Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Baptized a Lamanite Ernie

this week we had a lamanite baptism!! His name is Ernie Nakamura he is an indian native to washington. Grandpa Olaf probably wouldnt like him because he gets to catch all the fish he wants, but anyways he was taking missionary lessons for over a year I guess God finally smacked some sense into him. Ernie is a good guy he quit smoking a week ago and says hes done forever good thing for him the spirit has his back. 

We have been teaching a guy named Micah we saw him on the street when we were driving by and yelled to see if he wanted a jesus card turns out he did. He knows a member of the stake presidency because he used to play football with his son. We had a lesson at President Tallys house and Micah is excited for his baptism on sunday. The only thing holding him back is he smokes a pack a day. he is only 20... this guy is awesome is reading the book of mormon coming to church just is having the hardest time ever giving up the cigs but we will keep workin with him hopefully he can quit by tuesday!!

talk to you next week
Elder Fife

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