Monday, February 23, 2015

Port Angeles top 3 pics bottom 2 Summit ward

Summit homies

Bud becomes a district leader

This week has been awesome. I got here to Port Angeles on Tuesday nightat about 10 because it is a 2 and a half hour drive from Tacoma. When I woke up in the morning I looked out of our window and could see the ocean in the far distance so that was sweet!!! The people in this area are ready to here the message of the restored gospel it has been a very successful week of teaching and helping people come closer to their savior. We had an amazing first lesson with this lady named Gretchen. We shared with her the restoration and I had the chance to share with her the first vision. By the end the spirit was so strong she was in tears. she is the sweetest lady and wants us to come back and teach it to the rest of her family. She has decided to get baptized next month and we couldn't be happier. Hopefully the family will follow in her example. 

We went down to what they call the bluffs.. to look at the view of the ocean and it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen I tried to take some pictures but they just don't do it justice. YOu can see Victoria Canada, Baker mountain and the cascades. then you turn around and see the Olympic Mountains. It is so awesome. The people in the city are absolutely crazy though lots of them have issues with drugs and things the bishop said it is the drug capital of the America but I don tknow about that. The ward is pretty cool lots of old people. There are tons of people from logan that went to Utah state they were excited to talk with me about it it was nice to have things in common with them. 

I love you guys so much thanks for the support. My testimony grows so much each and everyday. loves 
Elder Fife

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First email from Port Angeles

Mom yes this place is so awesome im excited to go on hikes and things up here instead of planning basketball everymonday we are going to go exploring today its going to be sweet. I would want a fishing pole but im not sure if we ever have time and I would have to buy a liscense and those are super expensive.. 

Whats the kids name from mountain crest?? am I gonnna have to fight someone from here?? haha Yeah I knew those friends she had wouldn't be very good friends just because of the things I had heard about some of them before I left. BUt it always works out I don't know if I ever told you but I didn't have friends my sophomore year. like I didn't know what to do with myself at school I was just awkward because I had no ride to lunch with friends so it was hard.. but it got so much better when I found friends that I enjoyed being with and just good kids. im sure anyone would like to be hannahs friend so there should be no problem with her finding them. the boys obviously think shes great so the girls are just jealous girls are dumb. haha no offense.. just tell her not to worry I went through the same thing it always gets better. My favorite quote from Preach my Gospel. don't know the exact words something along the lines of.. The trials that we all face in life never get easiet just the capacity to endure becomes larger. slaughtered that but its true life is preparatory for whats to come. 

The boys are punks!! haha I love them I could probably say a few things..l haha 
I love ya so much momma
ELder Fife

On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 9:45 AM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Elder Fife,

I hope you are transitioning to your new area nicely. How is everything? District leader that's awesome! Sue Baddley is so excited you are in Port Angeles!!! She knows people there and has family close by. She said throwing her name around may get you in the door. Ha ha! Everyone says how beautiful it is there! Do you want me to send you a fishing pole? Are you on bike again? 6 months down, how does that feel? I hear you can see Canada from there is that true?

Hannah got asked to her first dance by a MC boy. The dance is March 7and her bday is March 8. I felt alright about her going. After all she'll turn 16 on the date. Dad not so sure!! What do u think? She is having a hard time with friends right now. Her friends are choosing wrong things and she wants to find new ones. Kinda tough! She'll figure it out she's smart and wants to do the right thing. Sv girls won the 4A girls state championship yesterday. Hannah was a part of it  she didn't dress but was able to go watch all the games. she said it was so cool. Makes her want to stick with b ball cuz they could probably win for the next 2 years. But she wants to do cheer and you can only do one sport with cheer.

The boys are fighting more then usual lately. Maybe you can scold them from the field. You always had a good way with them. They look up to u so much.

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new area. You are doing an amazing work what an incredible journey you are on!! We are all so blessed here at home for your service!

I love you Elder Fife! You rock son. XoXoXoX all my love to you for your continued happiness and success. ️Loves momma

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Amazing grace sung by the Wa-Tac

Port Angeles district leader already! Wow

From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

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From: Christian Fife 

Date:02/17/2015 11:35 AM (GMT-07:00) 
To: jnsfife 

Subject: Re: Iron Port Angeles 

yeah dad you are right I only have like 10 minutes total to email but yes I have been called to be a zone leader in port angeles pretty crazy not sure if I think im ready but apparently the lord does... im nervous but it will be a lot easier only 1 training a month instead of like 6 hahah but I don't leave for the area until tonight its a really long drive too.. it was suoper hard leaving everyone here you get so attached its no fun. I know nothing about port angeles so I will have to let you know next week.
I love ya tons dad 
ELder fife

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 4:50 PM, jnsfife <> wrote:

Hey Bud. Somehow Mom got the word about your transfer. Now we really can't wait for tomorrow to get your thoughts. Are you still dl?   Are you training?   Lets get some details. 

Im am sure there were some pluses and minuses with the transfer. At this rate you  will serve in 4 areas. 6 months a pop. Yup the six-month mark happens this week. 

Thank you so much for sending me that letter. It is strange to see life come full circle.  Really doesn't seem like the miss was that long ago for me. Then I think 26 years ago. Wow. It goes so fast. Gotta relish every day like I know you are. 

Probably tough to leave your converts and ward homies. That will be so awesome if you can go to the sealing of your new convert in a year. That is what it is all about. 

Will port Angeles have enough thugs and drugs for you?   Maybe you will experience withdrawal. 

It will be great to get some word. Though I bet you will be pressed for time with the move and the holiday tomorrow. 

I  truly love you s oo much Son. I hope and pray these little boys are watch ing and eager to be just like their big bro. Loves so much


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Elder Fife's first transfer. Port Angeles here he comes.

mom I don't have like any time today to email yesterday was pres day so the library was closed and today is transfer meeting and tugbe has an eye appointment but yes I leave for port angeles today and I am going to be a zone leader down there pretty scary to be honest it will be very interesting I am not sure why the lord wants me to do that so early.. haha but it will be a learning expericne I don't know much about my new companion other than hes chubby and a ginger but hes a good missionary.. yes I got the package thanks so much you are the best mom ever!!! it was really sad saying by to all the members here because you just grow so close I think joe hill added you on face book he was my ward mission leader coolest guy ever!!! I love him he went super less active now is active full force!!
 I love ya so much
ELder Fife

On Sun, Feb 15, 2015 at 4:54 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son! Heard you got transferred to Port Angeles! How is it so far? New comp etc? Are you by the water? Send me your new address. Did you get your valentine package before you left? Hope it's a great area for you. Were you sad to leave Tugbe? Bet he was sad you were leaving him!

Well Boo got engaged Friday so its official. May 16th is the day.

We are still in St. George I'm actually writing you by that fung sway maze place. Haha. Hannah's team made in to the championship game tomorrow. Game is at 11 then we are heading home after. We hiked snow canyon today. It was nice as always. We went to church today and there was soooo many people. A lot going on here in St. George.

Excited to hear about your new place! How did you pack up all those shoes haha. I love you Elder Fife you make me so proud! All my love to you Son! XoXoXoX Momma

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Goof ball

Cute Lil Hawaiian boy


Heated debate

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From: Christian Fife<>
Date: Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 11:51 AM
Subject: Re: UPS?
To: Joseph Fife <>

but anyways yeah this week was really good I think im going to be out of here pretty soon though. transfer calls are coming up on Saturday so we will see what happens. Coach Cam Johnson emailed me today and said some nice things that was nice of him. hes such a good guy. 
I got in a way crazy bash last night with a preacher. about the trinity and grace and authority. he definetly knew scriptures and the bible way more than me but I held my own. it got pretty heated though it was nuts he was not a very nice person.. haha I try not to bash but sometimes I just feel like I need to defend what I believe. 
I love ya tons dad thanks for being the best pops ever
elder Fife

On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 10:46 AM, Christian Fife <> wrote:
Yeah its a sketchy place around these parts every where I go I see heroin needles on the ground and everyone and their dogs smoke weed... the weed shops are on every corner and im not sure if ive met someone at a doorstep that doesn't smoke. We have a huge bag of tobacco and like 4 packs of cigs in our apartment that we need to dispose of from taking them from our investigators this past week. Brother Awadjie the black guy in the ward gave me and tugbe pepper spary so we carry that around when we are knocking doors and stuff like that. 
Oh yeah Elder Oliphant I went on an exchange with him and we were eating lunch at the bishops house and the ups guy comes around to drop off a package but the truck is way too big for the drive way so when he tries to turn around he drops the rig in the ditch and we have no way of getting out because he blocked the road we helped him for like an hour to try and get it out but there was no way he didn't want to call his supervisor but he finally did and they got a tow truck to get it out 3 hours later.. 
Elder Oliphant is a very talented musician plays piano at all of the mission events he plays like 9 instruments and played the French horn at carnage hall.. I hear that's really crazy I guess not sure if I spelt it right

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 7:41 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son.  Mom forced the info from me so everyone knows about your scary ordeal.  Crazy how you had huge swings last week.  Awesome baptism and confirmation then thug encounter.  I gotta admit that was very unsettling.  I had to remind myself that God is in charge and will protect his servants.  You absolutely did the right thing by doing nothing.  I feel what you are saying about wanting to drop the punk but that could have been tragic.  

Mariah, that former sister from your mission told me some story about how you did splits with someone she knew and went to battle with a UPS truck.  She said something about how it got stuck making it so you got stuck at your Bishop's house for 3 hours or something.   I didn't fully follow the story but that was her third person account of it.  

We had a broadcast last Friday with Elder Holland for my work and it was awesome.  His message was so powerful!  I know the gospel is true.  But Elder Holland knows x a billion.  Man we belong to the only true church on the face of the earth.  Definitely led by Prophets and Apostles.  So glad and proud you are telling the world.  

I hope this has been a great and safer week for you.  We shall hear tomorrow.  Really makes Mondays so much better to know I will hear from my Son.  I love you with all my heart.  


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The raccoon

Mom, Sounds like you guys have had some craziness going on this past week... haha That coon is big I remember him running out of the garage and it was scary so I cant imagine how scared cole was... makes me laugh though. good thing he has fast reflexes to block the attack. haha
haha I don't think I could ever be sick of being sent treats to be honest with ya momma you know me.. haha 
Yeah we get our transfer calls this Saturday pretty exciting I feel like im going to leave for sure but you never know.. 
st. George that will be fun!! it will be good to get some nice rays. that seems crazy to me that it is 60 degrees over there that is too bad for the ski season I bet my friends are pretty bummed. Last week it hit 60 a few times down here too that was really nice! when does it usually warm up around here?? hopefully soon because im probably white as a snowball. lol
I bet cole will still go get popsicles knowing him.. haha he loves those things just like his older brother.. haha I used to eat those things one after the other.
Elder Holland!!! that's so dang cool you guys get to have lots of general authorities talk to you that's so awesome im jealous. 
This week was a good week. Darla is still really sore from getting in a fender bender so she couldn't get baptized Saturday and lyle is still smocking so we might stop visiting him. But we are teaching lots of people right now and I have gotten really good at it. Hard work pays off with anything. I love ya tons momma have a wonderful week thanks for everything!!!1 lovessss

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 6:21 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Wow Son what a crazy experience you boys had but cool at the same time! So glad you are ok!! So grateful you listened to the prompting to not fight those dudes! So scary!How's Tugbe eye? He seems like such a sweet guy. So did y'all really not have any money? Stupid Tacoma Thugs!!! That's an awesome story about Robin glad you were able to find her baptize her etc. that will be super cool to go to their wedding in a year.

I sent you a Valentines package fed x so be looking for that this week. Are you sick of me sending you treats??!!

I'm curious if you get transferred where you'll go?!!

This Friday we go to St. George for Hannah's soccer tourney. Hannah has been super sick with the flu. Missed 2 days of school and was in bed all weekend. So hope she is better tomorrow. She's a busy gal. I don't think she gets enough sleep.

How are you doing son? So happy you are happy! That's the best feeling in the world knowing you are so happy!

It's been in the 60s this week. I rode my bike up Smithfield canyon twice. Such great weather but a bummer year to take skiing up again.

Cole had a really freaky thing happen the other night. He was going out in the garage the other night to get a Popsicle and that crazy animal you saw in the garage awhile back was sitting on the step eating cat food. It lunged at him and Cole slammed the door on it, it hit the animal and the door flung open then Rudy chased after it. I grab a hammer and go running into the garage cuz I thought the coon or whatever it is was gonna kill Rudy. Rudy was fighting with it behind the Burb and then I see it run under the garage. Now Cole doesn't go out for Popsicles anymore!! I really want to see that thing!!

The Griffins moved in they came to church today. I haven't had a chance to meet them yet.

Dad and I went to a husband and wife night with a general authority on Friday. Elder Holland spoke to us. He is an amazing speaker.

I love you so much and miss your face. Xoxo ️loves Momma.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Elder Fife says he's never been happier.

Yes i got the package and i have used the stuff everyday i didn't really understand how to use it at first and i sprayed that stuff right on my forehead and it went crazy red.. but luckily it was at night and it was gone by the morning.. but i put a little of water in it to dilute it a bit that's what it said to do. 
This week has been awesome Mom i have learned so much never been happier. Robin an investigator that we baptized Saturday was my first investigator that i found on my own and taught her and baptized her then gave her the holy ghost in sacrament. It was probably one of the best experiences yet on the mission. Her and her boyfriend are planning on getting married in the temple in a years time because that's how long you have to wait after you have been baptized.

On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 9:49 AM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son!
Did you get the package? Well it was a pretty good week. Fed the Elders last night. One was from Washington and the other fromVirginia. They gave us a good message and a challenge to find someone to share the gospel with. The Orahoods moved. Doug's nephew and wife moved in and he's inactive and his wife isn't a member. I haven't met them yet. So we'll work on them.

Sharon and Bergs have been here this week. We went to SLC and helped Boo pick out her wedding dress. The first one she wanted was over 5,000$$$. Then she went to another store and found one for 1,800. Pricey!!! They get married May 16 in the SLC temple.

We are celebrating Thelda's 90th today. Her bday is Thursday. A lot of oldies around here ha ha.

Ya last Sunday was cool with Elder Cook. He had such an awesome spirit about him! He bore testimony that he has heard the Lords voice so that's amazing!! Dad and I saw Alex Watts, Million and Wateen home from their missions. They all asked about you.

How was your week? Did all your sickies get better so you could baptize them? I sure hope so. I want to hear all about it...

Alex Coombs wanted me to tell you hello. Saw him at Lees last night. He gave me a hug I was surprised ha ha.

Colleen treatment Auntie wants to come visit you. Would you want that? I know it's probably against the rules but it might soften her up a little towards the gospel seeing you and your comp in your glory. She'd probably bring Kissy and Nicole with her. Idk I didn't really know what to tell her.

Hannah decided she want to try out for cheer. Tryouts are next month. Some of those jr and sr girls are so jealous of Hannah! Kinda rude to her. Hannah handles it well though!

I'm looking outside right now and we have no snow. So weird! The boys were out riding scooters yesterday.

I love you so very much! So proud of all you are doing!! You are a total stud Elder Fife! Miss you XoXoXoX a Momma.

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ElderTugbe gets punched in the face

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Christian Fife<>
Date: Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 11:40 AM
Subject: Re: Uh Oh
To: Joseph Fife <>

This week has been absolutely crazy... the most insane things have happened... 
Elder Tugbe and I were street contacting and this guy came up to us and wanted money for gas we told him we didn't have any his friend pulled up in an audi behind us i knew that something wasn't right.. he then started getting really angry with us and said if we didn't go the other way he would punch us in the face and without hesitation he punched elder tugbe  in the face way hard and started walking away. I was about to blind side punch him in the face but then i felt a strong prompting not to do anything. i didn't and then all a sudden it was over and they sped off. i tried to take a picture of the license plate but it didn't work because the phones we have are awful. I called president right after and he said that it was the spirit protecting us from potential danger because he could've been gang affiliated and had a weapon of some sort. But the natural man really makes you feel like a coward for not sticking up for your companion but looking back i know it was the right thing to do. Tell the fam if u want haha don't want mom to stress about nothing... but yeah tugbe when he was in Africa was in lots of street fights because the whole country was at war he said he has had to kill people before to protect his friends and family so he was shocked that he didn't fight back either it was def the spirit of the lord protecting us from danger even though he did get socked in the face. But the most touching part to me is right after it all happened elder tugbe with a huge swollen eye looks up at me and says that he hopes we see that guy again so he can give him the 10 dollars he asked for. Elder tugbe is a true disciple of the lord and a great example to me and the other missionaries out here.

On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 8:32 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
Hey Son you are probably going to have to do some serious comforting for the downtrodden Seahawks fans.   
Oh man are the people gonna be bumed after they choked the Superbowl?  They had it in the bag.  I hope they will still be nice to you.  Oh well the bigger picture is what you got for them.  
Good week with your gators?  Hopefully they are feeling better and got baptized on Saturday.  Did I read right that you guys have like 15 people on date for tism?  That is crazy awesome!!  That is like South America!  You guys must be working super hard and calling down Heaven's Power.  Awesome.  
We had Theldas 90th Birthday celebration.  It was nice.  We have had a really bizarre January it has been super warm like mid 40 all month.  Kinda trippy, no snow. I have been able to bust out Bullet and cruise around the hood any time.  
So last week I think we told you about Elder Cook coming to USU.  At the little talk and meal before hand it was cool to see him up close and personal.  I went to bathroom and there was one other person in there.  Yup Elder Cook he was coming for the sink to wash up while I was just coming in.  I was like now way here is my chance to shake shanks with an Apostle but it was like NOOO.  Just my luck first chance to shake hands with an Apostle and I get bathroom denied.  I should have just hovered and waited for the washing to complete. Oh well.  

He gave an awesome message and I was touched at end of his talk when he mentioned his bathroom buddy.  Just joshing.  

He did say as he concluded that He knows the Savior's Voice.  That was neat to hear and feel the truth of his words. Gospel is True.  Love you so much Son.  Gotta go do the stuff.  

Loves so much Son.  


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Beautiful place

Robin gets baptized

Biker Elder

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mom & Elder Fife

We are emailing today because of the holiday. it sounds like you have had an awesome week!! That sounds like a fun/ miserable day to me.. haha sounds like the boys enjoyed it though. Powder mountain? wow that's a really nice resort i bet that's going to be a blast. If its snowing though i hear its a really scary drive. Ill have to teach yall a thing or two.. haha no they will probably be better than me when i get back.. 
Yeah cade was telling me about his game sounds like he did awesome!! Im really sad for skyler though why the heck did he come back makes me sad and kinda mad cuz i know if he would've just waited a little longer he could have made it. but yeah hopefully he stays active and nobody is mean to him about it. Chase says hes doing great just the usual chase.. haha Yeah you should go you and chandlers mom are pretty good friends right? Yeah i was looking back yesterday and it has flown by for me i am almost a quarter of the way through it. 
That guy looks like a bachelor what position does he play tell him to save me a spot on the team for when i get back! haha really wish i would've hit up the workouts everymorning and tried harder i feel like a failure in football i could have done so much better i don't like being the honorable mention but whatevs past is the past. same with basketball though makes me mad sometimes. 
Thanks for sending that stuff:) this weekend we are having 2 baptisms we are really excited for that we have had a drought i will make sure to send pics!! thanks for being the best momma ever loves so much
Elder FIfe

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 6:11 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son!
How are you? Hope you had an awesome week! The boys and I had fun skiing on Friday. Marci, kimball and Cardon drove up with us. Marci hadn't skied in 20 years and it was Cards first time. I helped cards for a bit at first. Then took off with the boys for the rest of the day. It was a blizzard but we made the best of it and enjoyed the fresh powder. We are actually heading up tomorrow to Powder Mountain. The boys are pretty good! They will be ready for you when you get back.
Cade had his first rec b ball game yesterday. Cade played Tate Petersen for his second game and Skylar came walking in. That was kind of a shock! I didn't talk to him but dad did. Hope he can move on and make the best of it. How's Chase doing? We got an invite in the mail for Chandler Reeds farewell. January 25. So we will try to go they invited us to the luncheon after. That's nice. 5 months on Tuesday wow has that gone by fast? The first 3 months dragged for me but the last 2 have gone quicker probably with getting ready for Christmas and stuff.
Boo is dating a stud!! They are talking about getting married this summer. He served his mission in Arkansas. They never met there but got set up in October and he went to Arkansas before Christmas and met the Fifes. They came for dinner today. Dad is wishing Haley could find someone more like that but it's not our choice. McKay is growing on us though. Boos dudes name is Taylor. He plays football for U of U. He's only 5'11 but super built guy. I'm happy for Boo.
I got u some hair stuff vitamins etc. follow the directions on the packages. I will mail it on Tuesday so look for it this week.
I love you Elder Fife!!! XoXoXoX miss you keep rockin the great Northwest! ️Loves Mom

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January 26, 2015

Loving every minute

Dad, the week was really good Darla and Robin didn't get dunked only because there is a fever going on around here and everyone seems to have it they both had high fevers but are planning on getting baptized this weekend as well as lyle. We took him to a baptism just to show him what is was like and he loved it. One of the sister missionaries asked him when he was getting baptized and he said "next week im pretty sure" so that was pretty cool he just has to quit smoking.
That's super cool you guys get to meet elder cook!! Elder Christopherson came to a stake conference in Olympia and all the missionaries in that zone got to meet him and stuff so im really jealous. And 4 or 5 months ago elder oaks came to give his son or nephew something like that the priesthood and lots of missionaries got to meet him I hope I get to meet one here soon.
We are basically half way through transfers today but the 2nd half always goes by extremely quick. It has been pretty wild up here with the back to back super bowl attendance people are crazy. haha
We were street contacting the other day around this big mini mall type thing and we passed this weed shop, they are everywhere around here, but anyways this dude came out with like 4 big ole plants of weed so that was interesting to see. haha crazy how that's legal...
Byu Hawaii huh? that's really cool!! how long would you be there if you got the job or whatever? yeah that would be weird not going home to cache valley when I get home... but I think it would be awesome to live there. go to the beach erryday and stuff would be awesome. Seems like you would have to get paid like 7 mil if you wanted to survive there though.
Tons of people have been to the same places we went to in Hawaii so its fun to have something in common and reminisce.
How did you like skiing? it looked so fun:)
The mission has been great loving every minute of it. Im pretty sure I will be leaving this transfer but its okay ive been here long enough.. Oh yeah we have 11 people that have a date to be baptized on so that's cool we are excited. Tugbe doesn't really let anything bother him he just laughes it all off. hes a great guy.
Love ya so much pops have a wonderful day.
Elder Fife