Thursday, October 15, 2015

Elder Fife remembers Victoria's name

Busy week. We saw many miracles though. It was 8:50 PM and we were about to go home when we got the prompting to go to Winco. (grocery store around here) We walk in and towards the back there was this Samoan guy who just moved to Tacoma from Olympia. He was super fob, acronym for fresh, off, boat. like this guy could hardly speak english was wearing a lava lava just your typical samoan. Turns out his wife is a member and he wants to get baptized. We were super happy bout to walk out of the store when I recognized this lady.. but i couldnt remember from where. I say hi to her and told her I recognized her immediately after that her name came to me VICTORIA I helped her move into her apartment a year ago... she was super nice but she was always so busy to go back and see. Anyways she was super humble her father had just past away a month ago and was so happy I remembered her name and she invited us over to her house to teach her. 

Hope you all have a good week. 
Elder Fife

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