Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 🦃💚

I got the meals down!! it was tough but we got em down without being rude!! probably gained 10 pounds that day. haha the ward took care of us but not as tasty as mommas cooking! ive told everyone but i will say it again it is super weird when you dont recognize half of your family members in a family picture.. haha weird

I do pretty good on my journal I get all of the main big stories but i dont get much else... Everynight it takes us about an hour to plan because we have to make 2 sets of plans for each companionship. so by he time we are done we gotta get ready for bed... i do my best though could do better still im hinking i want to print out all of my emails so i can make sure i have all the good stories. 

pretty lame week only 1 investigator showed up o church this week and he dashed right after sacrament so pretty lame... we are building back up our teaching pool knocking los of doors and going through the part member family lists doing member inspires to get some new gators!!! 

one of my companions wanted to make brownies and we didnt have oil i told him that you dont make them with oil and they are way good... they didnt turn out i guess you just got your way with the brownies.. haha

at dinner yesterday we were eating with some members and i said something about President Blatter the mission president to my companion then the dad at the dinner just wen off on how he was a bad mission president and how he was full of himself etc said bunch of dumb stuff.. I just wanted to punch the dude all he ever says is bad about people by the end of the meal i was so dang frustrated... i just dont understand some people.. President blatter is the best he is loaded like has 3 houses in hawaii 3 in mexico and you would never know such a humble man dresses like jumk haha i need to work on patience but this guy was unbelievable 

well love ya lots pops have a good week loves

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