Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Small world indeed

Good week, Latrone got baptized #blacktism!!! Anyways it is a sweet. Small world story with latrone. So, his mom was raised in foster care all over utah and when she was 17 she went to Skyview highschool.. dont remember what year but she had the one and only papa Fife as a seminary teacher.. haha she said she was being disruptive and papa fife kicked her out... Gave me a chuckle!! She has lived a hard life doesnt make good choices when choosing her men.. lots of alcoholic and drug addict boyfriends basically wrecking her life. They were an inactive family had moved in 2 months ago when we knocked on her door and she wasnt happy to see us. She had anti feelings against the new rule of the church concerning children of gays not being able to be baptized.. We just invited her to church and somehow the spirit touched her and she came. Her son is Latrone a half black 10 year old with size 12 feet, size 36 waist and a lisp.. haha cutest lil guy ever. 

He asked me to baptize him I was honored. After we got dressed in white i opened the door to the font so he could see what it looked like and he darted into the water kinda like when you run as fast as you can into the ocean.... i couldnt hold back the laughter it was hilarious!!! 

Anyways, overall good week. Excited for Christmas!!! love ya all have a good one.

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