Monday, December 7, 2015

Mom & Son

Mom, I am getting excited to talk to you as well. hopefully it works a little better than last time it wasnt too great on my end.. haha

Probably the best way is just put money on my card I might be able to get it tomorrow or friday because I wil be in tacoma. 

Good for zollypop he desirves a nice gal. haha
 I love teedle he is such a sweet kid makes me sad to think he is self conscious or whatever hopefully it brightened his day. 
Phenemonia dang thats a bummer!!! good thing greg is there makes it much easier for yall im sure poor grandparents though il keep em in my prayers.
well at least you get to see both of us on the tv and in california!! but yeah its sad not to be together for christmas.

Elder Hatch one of my fav companions is getting married... like whatttt haha he emailed me today saying he just got the ring and is proposing this week.. he is getting married the first week of may im sad ill miss it!!! haha might have to have him borrow the cardboard cutout so i can be there for his wedding too hahaha

today was a slower week we got transfer calls i am staying with goldstrohm and we are going to train a new misisonary and help a struggling one. 
love you with all my heart momma thanks for your love
Elder Fife 

On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 5:32 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hope you had a great week and Sabbath day! We are getting so excited to talk to you we can hardly stand it!!! I think we have it all figured out, pray for no technical difficulties :)

What's a better way for you to get your suit from H&M? Cash or put $ on your card?

Did anyone tell you Zollypop got married? He got married around the same time as Haley. He married a usu soccer player.

Thank you for that thoughtful letter you sent Cade. He felt pretty special getting a letter from his big bro.

We are getting ready to watch the first presidency message. I'm sure you get to watch it to.

All the grandparents have been sick this week. Pneumonia for Thelda Marlin and Olaf. They are getting over it. Scary business for old people. Marlin & Thelda aren't doing so well. Greg moved in and is taking care of them. Not an easy job!

Haley isn't coming home for Christmas. I'll be without 2 of my babies. Sad for me but I guess I can't do much about it. We are going to California before Christmas and are staying in Oceanside. Haleys  in laws are flying her and Mckay there for Christmas. We will see her there so that's better then nothing. Mckays family is super cool. You will really like them. I bet that's strange for you to have Haley and Alex both marry while you are away. Taylor's sister thinks you cute. Haha Haley was sad to not be home for thanksgiving but I was proud of her. She made Thanksgiving dinner for her and Mckay.

I love you son! You make me so happy knowing you are loving serving a mission and finding joy in bringing souls to the gospel. What a great blessing you are to your family and the people in Washington. Have a super week. All my love to you Momma. Oh thanks for saying all those thanksgivings meals weren't as good as mine. :) loves

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