisms are coming soon hopefully we have gone 4 weeks without one it is kinda sad but we are working really hard so hopefully we can get some soon!!! you are such a good brother for emailing me every week cole i really appreciate that it means alot to hear from ya every week. I hope you are doing well and working hard in school. YOU still playing bball right now?? anyways i love you bro
ELder Fife

On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 7:49 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com> wrote:
How this is Cole I hope I you have a good time doing baptisms all the time haha lol that is always what chase says lol haha i hope you are doing good you are the best even tho I tell you that every time it is a good reminder that you are the best brother that I could ask for and I love you so much in six months just s little over that but I hope you are living it I'm sure that all the people the you are around are loving you there they are lucky people and they are the luckiest people that get to have you as a missionary that will baptize them and get them into the true church of Jesus Christ and I love you so much Cole❤️πŸ’™studπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸΏlove Cole.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Coffee is killer

We were knocking doors and we met a lady named lataya. Shes a single mom and was feeding her kids when we met her. We asked if we could come by in like an hour she agreed and when we went to stop by she wasnt home... lammeeee then we went to see someone else we met on the street and were walking back and she was just getting home she let us in and we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She said she had been to our church before and wanted to go again. We testified to her that baptism could change her life. Jeff, our recent convert shared his conversion story and the spirit just filled the room. She agreed to be baptized this weekend!!! ahhh she just has quit drinking coffee... The WOW is a killer up her the devil has everyone hooked... pretty lame! That was just one of the tender mercies we had this week. 
hopefully we will reap some tisms this weekend.. keep it in your prays!! love yall much 
Elder Fife