Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Transfer meeting

momma i have transfer meeting today not much time to email after that big one I sent will you tell all the kidos I love them and cade congrats on going to the mini bowl like that is so flipping sweet for him like dang!!!! zi know Garrison Beach really well he played qb alot in practice he is a nice kid. cole has pretty dang strait teeth i notice thats good for him!! haha I love you momma hope you have a wonderful week!! 

I am going to Grays Harbor its close to aberdeen?? i have no idea everyone says that it is an awesome ward over there it is just a little nicer version of tacoma. I am sad to leave though i love this place so much and so many people to teach and baptize.. Brother strickland the ward mission leader called president and tried to convince him to let me stay but he wouldnt let me hahahaha good try though ahah love ya momma

ELder Fife

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