Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wedding week for Haley

Mom, wow some crazy week yall have had!!! Looks like it has been tons of fun though:) Dominican Republic huh?? that sounds like a blast. good for them. 

Yeah we will have to go to the san diego temple when i get back I would love that. It is my fav temple from what i have seen. 

Yeah we could baptize anyone we want in the sound that person just needs to be down for that.. haha its freezing i hear but i just havent even ever asked so we will probably try and do it this next transfer. I am going on an exchange with elder smith today it will be fun.

Sounds like you have had a wonderful week i love and miss you all!!!! lovesss
Elder Fife

On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 9:58 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Well son your sister is all married off. Her and Mckay are on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. I was Haley's escort in the temple on Wednesday when she took out her endowments and that was awesome! The sealer was great he was dads former stake pres and friend of the family. He did such an awesome job. Gave some amazing council and insights. You were missed! The San Diego temple is so beautiful. The celestial room is incredible we will have to go check it out sometime:)

You had a crazy but awesome week last week. Never a dull moment around their. I saw a picture of a Elder Smith baptizing someone in the puget sound. That's so cool. Will you have an opportunity to do that?

The church is true keep trying to spread the word. You are amazing thank you for your example obedience and hard work. Cade says he hasn't gotten an email from you for a couple of weeks. Are you not getting yours? He left for scout camp today in the Tetons. Then football starts next week for the boys. Hannah has soccer tryouts then school starts and the summer will be over. Then you'll hit a year mark. Wow!! elder Dewey comes home this week.

All my love to you son you are in my thoughts and prayers every single day.  Lovessss momma

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hit 11 months

so the only stuff that was damaged was the spray stuff it is the last thing you use when you use it. it is liquid the other stuff is like shampoo and condish the tie and socks made it okay 

thanks so much for everything you do for me momma :) i hit 11 months seems like that was a really fast 11 months to me cant believe it. 

IM really excited to hear about the wedding and everything its in only a couple days bet haley is pretty nervous about things!!

I love you so much thanks for all you do

Elder FIfe

Samoans be tripping

Good week this week. 

We taught Naomi and her daughter jirleen for about a week they were staying with some of our investigators for a couple weeks. They live in alaska and were talking to missionaries up there but they said they never had time to really sit down and talk with them. We taught them a couple lessons and it seemed like they werent really interested.. but turns out there was just tons of family issues. Our original investigator Alofa got in a fight with her boyfriend and went to jail for a couple nights and it just got pretty wild for a minute. We keep going over and we became good friends quick they started progressing very fast and 2 days later they were baptized. Lots of miracles happened while teaching them. Everyting just seemed to work out perfectly. Last sunday all of the samoans thought that their was going to be a tsunami so they were trippin. We went over to their house and they were just waiting for their laundry to be done then they were going back to alaska but we stopped them and an hour later they found out it was bogus so its always cool to have the spirit direct you where you need to go. 

hopefully this email makes sense

I love you all hope you have a good week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From sister Sheppard from Tacoma

It's the next best thing to having him home

Christian and the elders lead 500 Samoans in a parade in a lava lava.

Elders enjoying the culture

Kap from the PCC goes to Tacoma

hey family you should remember this guy he was the at the pcc performed for the samoan island!!! kap he is so sick did a fire show for us and gave us a picture of him... haha he is the elders quorm president back in hawaii

On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 12:33 PM, Christian Fife <> wrote:
Saturday led a parade of 500 samoans in a lava lava so you could say that was pretty sick

Esse joins the church

this week has been way awesome a couple last Sunday we had Esse john a'asa come to church with his cousins. he just  graduated high school back in Samoa then joined the army and is stationed in Georgia. The army wanted to know what religion he was so he just told them mormon because it sounded good to him.. even though he wasnt a member. We taught him the restoration at church and he was really excited about actually getting baptized and becoming a member. :He was going back to georgia on friday so we invited him to get baptized on wednesday he said he would and he asked me to baptize him it was sweet!!! On the day of the baptism we had the interview and things and everything just went perfect never had a baptism go so perfect. We also invited some of our investigators to the tism and when esse saw them he got super excited they started yapin in samoan and stuff so we had no idea what was happening.. well turns out they were best friends back in samoa and hadnt seen each other for a long time. God is good.. hopefully you understood that im in a rush.

On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 12:36 PM, Christian Fife <> wrote:
hey family you should remember this guy he was the at the pcc performed for the samoan island!!! kap he is so sick did a fire show for us and gave us a picture of him... haha he is the elders quorm president back in hawaii

On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 12:33 PM, Christian Fife <>wrote:
Saturday led a parade of 500 samoans in a lava lava so you could say that was pretty sick

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mom & Bud

Mom, Why do i get so lucky to get a mom like you you da best:) yeah That is really crazy that, that was a year ago!!! Doesnt feel that way at all.. Thats not good for cole.. thats scary but glad he got a blessing and felt better that is a really good story i wonder what his deal was??? 

YEah its a bummer having buddies leaving and they will just keep leaving too. And my trainer elder byram had to go to the ER because his kidneys or his blatter was failing IDK whats going on its crazy...

yeah haley told me about the kid that was getting his temple stuff Well its very possible that me and elder goodwine will train him so that would be crazy huh?? 

love you momma
]ELder Fife

On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 9:31 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son!
I loved your email last week. Brought tears to my eyes. I love your strong testimony and that you work so hard to bring souls to the gospel. Thank you for loving your mission and the Savior so much!!

What did you do for the 4th? Crazy to think we were in Hawaii a year ago. Great trip, better memories!

I'm sending you a package tomorrow so keep your eye out for it.

Cole got so sick this week! He scared Dad and I real bad!! He came down the stairs at 1:30 in the morning ranting and raving about robots and voices and all kinds of crazy talk. He thought people and robots were after him. He was wide awake but obviously hallucinating. We had him in the kitchen I was looking for medicine and a thermometer. His body was so HOT! He says to me Mom you gotta promise me you'll help me build robots everyday for a year. Dad gave him a blessing he slept with us the rest of the night. I was afraid he was gonna have a seizure. Gratefully he didn't and is feeling better now.

Are you doing ok having all your buddies leaving?  We were getting Haleys temple stuff last week and a young man and his parents were doing the same. He said he is going to Tacoma on July 22. I told him you have loved your mission and he would to and to look out for Elder Fife.

I love you so much and am so very proud of you!! Thanks for being a great example to me and being the kind of missionary moms dream of their sons being. Loves Momma ps does your place have AC?

Alofa family

This week has been fun. We have been teaching the afalava family everyday. They are a family from all over the country on vacation visiting our investigator Alofa. They leave on the 17th and have been trying to get them baptized before then. Alofa's Mom naomi is the sweetest lady. She makes us tons of food everytime we come over. Last night she made us a Samoan fruit drink. It was way good but anyways they are all originally from american Samoa Naomi has 10 kids and it would be a modern day miracle if we could get them baptized. I have never been around a culture that has so much charity. Im not sure if its only to us elders or what but these people are the nicest people you could ever meet. 

Sunday we had a lesson with Jace Clinton frank and sala (their american names) taught them the restoration and the spirit was so strong it was awesome. They all wanna be baptized as well but lots of road blocks in the way. It is never easy baptizing someone the devil works so hard its unreal. 

Love you all
Elder FIfe

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

From Auntie Sharon

Elder Fife, I love you so much and I'm so dang proud of you!!! You are an amazing example to all of us!! I'm so glad you are enjoying your mission and it sounds like you are killin it with baptisms and sharing the gospel! We are headed to Logan next week, we will miss you but wouldn't want you anywhere else right now then serving the Lord in Washington!! Best 2 years!! Love you Bud!!


I love his testimony

Family and Friends this was a good week. My new companion is Elder Goodwine he is a really good missionary. At transfer Meeting We had some legends go home it was very sad. They were some of my tightest friends. Cant even tell you how great of missionaries they were. They knew exactly what they were supposed to do. The only thing a missionary should be focused on is doing whatever it takes to baptize people. The field is already white and we as Gods servants need to go harvest. Every member is a missionary. 

To all of my missionary friends reading this right now. GO BAPTIZE. If any of you are disobedient you better change right now. 

Shout out to Elder Gray hitting his year mark love you man!!

Shout out to my beautiful sister soon to be married in the temple im so happy for ya:)

I love my mission I love Jesus Have a good week.