Thursday, October 8, 2015

October conference

Great week hearing from Gods spokesmen. The messages I took away was Discipleship, faith, and counsels with the lord. We were promised if we do these things we will be able to partake of our fruit which is Eternal Life, Gods greatest gift. I love how easy it is to talk to the lord and get inspiration. Pray and ask What do i need to do to become a better disciple? Whatever thought or impression that comes to your mind is what the lord wants you to do. If you do what you are impressed to do your faith will grow. We invite people we teach to counsel with God if they need to be baptized in 2 weeks. Then promise them in the name of Christ that they will get their answer and be baptized its so simple. If we find the humble and true seekers of christ it is simply amazing!! they get baptized every time!!! Its all about counseling with the lord the counsel the lord gives you will bring more blessings God is waiting to bless you, you just need to put forth effort in order to recieve them. 

This week has been full of meetings pretty lame we couldnt procelyte as much as we wanted to. and the ward didnt want us to baptize during conference weekend. but we are having some baptisms next week that we are stocked about!!! One leg ernie, Haley, john vaifanua and 2 sons all humble seekers of christ ready to follow him and be baptized what a blessing being here where the lord provides a way for us to accomplish the things he has commanded us. love you all 

ELder FIfe

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