Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mom and son

Mom, I love you much!!! it was my favorite present to see you and i got some pretty awesome gifts as well like i can live off of beef jerky and pistachios for a month!! haha 
The Boazs again werent they just over there for thanksgiving? is Austing still livijng in new york? 

24 years wow!! that is a quite the amount of time!! exceeds my lifetime.. obvi lol Yall are probs skiing right now that sounds like the dream in all of that fresh snow!!

love you so much momma nothing really happend this week... christmas kinda caused the work to be slow but next week we should be having some miracles!!! loves
Elder Fife

On Sun, Dec 27, 2015 at 6:59 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
So so so great to Skype with you on Christmas!! The best present I received, and I got some great gifts...

We had the Boaz's here for church and dinner. Austin came and brought his 5 year old Evan. It was good to see them had not seen them for a long time. They say Hi.

It's Dad and my 24th anniversary today. It's crazy to think I've been married longer than not married. Time flys when you have a great life :) best decision I ever made.

We have one more week of Christmas break. Dad goes back to school tomorrow. The boys and I are going skiing Tuesday. I hope we don't freeze its really cold right now!!

So fun to talk with you and see you evolving into such a force in the world and in the mission field. You are on a grand adventure. It's awesome to be on this journey with you keep killin it son!  I love you all my love to you Momma

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