Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Elder Fife's last letter with the Samoans. Heading to Grays Harbor

This week we baptized a guy named Ernest. Ernest got in a super bad car accident about 10 years ago and lost a leg. After the accident he found himself lost, depressed and an attempt to make things better he turned to alcohol. Ernie had struggled with alcohol for 7 years when he finally asked for help and as of a couple days ago he has been sober for 3 years. Ernie lives in a halfway house where people go to stay safe from alcohol or any type of addiction. 2 months ago we knocked on his door and started teaching him he could answer all of the baptism interview questions but 1 which is asking if he knows if the church was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. He struggled for a month and a half with that one every visit we would tell him to read and pray, read and pray, he just wouldnt do it. we were about to drop him when finally he kept the commitment and read and prayed he said that he knew without a doubt Joseph Smith was a prophet because when he prayed he felt so much joy and peace that he had never felt before. This experience once again proves to me the Book of Mormon is true!!!

We also baptized a little girl named Haley. Haley has had many missionaries teach her in another ward but was never receptive. She moved into our ward and we went over to see if anything has changed and for some reason she was ready to be baptized all we did was go over the baptism interview questions and she was ready.

We started teaching a former investigator named Charlene and felt impressed to give her a scripture of the book of mormon to read each day as we did this her testimony grew and wants to get baptized on Halloween. She has tons of family in the church but she was raised Lokieki. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and is excited to go on "Temple Dates" with here husband. She is jealous of her member friends she sees their pictures on insta hahaha

I am being transferred to another area today it is so hard saying goodbye to my converts and the ward like man I miss them already they are the sweetest most Christlike people I have ever been around. 

I thank the lord for the last 6 1/2 months being able to serve in a ripe area of his vineyard. Ive had the greatest companions, Ward Mission Leader, Bishop, the list goes on I am so grateful and sad to leave but the lord needs me elsewhere. 

Have a good one,

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