Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 16, 2016 best reunion

Last email

I cant believe I go home tomorrow.. i feel President Blatter is going to start handing me my plane ticket and then pull it back and say sike.... lol 2 years has gone by so fast.. I am so grateful for the time ive had to serve Christ. I went to the temple on friday and it felt so good to ponder and reflect on my mission, I felt the lord was proud of me for my work. Ended the mish with a splash too:) Veronica got baptized. It was such a spiritual baptism, she was in tears after her confirmation and told us she felt so pure and happy. Nothing feels better than helping someone on their path of redemption. Christ is my savior, I love him and will serve him to the end. I love you all see you tomorrow.
Elder Fife

Monday, August 8, 2016

See ya next week

Hey, we have a baptism this next week. 
Veronica is awesome! Lance Malmberg married veronica in mexico brought her back and ever since then we have been teaching her. She read the Book of Mormon already and has read all of the pamphlets. She is way elect. She is probably going to be baptized in American lake so that will be sweet.

This is the last week of my mission..... i cant believe it. I am excited to see all of you soon. tuesday at 1;10 am is when I arrive.... from what ive heard.. crazyyyyy 

love you all
ELder Fife

Dad and Bud

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From: Christian Fife <>
Date: August 8, 2016 at 11:50:10 AM MDT
To: Dad <>
Subject: Re: Plenty of time

Dad, you always have way good insights. Jesus last week was epic! he will provide me with a great week. 

there is a recent convert in our ward he was baptized in january he is way cool plays rugby on the army team. He was super devote catholic and his wife converted him:) his wife bore such a powerful testimony yesterday! She was super sick at the temple doing baptisms for the dead and her husband took her to the hospital and before they went in he asked her if she wanted a blessing (he was recently ordained) The spirit just hit me way strong. I feel too often testimonies arent from the heart here in washington at least.Everyone just has story time for ike 5 min...  Her testimony was so sincere and heartfelt it was awesome!

Good luck to the logan!!! good for him:)

got a final baptism next week and it might be in a lake.. that would be sweetness i remember when you told me about your tism in the ocean and you didnt wear shoes.. got all cut up.. dang

I am excited to see the family!!! i love you pops!!! see ya next week

On Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 9:50 AM,  <>wrote:
Hey Son.

Still got over a week to save Gods children in WA Tac. Look what Jesus did in the last week of his life. A ton of good can happen in a week. I am sure you will lay it down for this last big push.

Logan is heading  out Wednesday and I think uncle Jimmy is feeling that heavy but happy heart. I know that seeing you has given him great hope and encouragement. I know it was a huge blessing for Logan.

I was eating lunch with a buddy and old Hayden Clegg comes walking in and came over to talk to me. Seems like he is doing good. I love that you will come home and get right into school. We must be anxiously engaged in a good cause. Down time is often the Devils time to try and wreck us. I don't know anyone who fades away when they are anxiously engaged in the gospel of Christ.

I hope and pray this week will be a wonderful conclusion for a powerful missionary who has laid it all on the alter. I know you have given your all to the Lord. The Lord will let you know this week that he is pleased with your offering. Well done thou good and faithful servant there is a place prepared for you in the mansions of my Father.

I love you with all my heart. My heart leaps with joy concerning your mission and the blessings you have experienced.



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Last week

Mom, I will see you in a week... pretty crazy... next email session will be weird hahaha 
I feel excited to come home. I have worked my hardest it will be good to start the next part of life.
I am still nervous and will miss the mission a ton and I bet i will feel lost for awhile but thats just life

Did jack serve a full mission or go home early?

That will be a hard day getting released... 

I get home for like the last week of the Olympics right?

dang i thought it was gonna be the sunday after I get home.. 27th works tho no problem

im probably going ot just leave a ton of stuff here give it to other missionaries.. I may need you to send me some money for the way home just in case cuz i dont have any money from the mish

the baptism didn't work out last week. but its really solid for this weekend. she speaks hardly any English so its kinda hard to communicate i should've studied harder in Spanish class

this week was lots of hard work the weather cooled down quite a bit so it was nice. we knocked lots and didnt see much fruit but we found a kid named talan who ran at nationals with conner mantz. His dad is a member and talan is visiting from utah. His parents got a divorce and his mom is anti he wants to be baptized so imma probably baptize him when i get home. that will be cool!! 

i go to the temple for my final temple trip on friday.l have my final interview with president blatter tomorrow final zone meeting wednesday its gonna be a fun busy week. loves with all my heart 
cant wait to see ya momma

On Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 7:08 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
I can hardly stand it!!! You're to your second to the last p-day. How you feeling about coming home? We are over the moon excited! But can you still email me once a week haha I guess even better you can talk to me in person.  Saw Jack Godfrey today. He had his girlfriend at church with him. Dad gave a powerful testimony today it's always good.

Dad is talking to Present O right now about your release. I hope you won't be too bummed taking off that badge. I'm sure it will be a hard and emotional thing to do. You've done us so proud and you are returning with honor plus much more!!

The summer Olympics just started. Remember when you'd  say mom who took the Bronn? So cute...

How's this week gone? I'm excited to hear about the baptism from last week.

We had Logan and family over for the last Sunday dinner together. He leaves  Wednesday for the Provo MTC.

Yesterday we participated in a softball fundraiser for a little girl in our ward that had heart surgery and will most likely need a heart transplant in the future. Her dad is self employed and they have a huge amount of medical bills. It was Dad cole Cade Hannah kimball and me plus some other peeps we didn't know. We made it to the championship game and lost 12-8. We played 5 total games. It was fun we wished you could of been with us. They raised lots of money for the family. Felt good to help and serve. Our ward has changed a ton. Lots of new people!!

Your homecoming is August 27.Not sure if you knew that??

Leave or give away things you can't fit or don't want. Or mail a box home. What do you think?

I hope you had a great week and this next week will be productive and successful. I'm sure you've been able to stay focused you're my son!!

I love you so much my son!!! All my love Momma

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Nitty gritty

sorry im not going to be able to email lots today I am emailing supe back and forth. He wants to go home and he is saying he doesnt believe and all this stuff.. I feel if i keep emailing him he will stay out for at least another transfer

i would love to go to new york that would be sweeet

i know beverly taylor they seem nice they want me to come over sometime this week. 

I think that would be awesome to come back up and visit!!!
I love you so much mom!!!!!!! I loved reading your email and hearing from you. I always do. sorry for my lame email. back loves so much!!!!!!

On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 11:04 AM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
We are definitely getting down to the nitty gritty! Elder Andrus reported today. He did a great job. So great you got to meet up with Logan do some missionary work. Also that you got to see uncle jimmy. They said you are killin it. I was 5 miles from you seeing all those Tacoma signs was way way weird!!

Supes mom called. Asked me if you'd write him a letter of encouragement. He's struggling doesn't feel prepared and doesn't know if he wants to stay out, super homesick. He looks up to you I bet your words could help him lots!

Heyy I know this is the last thing on your mind but I was wondering if we could pull it off. Would you want to go to NYC in September over Labor Day?? Haley and Mckay want us to come before they leave at the end of September. Gotta look into flights if that's something you want to do.

Have you met a lady in your ward named Beverly Taylor? She was in my ward growing up.

Pres Blatter told Jim you are amongst the best missionary they have ever had!!! wowzers how truest awesome is that?? When did it all click for you?? I'm sure you've had your struggles and moments but I feel like you have embraced the mission wholeheartedly. I feel like your mission experience couldn't even have been better. What a blessing and a gift you are! So proud of you son!!

We have one more swim session starting tomorrow. I'm over full with a waiting list. Pray it goes wellπŸ™πŸ½ we're teaching a man in our ward that serves with dad in the yms how to swim. Yikes!!πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

We had an awesome fishing trip and visit toSeattle and Gig. I forget how beautiful it is. I was so blessed to grow up there. The weather was so beautiful even hit!! How I love the Luger sound. We'll have to go visit next summer meet all your people.

Love you so so much son!! All my love MommaπŸ’•

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Logan & jimmy visit Wa-Tac

Way good week:)

It was way sweet to have Logan Fife come and knock 5-7s it was killa. He did way good:) he didn't seem nervous at all and he testified with power! He is going to be a great missionary. I am excited to hear about the many miracles he will see. 

When I saw logan and Jimmy pull around the corner into my apartment complex i felt way excited. It felt so weird seeing them... but it was the coolest thing:) we had a way good time together except for my neighbor getting a lil salty at jimmy for parking in her spot... once i saw them the 2 years i didnt see them for suddenly went away.. It seemed as if I saw them just a couple weeks ago. So many fun memories rushed through my mind thinking about the times I was with them.

This week we got a baptism:) will tell you the story next week dont got enough time loves

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

3 weeks leftπŸŽ‰πŸ™πŸ½

This was a way good week. highlights

We had a lesson with a Part member family. Dad is not a member and is pretty hard hearted. We felt impressed to have a kneeling prayer. After the prayer we all sat in silence for for about a minute. Afterwards he said he felt passion and peace. He then said he felt like he wanted to be baptized but he wanted to wait until September. I was pretty dang shocked... but September is way too far out. im finna be home then.. We tried to convince him to do it sooner but he was way set on it. We are going to teach the lessons and we feel the spirit will convince him to be baptized sooner.

Savannah Maee and Shannell ( recent converts from mountain view) went to girls camp last week and absolutely loved it!! Savannah is thinking about serving a mission. way cool

John travina. We found him knocking. Hes the one that came to the baptism and thought it was awesome. At our lesson Saturday night. He told us he looked through the peep hole when we knocked and he really didn't want to open but he felt a super strong feeling to open. He told us he now knows why. It was way cool. He came to church and is one date to be baptized next week. 

We had a church tour with a legit anti Christ this week too. He tried to anti us and bash us but we were like bruh we dont got time for you and kicked him out of the church lol

I love the watac!!! much love
Elder Fife

Week 2 Steilacoom

Mom, the new ward is good. they dont like to feed us very much though.. bike is pretty exausting and we work hard all day long so it is great for sleeping!! I got the package yesterday and started to use the face stuff. thanks very much

Glad the funeral was good. I was thinking about you guys on Saturday lots. DId haley not make it?

Grandpa is truly incredible what 90 year old man brakes his back and just walks off like nothing? lol i love me some salmon that will be a good welcome home meal. I truly cant believe that is only 4 weeks away.. less than a month it has flown by!! haha hopefully you dont think im a loser... lol

Sad about grandma though. not really much you can do about dementia... 

im going to send a big email with more details about the area. I love you momma. Hope you have a wonderful week. 

On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 12:48 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
How's the new area treating you? Ward? Comp? Town? Bike? I hope it's all awesome!

We had the funeral yesterday it was emotional at times but super uplifting, comforting and I felt the spirit super strong. Dad bore a powerful testimony. We have a dvd of the funeral. Should I send it to you? It's about an hour long.

Finished up the second session of swim lessons. We have one more in August. It's been rewarding but it takes a lot of energy.

My dad came home Friday night. He's doing good so we are going on the fishing trip we leave Tuesday. I'll catch a nice salmon for you and we can cook it up and eat together in 4 weeks. cRAZy!! How you feeling about everything? It will be great to have you back hopefully you won't think we are too big of loser. Just whip us into shape. Haha

It's been a challenging and stressful week but made it through it. My mom is lost without Olaf. Sharon and I had to be with her all the time my dad was in the hospital. She kept forgetting where he was. Super exhausting to be around that. I love her and want to honor her but ya know...

Keep doing you Elder Fife. I love you so much!!  Momma

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This was a way good week. We have been doing tons of finding. I got to Steilacoom on Tuesday and there was literally nothing going on. Kinda wondering what they were doing before I got there. We have been knocking lots and trying to get referrals from the members. 

Knocking this week we found a dude named John. He is in the military. (we live right next to the base jblm) He said he got baptized while he was in boot camp and that was when he decided to follow Christ. He was raised in a Spanish Pentecostal church but he didn't speak any spanish.. 

The next day we were trying to get someone to go to a baptism at our church. Elder Holland said that 80% of investigators who attend a baptism service will attend their own. The baptism started at 7:30 and it was 7... we called john and he said he wanted to go but he was at work. He told us he was going to ask his sergeant if he could leave early. He called us back at 8 and told us that his sergeant allowed him to leave early.. We were like dang well the baptism is probably over but we will just go anyways... We were like a mile away so we hauled lance armstrong style up to the church. When we got to the church the baptism was just barely starting.. straight miracle the person being baptized showed up late. John told us after that he felt an overwhelming feeling that he needed to go to the baptism. He told us that the baptism was amazing and he wanted to learn more. It was way sweet. We worked so hard this last week and to end the week off with a miracle like that just made it all worth it. I feel that is how the end of this mortal life is like. The atonement makes everything unfair in life fair. The blessings we have been promised when we die make everything worth it. I love this work. I know I will see success because the almighty God is on my side. I love you all. Elder Fife

Sunday, July 10, 2016

4 converts baptized

More from sister Blatter❤️

Yes the pictures are awesome and being with this many missionaries at the baptism was a thrilling experience. They are all so very good but I am not just saying it when I say that Elder Fife is truly one-of-a-kind, very special  and one of our very best missionaries ever. Thank you for raising such a sweet young man!

Words from Sister Blatter

We saw Elder Fife tonight at a baptism of four of his new converts. πŸ‘ It was a great spiritual experience for all. We talked to him afterwards about the passing of his grandfather and he took it very well and he said he was surprised that he made it this long and he was happy that he's now with his wife who passed away 10 years ago. He surely is the best elder ever and we love him so much!! πŸ€—❤️

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Elder Fife& Burton 4th JulyπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Transfer Saturday

we get transfer call this saturday!!!! i go home a week early so next transfer will only be 5 weeks... sad about grandpa:( dads email was like the saddest thing ever... il lpray for you guys!!!
we havent gone back to butches house... wer have been texting his daughter and she wants to wait for her boyfriend to come so she can take the lessons... we will stop back by this week. We tried a couple times but nobody answered. 

We had a mission party for the 4th it was pretty fun had some burritos and played with water balloons and a game called signs it was fun. 

That were cool pics all of you are way good lookin!!! 

haha logans part of the g club hahaha thats way funny

it seems so weird to say i go home next month.... i cant believe it. cant wait to give you a big hug loves with all my heart momma

On Sun, Jul 3, 2016 at 2:05 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
So when are transfers? We are driving home from our trip right now. Grandpa is not expected to hold on much longer. Dad and jimmy want to make it back before he passes.  Dad wants to give him a blessing. I'm praying we do we are 3 hours away still. I know it's time and he's going to be out of pain. It's still sad... We'll let you know.

How's the missionary work been this week? Did you go back to Butch's house?

What did you do for excitement for the 4th?

The second session of swim lessons starts Tuesday. Hoping it goes as good as the first one.

We went to the Temple in San Diego with Logan last week. It was a nice session. He's part of the G club now.

Ken and Skylar are talking married already possibly October. You'll be home who hoo!!

I love you so much and am so proud of you!! Can't believe I get to squeeze you next month!! How you feeling about coming home?

All my love to you Momma❤️

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6 weeks left

Only have 6 weeks left.. It is going to fly by 

Elder Burton is pretty jealous Im going home... haha cant believe hes already been out for 3 months... Time is one of the Greatest gifts God has given and it goes by so fast. 

This week was killer. We finally convinced the mom of the Haro family to let her kids get baptized:) I was working with them a year ago and baptized their aunt savannah. I then got transferred they moved into mountain view area we found them again now we gonna baptize them. We taught the restoration to the less active father and he told us he still wants to live in the world... He loves drinking and smoking. We read him Alma 34 and told him he shouldn't procrastinate the day of his repentance. We were pretty bold with him hopefully he wakes up

We also have been working with the wellington family. Darrel is a 9 year old kid he has like elder siblings and they are all inactive. Ward told us to go baptize Darrell and try and get the family active. They live on a compound its crazy. Darrell and his sister wouldn't wake up for church this Sunday so they couldn't get baptized. We went over later that day and Darrel apologized to us and said he wouldn't sleep in again:) hopefully we baptize them next week. 

Yesterday our stake president had a 3 on 3 basketball tournament at his house. It was way sweet. Tons of people showed up and there was way good competition. It was way fun:)

One of the greatest lessons i have learned and continue to learn is how to bring joy into my life from the blessings of the Atonement. I have focused lately on praying until I feel something. At baptism I made a covenant with God to keep his commandments. God promised to give me his spirit. I keep the commandments so he is going to give me the spirit if i seek it. Prayer is the best way to seek it. As I do this i desire change and change requites help from Christ and his Atonement:)

I love missionary work. I love the WA-TAC
Elder Fife

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Bud meets Butch

Mom, This was a good week. Got the package:) the razor works really well. I have started putting the face stuff on havent seen any difference yet just takes some time im sure. Crazy Austin is home good for him I bet he gets married way quick. 

The work was good I met your friend Butch that was way crazy. We were knocking on doors and his daughter had just pulled up and looked way excited to see us.. I guess she is dating a mormon she invited us in and we talked to her and her dad and after a couple minutes we put it all together and he started facebook messaging you.. haha it was funny. We tried to set up appointments with them but they arent responding to our texts. we are probably gonna go visit them this week and share some of the word. Butch really didnt seem all that interested he is the go to church on christmas kinda guy lol

The watac has been awesome it really has. I think I am going to request to serve in cresent valley ward. It will be a way cool experience ill have to go take pics by your old house and stuff it will be awesome:)

glad haley is with yall thats good:)

My testimony is really growing lately too. I feel so grateful and lots of love for the individuals ive gotten to be around. I love my mission. I love you mom. I hope you have a good rest of the day and trip:) loves

On Sun, Jun 26, 2016 at 7:03 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Hi there my son!

I hope you had a good week. We are on our annual San Diego trip with the Fife's. It still feels strange you aren't here but you will be soon. It's crazy how close its getting. You don't seem trunky though. Your buddy Austin got home. 2 years ago you hurt your knee. How was the missionary work this week? It's been a good journey the wa~tac has definitely been awesome to you and for you. It's been wonderful to see how that's been the perfect place for you!! I'm also excited for your journey ahead.

Haley flew in to Diego today she got emotional so we did. It's been hard for her being so far away. I've felt like I've had two kids on missions. It's a weird thing I've never gotten use to not making sandwiches for you on trips. Haha

You are rockin it son!! I love you so much!!

Have a great Pday and awesome week. All my love to you Momma
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Big hug

Knocking doors this week we found a family I had previously worked with in Allenmore(Samoan). The Dad is a member mom is not 3 unbaptized children Nunu randy and Austin. I baptized Savannah their aunt who doesnt live with them but visits on the weekends. Shortly after Savannah was baptized she moved and went inactive:( On saturday we went to visit them and savannah was there. We were just chillin downstairs with the kids and she came running down the stairs as she got near i held my hand up to give her an awkward wow havent seen you for a year high five.. missionary probs lol and she just about took me out and gave me a huge hug. I was way happy to see her. She said she was still thinking about serving a mission.. Way exciting to hear even after a year of inactivity she still has desire to share:) we are going to work with her to get the rest of the family baptized.:)

Tracting describes this week pretty good:) Went to zions camp with half the mission on Wednesday it was way fun! check out the blog for pics

Love you all 
Elder Fife

Monday, June 13, 2016

Bringing gangsters to church

We brought a former gangster to church his name is Gee Gee. He is an author of two books and talks about all his sin and how he is changing into a man of God. He shortly went to jail after his books were published... its a work in progress.. haha We were praying there would be some black people at church so he would feel comfortable... it was one of his concerns. hahaha God answers all types of prayers.. I walked into church and to my surprise I see an African family taking up an entire pew. I found out they were from Nigeria and were visiting their less active uncle before they drove up to salt lake city so Brother Aliche could get set apart as a mission president presiding over a new mission in Africa. 
Gee is on house arrest and he got permission to come. He seemed to like it will let you know next week how he is progressing

Got the real old lady to church again on sunday. She stayed for gospel principals this time and loved it. As she was leaving early from gospel principals she said she was so happy when she came to church here and has never felt so special. It was way sweet:)

lots of knocking this week... love you all 
Elder Fife

wonder what race of person is living in this egg roll basket house? lol

Mom and son

Mom, Probably was the most challenging of my mission but it wasn't really that bad... So my mission is going pretty good if that's the worst thing that has happened..

Glad the swimming lessons went well. I was worried yall were gonna have like 40 kids in the pool at once. How many days a week is it? That sounds way cool with the handy cap kid too. Seems like yall are having great experiences. Who would've thought that would've happened doing swimming lessons?

Sad about grandpa. I feel bad for the guy too. makes me sad

Cade is crazy glad he is okay. I hear when you crash and your helmet is involved you are supposed to through it away and get a new one because it could have damage and isn't as safe.


I feel like Gig harbor will be a good place for me. I want to go and work hard because the missionaries over there now aren't the greatest. and it will be cool to be where you used to duty bop around and stuff :)

I kinda want one of those buzzer razors like the 3 prong face shavers things. you know what im talking about? ive been getting tons more facial hair and I definetly need to shave everyday and razors are way expensive. maybe check ross or tj? im not sure I don't need nothing too fancy or expensive maybe even one of dads old ones it don't matter to me. 

My week has been pretty good ill give more details in a bigger email. loves so much
Elder Fife

On Sun, Jun 12, 2016 at 3:14 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
I'm sorry you had a challenging week last week! I know we have challenges to help us grow and it seems like you learned from this challenge and you are moving on and not letting it hug you anymore. Some people are mean and insensitive. Was that your most challenging week so far on the mission??

Swimming lessons went well! We teach 9 classes. It's a long day. Start at 9:20 and go til 3:30. It's a long day in the pool. The kids seem to really like it so far. Hannah and I taught a private lesson to a special needs boy. He's 11 and has no use of his legs. It was a spiritual experience for me and Hannah. He is the sweetest boy and his dream is to swim in the deep end with no floaties!! I taught him in one one session to breast stroke with his arms and move his upper legs. We played basketball and he made six shots in a row. He told his mom he loved swimming lessons so much and asked everyday when he can come back. Warms my heart. He had such a sweet spirit about him.

We are visiting Gpa Marlin and Thelda right now. Gpa is not doing good. Feel so sorry for him.

Cade rolled the 4-wheeler down SV hill. He had a buddy on back. 4-wheeler is totaled. I'm so grateful he was wearing his helmet the wheeler hit him in the head and he has tire tracks on his jacket. He got a slight concussion and is doing fine. Dad is going on high adventure to the Moab river tomorrow. Logan, Hunter Logan's friend are going.

I'm sending you some skin stuff tomorrow. Vitamin E oil put it on at night. Do you have any other requests?

As far as the Gig Harbor situation. I'm torn when you got called there I was certain you'd go there that was part of the reason you got called there. I don't get the feeling yes or no when I pray. What feelings are you getting? I won't be disappointed if you don't go. The Lord will direct you and the President. I'll keep pondering and praying.  Did you ask to go back to Lakewood?

I hope you've had an awesome week!! I love you so much!! Momma

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Hard week last week

48 students? dang all at the same time? thats crazy how will they all fit in the pool at once? 
That is really cool though im excited for you seems like that will be really fun. Seems like you cant get away from the little kids though.. hahah in the school year pe now swimming lessons. Youre gonna be a good grandma. lol 

Things will always go well when you fast and pray. I fasted and prayed yesterday and I already see the hand of the lord in my life. Good luck today!! i love you momma

Are the fifes just gonna through all their stuff in storage? dang sounds crazy!! 

Summer workouts i kinda remember those.. haha i sluffed them all though.. Hope they work way hard hannah has the chance to play college sports if she works hard now. I hope cade works hard too if i were him i would work my tail off. 

Thats kinda funny cade has a girly friend... lol

Ill work on him hard when i get home. we will get him out of his shell.

This week was hard... ill spare you the details but someone i baptized texted me and said probably the rudest thing someone has ever told me... Hurt my feelings way bad. The coolest part of it all is I dont dislike him at all. I still love him with all my heart. I hope he will turn around and come back to God.

Sorry about the downer.. haha im not sad about it anymore it was a really good learning experience for me. I will now be able to relate to people better when they are going through hard times. IT was a faith building experience. 

I love you mom, Elder Fife

On Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 10:39 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
I hope you've had a super week!     I'm a bit stressed right now. My first day of swimming lessons is tomorrow . I have 48 students coming yikes!! I fasted things would go well now I have to have faith. The Fife's are all here with all their stuff lots and lots of stuff.

Cade and Hannah start summer workouts tomorrow morning. I hope Cade can earn a good spot on the team. I'm skittle worried about him. He's so quiet doesn't share feelings not sure what he's thinking or doing. He has a girl he likes and she seems to like him. Totally blindsided me. I see glimpses of Cade but 14 is a hard age.

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Helping old ladies

Friday we were driving home after a long day. On a busy intersection we saw this old lady with a walker and bags and bags of groceries attached struggling to get up the curb. It was 9:00 P.M. and raining pretty good. We parked the car quick and ran to help her but it was too late..... lol just kidding!! we went and helped her up the curb. Elder Burton grabbed her cart and I took the 83 year old tiny lady by the arm and we walked her half a mile back to her retirement home. It took a solid 30 minutes in the rain getting her there...she was way slow. She is a super sweet lady and we got her to church this Sunday. She loved it and is way excited to start going every week. 

These pics are just some of our homies. they are way cute:)

We are tryin way hard to get some tisms 

love you all 
Elder  Fife

Friday, June 3, 2016

Staying in Tacoma with Elder Burton

Sweettt!! congrats to cole on the priesthood!!! Good for Mary too thats sweet. what about denise? Sounds like lots of fun.

The blatters got here 6 weeks before I got here. So they will have a year after I go home. They are from the bay area. Loaded people lol

The work was better this week. We needed to face a little bit of opposition so God could make us happier when we had success. We found 2 really solid baptism potentials yesterday. we are excited about it. 

I finally feel like i have started to figure out my skin.. seems like ever since sophmore year i had zits and couldnt get rid of them... i had a pretty bad breakout last transfer it was way annoying... my face is slowly healing up.. and because i got to shave everyday when i had zits it would rip them off and now it caused some scars... you know if i could get anything to help with that? 

Anyways, we had a good week. The weeks seem to go by really quick I only have 11 left... crazy to me. austin and hayden get home in june... sounds really cray

hope you have a wonderful week momma!! summmemeerererer thats sweet. loves

On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 8:19 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Hi son
We had a great day! Cole got the priesthood it was special. Jim and Jimmy came and my parents. Sharon, Ken and Bergs are driving here crazy!!  Mary got married on Saturday in the Ogden temple it was fun to go check that temple out. It's newly redone it's beautiful!! They didn't have a reception only a luncheon. It was good food and a fun atmosphere at an Italian restaurant.

When do the Blotters finish being mission presidents? Where are they from?

How's the missionary work this week? Hopefully good! You and Burton killing it, I'm sure you are.

Sheri Egberts mom passed away this week. More and more people my age are losing their parents. It's sad but a blessing if they are sick. Marci also list her mom but I think I told you that.

2 more days of school. Yippee!!

We went to Grandma Merle's grave today. She has been passed away for almost 16 years.

Hope you are doing great and the wa- tac is treating you right. We met a girl in Ogden who served in your mission she also loved it!!

I love you my son!! Momma

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cole and big bro

Cole, hope you had a happy birthday my man. Heard you were sick and feelin crazy.. lol thats funny mom said you said some funny stuff. Cant wait to watch you get your wisdom teeth out when youre on that crazy medication.. lol 

I miss you lots brother cole hope you have a good day and week enjoy the last days :) loves

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 8:23 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Hey what's up hello what are u up to and that is really cool that I was your first baptized soul person and now u have baptized all of these people that u love all a lot but I love u more hehe πŸ˜˜πŸ’™ I love u lots bud

   GOOD NIGHT AND BIG BALLS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜¬πŸ’™

Joe and Son

chillin in the celestial room had it confirmed that i should work in the temple @ home. Im excited for that. I really hope i will be able too with it being a college town and all. hopefully they have spots open. Might have to go to Brigham.. who knows.

Im excited to be with them boys at home. We will have lots of fun together. They email me every week always say sincere words. haha good boys. 

Crazy mom gots my flight plan. I remember elders saying they had their flight plan and it was crazy to think about. Now its my turn... i only have 2 transfers left 12 weeks... that will fly by this last transfer flew by 

This week missionary work seemed really slow. We are working really hard and not seeing the fruit we feel we deserve. Going to seek the spirit to improve our planning sessions so we will be at the right place at the right time. 

just here emailing a member called us and told us about twins who may need to be baptized so we are excited to follow up with that one. 

biggest bummer this last week to we got a referral from the church it got sent to our phone. it was a 9 year old kid that had just moved in with his member mom and he wanted to be baptized. we go talk to charlie the 9 year old and he said he wanted to be baptized. his mom was busy so couldnt come talk to us. we went back the next day and his mom said that he got baptized a month ago... hahaha such a bummer

Excited to be around the tute pops. have to eat beam and do some push ups in your office lol


On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 7:01 PM,  <>wrote:
That was a very happy surprise to get my own letter from you. Made the day after my birthday very special. I loved your letter!  I love your plan and know you can and will succeed at what ever you set your mind to that accords with the Lords Will. You will be a huge blessing to the Lords Kingdom post mission. I am super excited to get some reinforcements with these boys. I love them to pieces but I would love to get them more spiritually minded. I know they are still just little but not that little. Me and Mom have had some tough times trying to get Cade motivated.

Mom has been showing me some fun pics of you going to the Temple with the mission. Looks like you are having awesome times. I will be happy to get some high lights tomorrow. That little Reagan sister missionary in my class seems really nice. She was excited to make the connection. She seems to have Wa Tac pride.

I can't wait to see your face around USU and the Tute. There will be many lives for you to bless here too. I love what you said. No time to get fat and lazy post mission there is so much to do to be anxiously engaged and do much righteousness.

Keep on rockin and lovin every moment. I love you so much Sonny.



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Temple trip

Went to the temple this week:) I loved it no other place in the world like the temple. Rode in a school bus haha it was fun chillin with all the bros in the back of the bus. It was a great experience got lots of new knowledge and revelation. 

Pretty slow week... 

It was way sad yesterday we were driving down a main road and we see two old people walking across the street not even looking for cars. People were slamming on their brakes to dodge them it was cray. They just kept walking very sluggish to the other side... we get closer and find out its Steve Canda our recent convert and his wife. I stop in the middle of the road and start yelling at them to get out of the street and he comes and starts talking to me like nothing was going on cars honking and people yelling. I pull over to the side of the street and before we could get out Steve and his wife were yelling at each other calling each other names and what not... 

Steve and Diane were homeless before Diane's brother Joe let them move in with him. Joe is in our ward and is way cool. Steve and Diane have been through lots drugs, crime, everything. They totally changed Steve got baptized and they went to the temple together to do baptisms for the dead. They are really not intelligent.. like teaching them was a disaster their comprehension was little to none. 

While teaching the new member lessons we could tell something was up with them. they were always fighting about the stupidest things. like Drinking too loud or what did you do with my quarter? 

So super long story short after church on Sunday Diane accused Steve of cheating on her because he changed his wallpaper to another default picture. and she didn't believe he knew how to do that. and she also accused him of stealing her rubber band... way stupid.

Joe semeli the guy that they are living with lost his cool for a minute and grabbed steves neck pushed him against the wall and told him to get his stuff and leave...

shortly after that we saw him and Diane fighting on 72nd st... We now have no idea where they are... It just proves that once you indulge in certain sin it is nearly impossible to change and repent. They were so close but satan worked on him starting with little arguments with his wife now they are back on the streets. Its way sad. Im way bummed about it but i have realized I can control what I can control. Hopefully they can get a grip and fix their life. 

Dont be like them this week. Contention is always your fault. 

Love you all. Elder Fife

May Seattle Temple trip

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mom & bud

Mom, I loved talking to you! you are the greatest mother for me. at church we made a list of all the attributes of our mothers and You have them all! I think all the time at how you are flippin awesome. On Skype it just feels like I never left.. idk seems like the time has been so fast like I was just gone for scout camp or something.. haha lol I love you mom 

dinner was average.. haha super oily rolls like they were drenched feel like 10 zits coming eating that thing... 

loves lots
Elder Fife

On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 7:38 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Thank you for being such a sweet son! So much fun talking to you. Made my Mother's Day complete. So cool you want to come home and get to know us again. Be a temple worker. Your mission has been such a blessing to us all! I got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. I gift and card from Haley and a letter from you. Your letter melted my heart. Shed a few tears so nice. Thank
you. You have grown so much in your understanding of the gospel. It's awesome!!

How was dinner? Keep kickin butt!! I love you. Mom

Son + pops

Its all lined up... crazy what time is my first class? do i got a pretty packed schedule?

Yeah I know Sister Sasser she was a good missionary. She was in the boonies when i was her zone leader. Her area was pretty dang slow i felt bad for them. 

Im excited to hear one of moms powerful testimonies!! i got to hear yours during the institute talk that was awesome to hear!! :) Moms an awesome lady

Hear your going all the way up to Arkansas to drive the uhaul back to Utah. Sounds fun wish i could go with you that would be fun

I will try my hardest to get you and cole a tism!! i will try super duper hard!! haha

I really am relishing these moments because i know when i get home a new kind of stress will come. Im kinda nervous for school and stuff i just hope my studies skills ive gained will make things easier on me. 

miss and love ya pops hope you have a good birthday week and when i get home we can burn your modesto nuts shirt it might need to be retired. lol

On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 9:52 AM,  <>wrote:
Hey Son. I think I got your fall semester all lined up. Now we can forget about that and bust out these last few months.

I started a new class this past week.  I have a Wa Tac pride former missionary that you know. She started out with you and you were her Zone leader.  She said you are an awesome missionary. Her name is Reagan Sasser. Ring any bells?  I was just able to talk to her for a bit. Kinda cool that she served together with you.

It was so awesome to talk to you last week. Mom gave a super powerful testimony today and you would have been so proud. I know today was a weird day for fast Sunday but because of stake conference etc we did. I knew mom was feeling it. Finally at the buzzer she got up and bore a super powerful. Witness. Now I know where you get your power. Always thought it was me but I got notin. It is all your Mamma!!!

Have you given some thoughts to my birthday this Friday?  Ha ha.

It is Coles bday on Thursday. Me and Cole want you to get us each a Tism. That is our Birthday wish.  See what you can do.

Hope and pray all is going well and you are loving every moment. You gotta relish every moment because it will be gone way too fast.

Love you so much Son.


Elder Fife's official release date 😊




Dear Parents,


We are certainly in no hurry to have your missionary leave us to return home, but Church Travel likes us to begin this process early. 


Please read the attached information about your missionary’s upcoming release and departure from the mission and get back to us as soon as possible regarding your plans.  I will need to make travel requests next week for missionaries departing the mission on August 16, 2016.  Please return your information NO later than Thursday, May 18, 2016


If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to email or call (253-566-5480).


Thank you,



Sister Brandi

Mission Secretary

Monday, May 16, 2016

Killa week

Pretty killa week:) I see hannah representing well in the newspaper, congrats!! Happy birthday this week pops and cole. My mouse scrolled over Haleys email and it said Haley Robertson.. I wondered who the heck that was.. haha it was slow to click

This week was hot!! its nice to cool down with some rain today. Elder Burton and I are having tons of fun together. We have been greatly blessed by the lord. We have been finding some great people who seem Elect. 

We got a referral from the church the guys name was Josiah. His wife is a member and he had been taking the lessons before but they moved before they could finish. We started teaching him this last week and he is way solid. They have a 2 year old daughter and one on the way. They want to be sealed in the temple. 

We are excited to get him baptized in the coming weeks. 
We are planning a temple trip for gregorio and laura:)

Mauris, gregorios brother should be baptized this week. He is a great kid. hopefully gregorio will have the priesthood so he can baptize him sunday. that would be coolio

Jarrod came to church. He is a way black dude. drives a deville and smokes tons of pot. lol he is engaged to a less active member named Jnell. they are living with her mom rn cuz times are tuff. Jnell recently had a baby 2 weeks ago. We gave her a blessing the day before she went in for the c section and from what we heard everything went perfect. The priesthood is restored. We also gave Jerrod a blessing he had an allergic reaction at work and his employer got scared and fired him.. We gave him a blessing and some God given counsel. He healed quickly and the past week we have been teaching them quite a bit and he said because of that God gave him a job. He told us after his interview and they told him he got the job he immediately went to the car and said a grateful prayer.
Right thern with the real intent we taught he committed to go to church with God. 
In elders we go around the room and discuss good moments we had that week. Jarrod volunteered and said that He got a job and after he told God he would go to church to show his gratitude. He then said the best part of it all was my baby slept the whole night for the first time last night. he was way grateful for sleep and knew that was a sign that God was providing the way. 

During Church it was a way boring talk... old dude just talking and talking it was hard to listen.. I have had questions about miracles. Lately so many people have been telling us that they have seen awesome miracles of healing and what not that their pastors have been performing. I kinda was just like yeah, yeah sure... I opened up the bible dictionary and under the word Devil (pretty sure its devil) it says something along the lines of how the devil has power to do miracles to convince people of false churches or false doctrines.. I thought it was way interesting answered my questions. I feel much more obligation to correct false doctrines and find the elect and bring them to Christ. 
I love you all!!!
Elder Fife