Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dad & Bud

Good for teed!! can cole ride the clutch now?? what one did you sell the bullet?

haha yeah we heard about that.. didnt Utah kill that team they lost to too? We hear utah is way good this year beat Oregon too. seems like hannah is doing great good for her. is the competition super tough now they are in 5a

hah you will never live that moment down will ya?? little did you know i let you win all along ever since elementary school  I love you pops have a good week. ken said she loves your classes so thats sweet!!! 


On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
What going on Son?  Another glorious week I hope.  Me and the boys were hanging solo the last few days cuz mom and the girls went to Vegas for some wedding.  I got Cade another used dirt bike on Friday and he is pretty stoked.  We sold mine and Coles so Cade could get something bigger.  Now Cole has Cades old Bike ( I should say Wylies old bike) and Cade got this Yamaha 225 that is pretty Beast.  

The Cougs needed your Boy this weekend!  They got shut out 31 to 0.  On Thursday at Hannah game good old Craig Anhder came up and talked to me.  He was super interested in how you were doing and had nice things to say about you.  I know he wasnt your fav but he seems like he has repented and is "Nice Now". Hannah had a great game and scored a goal and they got a somewhat rare win.  

I am so glad you are loving your new comps and the work is going well.  Hope to have a nice little update tomorrow.  Nice to hear that you arestill balling for baptims.  Ha Ha.  Do you ever tell dudes that old man took your down in one on one when you were at your prime?  All those times I let you win to build your confidence I finally had enough and threw down.  I reckon I could still humble you!  

We look forward as always to some good report tomorrow.  Caleb when off to Spain today to start his Mission.  Pretty cool.  

Love you My Son.  


Malia gets baptized

Sick week

Sick week.  On Saturday we had dinner dropped off to us at the church from this nice samoan lady. We go in the church and its just packed with Samoans a little girl was getting baptized just a child of record they thought... Turns out her parents were both non members her grandparents had been taking her to church for years waiting for her to turn 8 to baptize her. So the baptism ends up being in out stewardship.. pretty sweet miracle!! haha

Malia got baptized on Sunday it was so sweet!!! she has had an incredible change of heart, just a couple weeks ago she was getting drunk drowning her sorrows working crazy hours and just making her way through life. She never really was involved in our lessons because of the language barrier she got her from Samoa last year. We kept inviting and after she acted she got an answer to her prayers to be baptized. After she got that answer she messed, she got drunk the night before her baptism and missed church. We went over to her house and knocked on her door for like 10 min straight until she opened it. When she saw us she jumped and the godly sorrow stepped in I was super disappointed. We invited her to repent on the spot and ask God to forgive her. Ever since that day she knew she had to change and Sunday she was Baptized!" We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23 only through Christs atonement was her guilt swept away. Baptism opened that gate to forgiveness.

We have been teaching a man named Ernie he got in a super bad accident 10 years ago. Due to the accident he only has one leg. He is a very humble man who showed up at church one sunday and we have been teaching him since. He was already living the word of wisdom the law of chastity loves the church just wants to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet. We gave him the restoration movie to watch and pray on. He did and the spirit pricked his heart he is getting baptized next week. 

we found a family of 7 to be baptized!!! hopefully really soon:) so many miracles over here humbling to be apart of. 

happy gen conf. 
I love you
Elder Fife

Mom & Son

Momma, Ill be home for your bday next year we can make it very eventful!! 

The missionary work this week was awesome truly never a bad day here in tacoma!!! 

At transfer meeting when we met Elder Tafua our fresh comp from the mtc we like jumped on him and his bag flew up and hit me in the face and I cut my lip pretty bad no biggy though.. haha

That is crazy Haley is married like what the... haha 

I have been in this area for almost 6 months so crazy i will probably be leaving next transfer though. 

I love tons mom have a wonderful week:)
Elder Fife

On Sun, Sep 27, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son,
Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm driving home from Vegas right now. Just passed SLC. Kind of an uneventful birthday. That was the most fancy wedding I've ever been to. They had a sit down fancy dinner for about 400 people at $75 a plate. Crazy how much money people have. They're house was the nicest house I've ever been to. It was fun to go to the Vegas temple so pretty. You are defiantly right Vegas is a place I never need to go to again.

How was the missionary work this week? We are all wondering what happened to your lip?? Haley and Mac are coming home for a day then I'll take them back to the airport tomorrow night for a red eye trip back to NYC. So crazy she is married and lives in NYC.

I love you son thanks for being so amazing! Loves Momma💋

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Elder Fife has a fat lip💋 not sure why?

Mom + Bud

yeah mom wasnt i just at 12 months it is flying by!!!! yall always seem to be having good times back home makes me happy everything is going well!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK i love ya so much you are the best mom  i could ever ask for i see all these ghetto moms smacking on their kids and i just get so grateful for you mom like you are the best cant put my love for ya in writing!! you friend was nice saw her for like 2 seconds but she seemed nice!! 

i love you so much mom
Love elder Fife

On Sun, Sep 20, 2015 at 6:58 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son!
13 months since I've seen your beautiful face! Goodwine friended me on fb he said your the man and he loved serving with you. He wants to come visit sometime.

Hannah, Dad + Cade are off at a fireside. Hannah is conducting it :) I'm sitting here with Cole he is reading  a book and wants me to help him read. I read a page he reads a page. Somethings never change haha Rudy is snoring in the background.

How was your week? I'd of liked to have been a fly on the wall when you were chastising that girl for being drunk! Dad would of done the same thing... That's great you are staying in that area. You seem to love it. Good people that are receptive to the gospel makes your life more enjoyable.

The boys had early morning games on Saturday. Cade's team crushed mountain crest! Coles team got crushed by Bear river. Those bear river boys are BIG!

Well Son I'm very proud of you everyday. Thanks for being the missionary I always knew you'd be. I love you ❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️ Mom

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Elders combined weight 800l lbs.

Tuesday I got my new comps Elder Marsh and Elder Tafua. We are Training Elder Tafua he is the coolest kid around!!!! He is from Laie Hawaii and has a full ride to play outside linebacker for BYU when he gets back. This guy is huge he weighs 240.. haha but super humble and has a strong testimony couldn't ask for better companions!! 

This week was so good, but the tire pressure in the corolla probably not as good.. all of us combined weight of 800 pounds in that thing haha big boys!! nobody messes with us!!

Yesterday we went to this really ghetto neighborhood to visit some of our samoan investigators. they live in this duplex and on the other side are these way crazy black people.. when we got there they were yelling and screaming swear words at each other hitting eachothers garages with bats pushing kids over like it was way entertaining but sad at the same time so we went to brake it up but they were so crazy we couldnt do much.. anyways after the cops came we talked to our investigator nephi... haha nis dad was a member and left him when he was a child thats where he got the name. 

but anyways he is getting baptized next week so thats sick!! we played him and his crew in basketball at the park the deal was if we win they had to come to church with us and if we lost we would buy them luch they were pretty good but we still won!! none of them showed up to church but they all promised to come next week and are excited to get baptized. 

hopefully some of this makes sense im hurrying 

We fasted on sunday for a family to come to church and for more baptisms!! when we went to church a new family of samoans showed up and they are feeding us on thursday!! God has blessings waiting for you but you simply have to ask in  the name of christ order to recieve them

Friday, September 18, 2015

Elder Fife secretly wants to be a Samoan

Goodwine goes home

Transfers!! I am staying and my new comp is Elder Marsh. Enosa is staying and Alvarez is leaving and we are getting another boy to train. 

It is sad to see Goodwine go one of my favorite comps so far!!

This week has been pretty good we had a baptism on Saturday with this kid named Daniel... his mom got baptized 5 years ago then disappeared she reappeared and had a kid ready to be baptized.. Daniel is 11 years old and a nightmare to teach quite the headache actually!! but he was stocked to get baptized so that's all that matters. 

we were going to baptize Malia on sunday as well but she skipped church so we went over to her house she was hung over from a party the night before..  we got so mad at her i probably lost my temper a bit but she deserved it... haha Hopefully she will get baptized in the next couple weeks 

jeez missions can be stressful sometimes but the relief after a baptism is the best thing ever!!!

Elder Fife

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Haley + Christian

The great PNW

Cole and Elder Fife

Cole, I am doing super good brotha!!! hows school and football? it takes a some time to get used to the 6th grade so dont worry about that!! but just remember to work hard and do all of your school work so you get good grades and stuff.

I love you cole hope you have a good day my man

On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 8:44 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi how are your u doing you the bomb didnt dad say that when you came back you would get a car loves Cole

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Mom & Son

Mom, the northwest is great the weather has been great only 2 or 3 days of rain the whole summer pretty crazy probably becasue they know i dont like the rain that much...

yeah chad and chan are so cute i love those kids they are so excited for church i wish everyone was like those kidos.l

Dang i think it just takes a minute to get used to for the big 6th grade i bet he will pull through her soon!! 

No i havent been to the temple in seattle for a while probably in the next couple months I will go. It is coming up on 13 months pretty crazy i feel like i have been out for 6 months but a year that is shocking

I have not gotten the debit yet and the flip should be able to work!! i will let you know next week.

how are the little twerps in school?? hah have you adopted any?? we are teaching this little kid rn who is really malnourished it is really sad:( his mom is inactive member and kinda lame so we are working on them!!

I love you mom thanks for all you do and thanks for never missing a week of emails you are the best. Loves

On Sun, Sep 6, 2015 at 7:22 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi my Son!

How was the week in the beautiful Northwest? I've heard you've had an Indian summer there lots of sun. We are feeling fall coming.

Cade lost his first football game of the season and Cole won his first. Sv tied MC in soccer 1-1 in over time. Both Sv and Mc beat Logan in football. Ryder Lundahl plays some varsity I hear.

You had a great week last week. Those boys are so cute. I bet you feel like a million bucks giving them something so priceless as the gospel. So special! How's the rest of the family coming along?

Cole isn't adjusting to 6th grade very well. Waking up early keeping on top of assignments etc. he called me Friday to pick him up. I went to his school and encouraged him to stay gave him a little peps talk. I fasted for him and feel he will do better.

Dad and I went to the temple Friday and did sealings. Its weird to think it was a year ago we went with you to the temple. Have you been able to go to the temple in Seattle lately?

Did you get the debit card I sent you? Were you able to set it up with ur flip phone? Haha

That's the update. I love you with all my heart❤️❤️❤️❤️

Loves Mom💋

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Chad & Chan get the Ghost

Week 6 of the transfer... cant believe it.. Elder Goodwine goes home next week he isnt very excited about it.. President told me the other day that I am staying so unless he gets prompted Thats gonna be the plan for the next 6 weeks. 

The other day Elder Goodwine and I were knocking this ghetto apartment complex in the heart of tacoma. We knocked on a door and met Alyssa a 17yr old girl. She was stocked to come to church and learn more about the church. She showed up to sacrament meeting and loved it.. pretty surprising because the ward is so small and doesnt do much... anyways we gave her a church tour and showed her the baptism font and told her she should get baptized next sunday she said she has been wanting to be baptized again and commit herself to Christ. 

Chad and Chan the kids we baptized last week got the holy ghost sunday and are super excited about life!!! haha they are the sickest little kids ever. They dominate on the football field too both play running back and are pretty unstoppable. 

This week we should have 5 or 6 baptisms so we are way excited. 

Thanks for the love and support. 

Elder Fife

Brother Hill and brother tuck from the summit ward took us out to lunch!! Elder Goodwine served there a couple transfers before i was trained 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

So cute❤️

Mom and Son

Mom, I found my wallet!!! it was in the area book.. haha i was updating it and i guess used it to mark my spot in there and then forgot about it. then i didnt have to update anything for a little because we hadnt taught anyone yet so it was a very pleasant suprise opening it back up to update it!!!

Hey i saw linda allen at the mall she recognized me immediately but that was all she just told me to tell you i saw you.

that is so awesome that cade is doing so good in football:) and hannah and cole doing so good in their sports. a tier for hannah that is so awesome!!! how is the football team doing in 5a??
tell cole to quit being lazy and learn the plays. lol

yeah there are lots of sucky parents up here like the kids we just baptized didnt even know how to pray their parents never taught them... pretty sad. that kid probably has some good parents but you are just way better so he just wants u instead. 
I love you mom. dont talk to my poster thats freaky.. lol jk:) loves
Elder FIfe 

On Sun, Aug 30, 2015 at 9:56 AM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hey my son the Elder,

Did you find your wallet? Do you need a new drivers license? The debit card takes a couple of weeks it will come here and I'll mail it to you. Well I guess you have to have a frustrating week every once in awhile to more fully appreciate the good weeks.

Cade is doing awesome at center. He has not made a mistake in 3 games his coaches are making a big fuss over him. Bringing him candy bars to the house. It's pretty cool for Cade. Their QB is crazy good. It's been fun to watch. Coles team is getting better but still have not won a game. Cole plays defense. He says he doesn't want to play offense cuz he doesn't want to learn the plays. Ha ha! Hannah is doing great in soccer. Had a great goal against Clearfield to tie the game. Going to 5 A has been tough. Hoping they can win a game this week. We watched the BYU women's soccer game on TV this weekend. Rachel Boaz is an insanely good goalie. Alex husband little sister Jocelyn plays and Maddie Siddaway from Sv is also on the team. She starts and plays a ton for a freshmen. I'd love it if Hannah could play for BYU or uvu or usu.

This week in Pe class a first grade boy said mrs Fife I wish you were my step mom. I laughed a little when he said it but got to thinking how much little kids suffer because of their parents poor choices. I bet you see a lot of that where you are. Broken families etc. having the gospel is essential but not a cure all. Have to work on it every day.

Jimmy was here this weekend. Ken starts USU tomorrow. She is excited. It will be good to have her here.

I love you son keep on keeping on. I think of you everyday and I talk to your poster. Haha I like having it. All my love to you Mom

Bumpin week

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 12:39 PM, Christian Fife <>wrote:
We had a pretty bumpin week. We baptized Chad su, Chan su & Savannah maae. 

Think i told the story but here it is again.
ELder Enosa and I were biking in the ghetto streets of tacoma with nothing to do so we went to a near bye park to challenge some thugs to some basketball. When we got there we saw a fellow samoan playing with his 2 kids turns out his wife is a member and his oldest son is a member but when they moved to Tennessee they went Less Active. chan is 13 and chan is 10 they are so sick haha they are the perfect description of a samoan except they got a little big of chineese in them but they are way cute kids. I cant even tell you how excited they were to be baptized!! we taught them and then baptized them this last sunday. it was my boys first baptisms and my other comp elder goodwine one of his last. 

After they got out of the water they were so happy and stocked it made you feel like a million bucks just watching them.
we have our first lesson with their father tonight.

Savannah was a ref from some other missionaries in the zone.
Her father is a member but doesnt go to church and her mom is a non member. They let savannah make her own decisions religion wise so thats lucky. She is 16. We started teaching her and she loved everything she was having some family problems with her sister so she was really stressed about that but loved it when we came over she said she didnt feel stressed when we came over. She loved learning about the restoration and loves reading the book of mormon. She was also baptized sunday. After her baptism she told me that she wants to serve a mission:) way sick.

At the baptism President and sister blatter thought that chad and chan were girls so that was pretty funny. 

well hope you have a good week. 
Love, ELder fife

Dad and son letters

Yeah that is a way sweet subject!!! i bet thats going to be tons of fun!!! Mckenzie is in your class thats way cool too!! i hope she does better  than alex... hahah she didnt last too long.

2 weeks ago was pretty lame but this last week was awesome i loved it. one of our investigators who was going to be baptized got prego and disapeared so that was kinda lame. 

We have a mission conference tomorrow so thats going to be good. hopefully that will get the mission excited and they can go work hard our mission goal for baptisms is 800 this year and we only have 400 rn so we need lots of help from up above. lots of missionaries out here just dont get it its frustrating.

remember that one time we took that last ride on the motorcycle before you sold it  and we recked... haha good times 

I love you pops have a wonderful week.
ELder FIfe

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 2:28 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son.  I had my first day today of the new school year.  I am teaching a new class called Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel.  It is awesome material!  How can you go wrong - Jesus and the Gospel.   I have McKensie Fife in one of my classes.  That was fun!  She seems to be liking her USU experience so far.  Hope it works out better for her than Alex.  I also had Daniel Lemon in class.  He was insistent that I tell you hello.  He seems really good.  I think the mission did wonders for him.  Seemed to have found some humility.  He was pretty big I guess he had worked out throughout the miss.  Says he is going to try out for the football team this spring.  Some girl asked if I was your dad.  And others wanting to know how you are doing.  Can't even remember all of them.  But no one from your miss came and introduced themselves yet.  I will wait for that.  tomorrow is my returned missionary class so maybe I will see them tomorrow.  

I know your last week was rough.  But I also loved what I heard in your resolve to keep on rocking through.  As you know the number one tool the devil uses against missionaries is discouragement.  I loved to hear your perspective and assurance that junk happens but things will be better.  I hope and pray this week was less frustrating and happy.  I know you are doing such a wonderful work and giving people the opportunity to change and find joy and happiness through the plan of Salvation.  

Jimmy was here for the weekend and that was great to spend some time with him.  I am very lucky to have such a big Brother.  Cade, Cole, Haley and Hannah can relate to that.  

I love you Son.  I feel such joy in your missionary service.  Me and Mom are so humbled and happy to have the honor of being your parents.  Love you so much my Boy