Monday, December 7, 2015

Nafu gets baptized

This week I was able to go back to Tacoma and watch Nafu Talataiena get baptized. I taught her all the lessons she wanted to be baptized she just couldnt quit smoking. She didnt speak much english there was an obvious language barrier so I dont think the spirit really touched her as hard as she needed it to quit. I got transfered and Elder Amituanitai came in strait from samoa... get ready for this they are from the same village they went to highschool together.. like what that blows my mind.. True testimony that he was sent to this mission for a specific purpose. he was able to speak to her in their native language and give her the help she needed to quit. She has fully quit and is preparing to do baptisms in the temple next week!!!! 

When i got to tacoma for the baptism I saw Jack a husband of Charlene Angafili someone I baptized sitting in the front row. Jack was inactive and had some word of wisdom issues. He believed in the church just didnt have much motivation to live the gospel. We began teaching them and they slowly progressed we actually stopped seeing them because their progression was so slow. Jacks mom asked him to watch the priesthood session of conference so he did and the spirit touched him. They invited us back and we taught and baptized his wife in a couple weeks. 

I go and sit by jack and he was stocked out of his mind to tell me he is getting the  melchizedek presthood on sunday and blessing his newborn in church the following sunday.. like man i wanted to shed a tear or two it was so awesome.. They are planning on getting sealed in the temple in a year!! excited to go back and watch:) 

love you all have a great week. 
Elder Fife

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