Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dad & Bud

Good for teed!! can cole ride the clutch now?? what one did you sell the bullet?

haha yeah we heard about that.. didnt Utah kill that team they lost to too? We hear utah is way good this year beat Oregon too. seems like hannah is doing great good for her. is the competition super tough now they are in 5a

hah you will never live that moment down will ya?? little did you know i let you win all along ever since elementary school  I love you pops have a good week. ken said she loves your classes so thats sweet!!! 


On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 5:20 PM, Joseph Fife <>wrote:
What going on Son?  Another glorious week I hope.  Me and the boys were hanging solo the last few days cuz mom and the girls went to Vegas for some wedding.  I got Cade another used dirt bike on Friday and he is pretty stoked.  We sold mine and Coles so Cade could get something bigger.  Now Cole has Cades old Bike ( I should say Wylies old bike) and Cade got this Yamaha 225 that is pretty Beast.  

The Cougs needed your Boy this weekend!  They got shut out 31 to 0.  On Thursday at Hannah game good old Craig Anhder came up and talked to me.  He was super interested in how you were doing and had nice things to say about you.  I know he wasnt your fav but he seems like he has repented and is "Nice Now". Hannah had a great game and scored a goal and they got a somewhat rare win.  

I am so glad you are loving your new comps and the work is going well.  Hope to have a nice little update tomorrow.  Nice to hear that you arestill balling for baptims.  Ha Ha.  Do you ever tell dudes that old man took your down in one on one when you were at your prime?  All those times I let you win to build your confidence I finally had enough and threw down.  I reckon I could still humble you!  

We look forward as always to some good report tomorrow.  Caleb when off to Spain today to start his Mission.  Pretty cool.  

Love you My Son.  


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