Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Elder go to U.S. Open Chambers Bay

Elders go to the U.S. Open

On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 12:31 PM, Christian Fife <> wrote:
Well this week has been pretty good. On Monday we knocked doors from 9 to 9. Tuesday we went to the US open. Wednesday we went to Zions camp. Thursday worked like crazy. Friday worked. Saturday worked and went to a fireside with Johnny miller as the speaker a famous golfer that won tons of championships thats mormon so thats sick and also met Jake Heaps former byu quarter back playing on the jets now was there. And when we were leaving a guy came up to me and asked my name i told him then I asked him what ward he was in he said gig harbor.. turns out he was in the bishopric with my Grandpa Olaf when he was bishop...  This week has been extremely hard because my boy elder hatch is going home gonna miss that guy:( never been with a companion who is a harder worker than him. all of our baptisms fell through so that was depressing... but got some interesting news on the Tacoma zones (east and west) are combining so there will be 26 missionaries in the zone.. thatll make some interesting zone meetings. oh and i got a ginger comp from the same place as elder Hatch Monticello. they were in the same teachers quorum back home. Hit 10 months too times going by fast!!!

 love you all have a good week. 

On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 1:39 PM, Christian Fife <>wrote:
Fotu family

and sunday after church

On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 1:38 PM, Christian Fife <>wrote:
This week has been so crazy... it is very hard to get 16 samoans to a baptism and then sacrament meeting the next day to get confirmed... but this week we were blessed greatly and helped 3 different families come closer to God by following Jesus Christ. The hakai family is a father and a daughter they were a part member family that we found at a inactive members house. They were ready for the gospel and were baptized this week.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What an amazing picture.

Heaven on earth.

This week has been so crazy... it is very hard to get 16 samoans to a baptism and then sacrament meeting the next day to get confirmed... but this week we were blessed greatly and helped 3 different families come closer to God by following Jesus Christ. The hakai family is a father and a daughter they were a part member family that we found at a inactive members house. They were ready for the gospel and were baptized this week.

The fotu family is a family of 5 that just got here from samoa we found them the last week of may taught them and they were also baptized. Crazy story tho... The father Iopia got antied the night before the baptism and we luckily the spirit led us to visit them that night with our ward mission leader. We resolved all of his concerns and he agreed to get baptized... but like 5 min til game time with his suit already on he totally decided he wasnt going to do it. Our mission president and his wife were there so we decided to go have a kneeling prayer in another room asking the lord for help. The second we walked out of the room he had a smile on his face and was ready to get baptized.

THe next family we found knocking another part member family Kolose (homeless and was taken in by the aitia family) and Jonathan Aiatia. kolose is super quiet but loves god and wanted to change his life so he did the best thing that he couldve and got baptized quit smocking and drinking and law of chastity issues to get dunked. Jonathan is 9 years old sweetest little kid got baptized too. His dad didnt want to support his decision but he decided to do it anyways pretty cool for a lil 9 year old kid. He absolutely loved his baptism and loves primary.

At sacrament meeting the next day we confirmed the hawki fam Johnathan and kolose. the fotu family was late we werent sure if they were going to make it but right after sacrament they showed up and we were able to confirm them as well. We didnt have any time for testimonies... hahaha best sacrament meeting ever. It is one of the coolest things to confirm someone a member of the church and give them the holy ghost. 

Also my mish president is way tight with Johnny miller a famous golfer and commentator he is speaking to us on saturday he will be here for the US open and the coolest part of it all is that he gave us tickets to go to it... So look out for us on tv!!!!

Beautiful sight to see

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mom & Bud

Mom the busy life in tacoma is pretty crazyyy hah dont really talk much samoan we just let brother strickland do all of that!! 

Thanks for sending the package:) loves so much

Thats good haley is home but thats going to be pretty crazzy crazy setting up the wedding.. haha have you met mckays parents yet or ever talked to them??
yeah i met omar before he is a good nice kid thats awesome that all that happened thats super cool!!!

I love you so much mom thanks for all you do for me

Elder FIfe

On Sun, May 31, 2015 at 8:19 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hey Elder Fife!

How the busy life of being a crazy Tacoma teaching, speaking Samoan missionary? I hope good. Seems like you are on the go go go! That's good means the Lords work is in full swing.

I've got your package all ready to mail tomorrow. So be looking for it Wednesday or Thursday. Got you some 32 bottoms some 34.

Haley moved home so we are busy planning the wedding. Kids and I are out of school for summer.

We had a good sacrament meeting today Nathan Moser confirmed his friend Omar today. It was way cool. Do you know Omar? He plays soccer for Sv.

I love you so much! May God continue to bless you and your great work. All my love to you momma❤️

Dad & Elder Fife

dang thats sad about grandpa let me know what happens.. and whats the deal with cole is he okay?? heard he had a little spill. 

THis area is probably the busiest and my favorite so the people are the nicest and most humble people you could ever meet they are so poor and give you all they have its so awesome!! 

hahaha their are tons of koreans in tacoma none of them are ever interested they just say we already go to churchy and then look at us confused... its kinda awkward.. haha i just tell them anyongnasia then komsomida and anyongaysaoo however you would spell those words i guess like this 

love ya so much pops 
Have a good week 
ELder FIfe

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 9:16 AM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
How are you Son?  The kids have finally reached the coveted time of SUMMER!!  I don't really love the lack of schedule and routine that the summer brings.  It seems that summer can be a  fun, but tough time for spirituality.  Haley has moved back home  before the wedding.  Her and mom and trying to get all the details taken care of. 

I hope this week has been great for you.  It seems amazing how awesome the work is in that area.  What a stud ward mission leader!  Have you been able to learn any Poly language?  How does this stack up with your other areas?  Is this your favorite so far?  You seem to make every spot your favorite while you are there.  That is a wonderful attribute.  Roll with the punches and enjoy the journey.  Are your comps still doing good?

My dad took a pretty bad fall over the weekend.  He has been is some pain and seems to be getting worse.  I am going to take him to the e.r. in a couple minutes and see what we can learn.  Pretty sad times for Pops.  

I hope you have an awesome week.  Thank you for all you are doing to bless our family and so many others.   I love you Son


Saturday June 2015 scheduled to baptize 16 people

this week has awesome!!! We went to a rainer Baseball game with President and Sister Blatter just like the Bees back at home.. It was fun we had a good time. 

 We couldn't baptize anyone Saturday or Sunday because of a funeral going on... But on Saturday we are baptizing 16 people... We have been working so hard and the lord has blessed us immensely we have found just about every Samoan in Washington we are sure... haha We have a family of 7 that just got here from American Samoa Bishop Seu Found them and gave us their address. We are teaching a family of 4 in the most ghetto place evvaaa called woodbrook it gets wild. Our ward mission leader Brother Strickland Most celestial man you could meet does nothing but missionary work everyday with us. He calls everyone to repentance wish i could tell you more about the lessons we teach with him but havent been able to understand due to the language... 

Elder Hatch and I were driving home from church when we saw a Samoan driving the opposite direction we joked around saying we should follow him so he could lead us to his nest... haha so we did and sure enough we find a family of 12.. They are all ready to be baptized as well the work is exploding and we dont have near enough time to meet with everyone we are teaching. 

Everyone pray for us so we can baptize this weeeeekkkkk!!! Love you all
ELder Fife