Friday, November 6, 2015

First week in Grays Harbor

My first week in Grays Harbor was good! We taught this girl named Dana the last few lessons and baptized her on sunday her family has such a crazy story... little too crazy for this email probably.. the change that they made in order to be baptized is awesome!! Repentance is real! Her paretnts were baptized 2 weeks ago and Dana decided to get baptized a couple days ago and her father was actually able to baptize her. 

An investigator In the samoan ward texted us a week before I left telling us she wanted to be baptized on halloween. Her name is Charlene Agafili her husband Jack is a member but is inactive. He watched the priesthood session of general conference a couple weeks ago and he felt it was for him and is making a comeback!! this desire made his wife evermore interested in the church. She decided to take the lessons again and we felt impressed to have a scripture of the day from the book of mormon with her she kept her commitments and the Book Of Mormon converted her. She asked me to baptize her so I was able to go back to tacoma and do it!!  

Up here in aberdeen people are so wack.. even worse than tacoma everyone looks so sad its a pretty depressing town.. but that makes missionary work easier lots of humble people willing to listen to us. 

Have a good week,
Elder Fife

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