Monday, August 31, 2015

Frustrating week. Still positive.

This week my wallet disappeared and satan caused lots of roadblocks Mary had to work all day everyday, Jireh's phone broke, Chad and chans father had to get emergency surgery, Savannah had to work in Bremerton.. Lots of very frustrating things happened but with all that it all it was still a good week. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One year left

Mom, I got the package! thanks so much:) thanks for your bunco prize too why do ya gotta me so nice to me?? haha you look so pretty in all those pictures:) I got a gorgeous mom!! 
That is so cool that Hannah is starting wing for the team!!! good for her and cade and cole playing hard too that's awesome!!!
YEah how could I forget the old youth center I played ball in that all my childhood!! haha that's a good place. 
Mom I love ya so much think about you ever day!!! only one year left that's way crazy to me!!!!!
lovessssss ELder Fife

On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 7:57 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hello Son,
That's crazy to me you ran the narrows bridge! I love that bridge. Fished under it by it a million times with my dad. Drive over it tons and was so nervous the first time I drive over it alone. Growing up we only had the one bridge. Anyways... Cool that you are in a place that I love.

Have you busted any more nests? Haha I think it's funny how you call it that. How are the new comps? Mission work? Last week was successful hope this last week was too.

None of the grandparents made it to California. They don't travel very well anymore. They all came to the Logan reception.

The boys played in a jamboree on Saturday. Cade's team is really good! Coles needs some work. He had some good tackles. Cade is an awesome center and Also played the O line. He was pretty gassed playing both ways haha.

We are trying to get geared up for school to start on Thursday. I'm doing the Pe teaching again. They tore down my gym so I'll be teaching in the old youth center.

Everything is about the same here. I sent you a package on Saturday. You should've gotten it on Monday.

Love you so much and congrats on the year mark hope the next year is greater then the last. All my love to you son. Loves momma

Buddy loves his mission

I tell you this every week.. but its going by so fast and its a bummer!! I love my mission its so fun. People say its hard, they don't understand why they are out here, they still have issues with keeping certain commandments.. I honestly don't get any of it I don't want to say its easy but its not so dreadfully hard!! I guess the lord just gives me strength and courage or something but the mission is the life. I don't have to worry about anything but keeping the commandments and trying my best to baptize people. 
The area 70 came way late to the meeting so he didn't have much to say.. but it was motivating and we had a good time. He talked about finding and teaching simply.
we have zone meeting tomorrow to share suff about it with the zone
That's crtazy school is starting already... are you excited for it or no?? you will probablyhave some former wa tac missionaries so that will be cool.
Loves dad have a good week

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 8:44 AM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Wow!  Couple of days and we hit the Hump.  What an awesome adventure you have had Son.  I am sure the second half will be even  better with much success and opportunity to bless so many Lives.  

How did the Zone Leader Meeting go with the Area 70?  I remember those meetings to be really motivational and awesome.  I hope the training is going well.  I am sure there are some really appreciative parents knowing that you are training their boys.  

This is gonna sound like a boring old dude.  But my peach tree and blackberries went nuts this year.  We have had tons of peaches and blackberries we can't even eat them all.  Mom has frozen some, we have given a bunch to friends and we have been making smoothies and ice cream shakes.  I got a little pride in my harvest.  Maybe I will let you have some next year.  

I was out with Cole picking some peaches and he was on the ladder and turfed it.  He went down hard but gratefully he only got scrapped up.  I felt bad that I could not get there in time to save him.  He is fine.  

Everyone seems a bit bumed about school starting this Thurs.  It will be good to get these rascals back in a routine.  I am sure you have discovered the power and blessing of a routine. 

Well Son As always we can't wait to hear the weekly report.  It truly is like Christmas morning when we see your emails rolling in.  Love you so Much.  Thank you for an Awesome first year of Missionary Service.  May the love and support of Heaven continue to bless and strengthen you.  

Loves Dad

Elder Fife hits hump day this week

Sup erryone its been a good week up here in TACOMA!!!! Had some of the best restoration lessons of my mission it is incredible what the spirit can do. 
We have been teaching a Samoan young lady named Mary. She is way cool but doesn't speak great English so when we teach her she is way confused... So we brought a return missionary from Samoa and had her teach a little and by the end of the lesson she just looked like a different person she was so happy she couldn't stop smiling and laughing. While that was happening I got a text from another person we are teaching who is really struggling with some things and she said "I've thought a lot about what you told me and I am finally ready to follow Christ and be baptized" Elders have been working with her for a year we looked her up in the Area book taught and taught her the restoration. We thought it was a pretty good lesson but didn't think anything about it we weren't going to go back and visit her she didn't seem ready.. but I guess we were wrong the spirit helped her understand!! 
sorry if that doesn't make any sense lol
last night elder goodwine and I had to do some stuff so our boys (new missionaries we are training) had to go work alone for the first time on bike. We forgot to give them a phone and they don't know our area at all.. so long story short they got lost and we had to go look for them we didn't get home until 10.. whoops.. hahaha it was pretty funny though.
The mission is sick hit a year on Thursday cant believe that.... love you all
Elder Fife
This is shute goes on splits with us like every night he is gonna be the sickest missionary

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elders run my beloved Narrows Bridge

The spirit converts

Good week this week. Got 2 boys ones name is Elder Enosa, he is half samoan and 6 foot 5 so he fits in well in the samoan ward. hes from Nevada and won the 4a state championship in football last year so thats pretty sick.

Elder Alvarez is our other boy he is from Florida his parents are converts from cuba hes a way good missionary and way smart hes going to Harvard after the mish... 

Elder Alvarez had a way sick miracle last night we got a referral from some other Elders in down town tacoma saying their was a nest of samoans waiting to be taught. We went with a return sister Missionary from tonga her names Tracy Toti. As we walked to the door a man stepped out and told us he is a jack mormon and cant change him.. haha but he let us in anyways. We preceded and taught the restoration to his family and extended family of 11 (6 baptism age) the power of the spirit was unbelievable Tracy shared an awesome testimony and we ended inviting them all to be baptized on the 22nd they thought for a minute and said they felt the spirit and they would be baptized. 

Gods Miracles have not ceased!! With faith all things are possible. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sister missionaries almost get kidnapped

Yeah yall had a crazy week!!! haha the pictures mom sent me looked like you had tons of fun! mom filled me in on just about all the details sounds like it was a blast

I am very happy it was a good experience for all of you. 

some crazy stuff happend i dont know if i told you last week but some sister missionaries in the zone almost got kidnaped by some crazys and they have been pretty scared about it so we have been told to help them out and so we knock doors on the otherside of the street with them so they feel a little bit better. Its a huge bummer because we arent in our area finding people but it feels good to make them feel safe i guess the transfer ends next week so elders are going to replace them im suprised it wasnt an emergency transfer though... craziness.

We played the lakewood zone in basketball and we kicked some pretty good trash!! i also can dunk like 7 times out of 10 when im nice and warm so thats pretty cool too. My knee gets way sore the next day after basketball so that kinda scares me for the future but thats life i guess. 

I hear calebs call and thats awesome and stuff but i have so much WA-Tac pride that i feel sorry for anyone that doesnt get to serve up here. but thats awesome for caleb good for him!!!

Love you so much dad have a wonder ful week./

On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 8:30 AM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son.  We got back from our Fife/Fife vacation/wedding extravaganza.  It turned out super good.  I am sure Mon filled you in on all the details.  It was emotional but pretty Awesome too.  Haley going to the Temple for the first time in San Diego was very special.  We were also able to squeeze plenty of fun in too.  Plenty of Boogie Boarding and some pretty awesome hikes and other adventures.  Basically a repeat of the trip we did with the Fifes two years ago.  

I am excited to hear about your latest and greatest adventures in the Field.  Cade is off to scout camp this week so that was a super quick turn over for him.  Seems crazy that you are going to hit the year mark in a few weeks.  Wow!

I can tell how much the mission is blessing you.  You have fully surrendered to the Lord's Will and have discovered the power of pure Discipleship.  Truly when we lose our lives for his sake and our brothers and sisters we find true purpose, peace and happiness.  

We were able to spend some time with Caleb Mcdade.  I am sure you heard he is heading to Madrid Spain.  He is a super good dude.  I am sure he has some jitters about his upcoming mission.  Maybe a little shout out from you if possible would be awesome for him.  

Well Son I know I say it all the time. You are my Pride and Joy.  People ask about you all the time and I just beam like a crazy fool Papa who is so proud of his Awesome Boy.  My greatest joy is that I get to be called your Dad.   Loves

Eric Stephany gets baptized

sup yall

 Got transfer call i am staying with Goodwine and we will be training 2 new missionaries. 

its been a sick week.

Eric Stephany whose been coming to church for the last 6 months got baptized!!! He is 16 and his mom was having a hard time letting him go through with it. We taught him about fasting and prayer and invited him to do it. He bore his testimony at church on sunday like this.... For the past month I have fasted from 11:30 at night to 11:30 in the afternoon praying and studying throughout the night asking the lord for my mom to let me get baptized. I was truly scared to ask her because she is very weak and sick and I dont want to hurt her feelings. After 3 weeks I asked her and she gave me her blessing. And asked me while it took me so long to ask. In tears he said that he was getting baptized that night. Eric has been through lots of hard times when he was 7 his Dad passed away who was a former bishop but went less active... And other trials and challenges with family and friends. Eric has a testimony from reading the Book of Mormon just like Joseph Smith said any man will come nearer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book. Eric also told us he is serving a mission when he turns 18 even though he has scholarship offers to play football for many teams including the Oregon Ducks. 
Tell me something that would bring greater happiness? It has truly been a blessing to see Eric become converted to the gospel simply by reading, fasting, and praying. 

At the baptism Erics mother came and was in tears by the end wouldnt be suprised if she got baptized here soon as well

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