Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Elder Oaks and Bud rubbing shoulders

This week was Awesome!!! My bishop is Bishop Oaks the son of Elder Oaks. Tuesday we were at a correlation meeting and Bishop Oaks told his that Elder Oaks was coming to church on Sunday.... I was super excited!!! After the meeting Bishop asked me to give a talk on increasing spiritually and I about fainted... but then he said that Elder Oaks had a meeting in seattle then was going to be at church for priesthood so that was a relief.. haha at church on sunday we were walking past the bishops office and bishop waved to us a asked us to come in his office. When we walked in we saw Elder Oaks he walked toward me looked straight into my soul for a couple seconds and said it down Elders. I was sweating a little. We sat down and talked for about 5 minutes. He asked where we were from I told him logan and he responded the ole stomping grounds of Elder Perry.. haha he went on and told us he was doing missionary work in the spirit world. He was so personable and was so happy. I felt so calm being in his presence. The coolest part of it all was taking a picture with him. standing next to one of Christ 12 apostles with my arm around him made me feel like I was unreachable from the grasp of Satan. 
Also, Kordillia got baptized this week she was a 10 year old girl I taught in the Samoan ward. We brought our investigator Paula and she was really excited to get baptized herself once she can quit smoking. anyways, love yall 

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Elder Fife meets Dallin H. Oaks

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cole and Bud

Cole, it was awesome to talk to you on christmas man you are a cool dude!! haha imma have to beat both you and cade up when i get home at the same time!!! hahha easy peesy smack and cheesy thats a good one lol. haha miss you lots coley i like the picture of you doing your talk looks like you are delivering a powerful sermon!! loves

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Hi this is cool how do you do when you were doing good on Christmas when we talked that was fun but Cade thinks  he can beat you up jk haha you will best him easy peesy  smack and cheesy. I love you so much you are the best brother ever you are the best love you. Cole

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Cole and Big Bro

ya baptisms are the best cooley!!! I am excited to talk to you in a couple weeks!!! i miss and love you man have a good one

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So all you won't for Christmas is baptisms that is cool. And of course you are going to need your to front teeth haha I love you so much we went to snow canyon today and that was really fun we send on this new trail that we usually don't go on I love you.  Cole 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Momma and Son

Momma, no sign of the wallet i am still looking all around and yeah my license was in their too so i dont know what to do about that...

the week was really good it is starting to rain again so thats a bummer we had the sun out during the days but it was frigid at night so hey i guess the rain aint to bad sometimes...

thats crazy cole is dating nati seems so weird lol

what a friend you have down here lol that sounds exactly like tacoma... cant believe how many pot shopes their are there.. its crazy every block.. i wonder how they sell it all

I will make sure to say a prayer for you when you open pops up!! haha i bet you will do wonderful

love you so much momma have a good one did you get the letter i sent for the jacksons?

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Hi Sonny!  Did ya find your wallet son? I don't think it was stolen cuz the money is the same amount. I froze the card for 2 weeks. Was your license in there?

How was the week? Did you get your miracles?

Cade had a Rec game Saturday. He did great. He was rebounding and being a baller. I wish he had inherited the aggressive gene like you and Hannah. He has grown so much in the last while it's crazy!!

Hannah plays MC Tuesday. Should be a battle!! Dad speaks to a big group at the institute on Friday. It's called religion in life. I'm suppose to introduce him and bare the burner I'd rather not... Haha

Cole Bangater and Nati are dating. They were at church today. Dante gave a talk. He was asking how you were doing and says hello.

I enjoyed your email last week. Keep following the spirit and all that jazz.

That friend of mine that you met a the Tacoma mall. I found out her husband is a drug dealer basically. In the news article I read the caption was titled businessman. He is suing the cities of Gig Harbor and Fife for not allowing him to open marijuana stores in those towns. I find it so unbelievable that, that is even an issue!!! That's why you are there son those people need a lot  of help!!!!!

I love you so so much!! All my love to you Momma. Have a great Pday and week. Looovvvveeesssss
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Pops and son

sup pops, 
we had some good miracles like i shared in the big email. it was a great week i feel really blessed to be in areas where the field is white. it is hard to harvest though really hard we work our tails off looking for ways to be more diligent and effective. It is constantly consuming my brain what i could do better for this person, what i need to teach them, what i need to do to help the zone, what could i do to ber a better companion.. etc i dont know what it is but i never feel desperatlyi tired. lots of missionaries say they are always tired but i am always fine maybe thats just how i am made but i always feel energized to do the work. 

That sounds crazy with that religion in life dealio.. man wish i could go!!! i will make sure i say a prayer!!! break a leg lol

I saw cade with that new blower that thing looks great!! better than the four wheeler?

love you much pops hope you have a good day. loves

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Hey Son. How was this week?  I hope the prospects from last week are good for you. Sounds like the miracles from last week may be tisms for next week.

I start back in the saddle tomorrow with a new crop of students. I am sorta stressing about this Friday. I have been asked to speak at Religion in Life. That is a meeting where the whole student body is invited to come. There are 1500 to 2000 people that come. Mamma has to come with me and introduce me. I am excited about the message I just hope she comes off ok.  Throw up a little prayer for me.

Everyone is just plugging away over here. Teed is doing some rec ball Hannah and Cole are balling. Pretty quiet on the Homefront. Did I tell you I got a huge snowblower last summer. That baby is sweet almost makes you want to beg for a blizzard. Sorry Bud for the lame letter this week.  As I recall you have been guilty of some lame ones too.

Everyone asks about you and I am running out of good adjectives to tell them how awesome you are doing.

Loves son.

Prayer and following the spirit

Thursday we were knocking doors and we came to a cross road and didn't know which way to go because we had knocked all the houses around us. Me and my boy beags decided to offer up silent prayers and we both got the impression to knock to the right. I kid you not the first door we knocked we found Cameron Stryker just moved in with his inactive grandma a month ago had been to church and wanted to be baptized. Then, three days later Cameron was baptized. The spirit will lead you to where you need to be on conditions of asking. Constantly pray for direction and guidance and you will always make good decisions. 

Im getting sent back to Tacoma tomorrow. Finna go knock the ghetto for days!!! love you all have a good week. 
Elder Fife

Sheila Nelson gets baptized

we had a good week. Sheila Nelson was baptized!! she asked me to baptize her. she is the one that her brother whom is less active brought her to church after we stopped him at the cross walk and gave him a card. Recap her story she has been married 6 different times lol we will just leave it at that. I have never seen the Atonement change someone so quickly as it did Sheila. She did everything we invited her to do and more. We began teaching her 3 weeks ago and she is already in Alma.. pretty awesome got through Isaiah chapters and all. When she recaps what she reads it blows my mind how much she retains. She is excited to do baptisms for the dead in a couple weeks. 

Micah got the Aaronic Priesthood Sunday it was awesome. He referred us his dad and gf he says they are humble and ready so we are stocked to get teaching them.

We had an awesome MLC Friday centered on Baptism. Baptism is the gate that all must enter in order to receive salvation. Without baptism you cant receive the gift of the holy ghost and you cant be fully cleansed sin. Without the gift of the holy ghost your Armour is useless you dont have your sword you will get owned. lol Ephesians 

we had a couple baptisms planned for last week but 2 were super sick and the other is a foster child still working out the permission and stuff. 

love yall,
Elder Fife
super bad pic but whatevs

Monday, January 4, 2016

Elder Fife and companions pushing a car to safety during the flooding. Lots of rain in Aberdeen!

Elder Goodwine says Elder Fife is the go to top dog in the Mish!

Dad and Bud

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Dad, it was awesome seeing Elder Goodwine with y'all. I really like him a lot. I enjoyed being his companion. looks like I dont have to email you this week because goodwine gave you enough.. haha jk 

This week was good we found new investigators dropped the non committing ones and set some baptisms up for this weekend. hopefully 3. 

haha back to school that break went by really fast it seems.. days here go so fast with a routine things just fly by it seems. Righteous productivity brings forth happiness and it seems when I am happy time flies. 

I can only imagine mom delivering a spirit filled testimony confounding the unricheous in the smithfield 20th ward. Calling all the jack mormons to repentance lol I am blessed having the parents I do!!!

love ya pops,
have a good one

On Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 12:25 PM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son.  It was super fun to meet Elder Goodwin yesterday.  Seems like a pretty good feller.  He was very complimentary about my Boy. I told Mom that was like the best email ever!  He gave us the true scoop and told us all the dirt on you.  Actually, it was fun to hear his perspective and to see what respect and admiration he has for you.  Made me so proud to see how many lives you are touching both missionary, member and non member.  I loved to hear your about your hard work and commitment to the Mish.  He said you are an incredible teacher able to adapt the message masterfully to whatever the audience.  It was a great visit.  Thanks for the letter this week too.  I hope you are feeling better.  

We are going to have big old fat tears tomorrow morning around here.  Back to school and the routines.  We have had a great break but gotta get back to the routine.  There are blessings to the routine.  As a matter of fact, I believe we give away spiritual power when we are not consistent.  That is why many returned missionaries struggle they get out of the essential spiritual routines.  

Mom shared her testimony in church today and she was super powerful.  It was the most powerful testimony I have ever heard her give.  Super awesome.  I am supposed to be the big preacher boy but one humble little testimony from Mamma reminds me of how strong she is.  I am just a big talker but she is a big walker!  Like I said you gotta find someone like Mamma or you got no chance, Boy!  

Hope all is going well and you continue to lay it all on the Alter!  I know you will have no regrets as you continue to be "All In" for the Lord on the Mish!  Love you my Awesome Son!


Elder Goodwine comes to visit

Momma, Goodwine emailed me he said he loved hanging out with you guys!! its weird seeing him with yall haha it was trippy but i loved it!! I really like Rylan, he was an awesome companion!! 

hahaha those boys are going to tower over me with their big ole feet... like yeah it was hard for me to get those babies on but i never had to rely on the mercies of heavenly father... those dudes if they grow into their feet are going to be Goliath 
I love that story so many little events lead to such a large testimony. I am so grateful for a momma with a testimony Elder Goldstrohms family was less active when he grew up and he was baptized when he was 15 and his dad still hasnt jumped onto the bandwagon.. its just such a blessing to have a family who knows whats up. 

Dad told me that your testimony was really really good. Wish i could've heard it!!! 

haha glad you arent just wishing the time away anymore!! I miss you a lot mom but im with you I dont want it to go by too quickly I still have so many things I need to work on. I have yet become what I feel like I need to become.. obviously that isn't just going to happen on my mission it will take eternity but as I have labored diligently and faithfully I have felt the lords arms of love circled around me. I love it out here. 

yeah i got marci package I outta write here a thankyou note that was really nice of her I will probs send it to you then you will have to give it to her because I didn't save her address. anyways, I lvoe you hope you have a good week. loves in loddas 

On Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 3:21 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com>wrote:
Howdy Son! I hope you've had a blessed week!! We had Elder Goodwine here yesterday, he stayed and chatted with us for 2 hours. It was so wonderful to have him come. You can tell he thinks very highly of you. Said you are the go to top dog in the mission. Going AP soon etc.. It was so nice to get his perspective and hear some experiences you had together. He really misses it.  The wa-tac is a special place...

I took the boys to Powder Mountain this past week. Cole wears your blue ski boots. They are always difficult to get on him. He got one on after a bit of struggle then we tried and tried getting the other one on the foot he injured in the summer. It was killing him and we were both really frustrated !! I thought I'd end up having to rent him boots. Then I said a silent prayer and as soon as I said AMEN she slipped in. It's just such a great reminder that Heavenly Father cares about the little things as well as the big things. 😊 it was 5 degrees when we started skiing and only got up to about 10 degrees. I got so so cold. We had fun despite the temperature but I think I'll let it warm up before we go again. cherry Peak opened Garrett Mantz works there. We're gonna go check it out when it warms up. 15 minutes from our house that's pretty sweet!!

I bore my testimony today a lot of it was a bout you. We were so sad and devastated when you left no sure if you knew that?? It was because we missed you and we didn't know if you were happy and just the fear of the unknown. If you'd adjust, if you'd like it, if you'd want to bail... I honestly wished the time away. Now I hope it doesn't go by too quickly. It has been such a joy to have you serving, such a blessing to our family. I can see the mighty change in you. The example you have set for your cousins and siblings is priceless. You are the missionary All mommas dream their sons to be. Thank you for your work ethic your love for the gospel and our Savior and the people of The Wa-Tac!! Don't get me wrong I am looking so forward to my long awaited hug from my beautiful brown eyed boy!! I'm just so grateful for this journey you are on and want you to accomplish all you have been sent to do. I hope you have a great Dunking week. Thanks for your awesome thank you letter. So sweet and thoughtful. Marci said she sent you a package did you get it? I didn't do Christmas cards this year such a slacker. I love you have a great week soon. Lovessss momma

Following the Spirit

We were driving down the streets of Aberdeen a couple weeks ago and saw an old dude walking across the crosswalk. We stopped and gave him a card then drove off. Sunday he shows up at church with his sister. He was a baptized in renton a couple years ago but hard times hit and he found himself homeless in aberdeen. He was looking for a church to go to when the mormons stopped him at the cross walked and answered his prayers!! holy ghost directing us fo sure. His sister is a non member and is super Elect she reads all the pamphlets we give her, keeps all her commitments, and is preparing to be baptized in a couple weeks once she has quit smoking and gets her special inteveriew. She is freaking awesome, the Atonement is the best. 

Mike Jones is a foster kid just moved in with some members, the Wheelers, he has been to church twice and we have taught him quite a bit at first he was really hesitant on getting baptized but the spirit changed his mind. We had a super good lesson in priest yesterday about the priesthood and he is really excited to recieve it in a couple weeks. He is getting baptized this sunday. He is a super outgoing kid, really positive, loves dancing and raping lol I love him. 

Briana foutch is 10 we found her knocking her mom is inactive coming back she has had a rough life. She lost her first child in a house fire. She tried to save him but was too late. Due to her efforts she has firescares all over her face and body. She is truly a saint. Does lots of motivational speaking and has felt lots of peace as we have come by and shared the plan of salvation with her. Her abusive x just got out of jail and has caused lots of drama so thats holding stuff up rn but we hope the baptsism will still happen this week. 

Saturday we were driving down the street and their was this dude getting in this girls face acting like he was going to hit her so i parked the car and jumped out. this dude was like super short and comes running up to me yelling "you wanna go" i wanted to hit the dude so badly!! but i knew that was the last thing i should do especially with this name tag on. I just walked to the girl and asked if she was okay she was just crying her head off... my slow comps finally get out of the car and we just chill there  things calm down a little and we find out that the dude was her baby daddy and she didnt invite him to something and he was upset. lol so dumb then the cops roll up and that was that. so lesson is dont do drugs or have babies before marriage. 

Nice Thank you notes from Bud