Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Christians turns 19. First birthday away from home😂

yeah its pretty weird that I am turning 19 seems like yesterday I turned 18.. but whatever right? haha  that would be pretty cool if she made me a cake I guess ill just have to be in Tacoma next year and she can do it! ha youre the best im excited to get it:) hahahaha I can just see dad tryin those on and modeling for you guys. lots of missionaries rock em. After the april conference we can start wearing light suits again I tried it on and my arms have a hard time fitting in the thing.. haha hopefully I don't rip it.. I do insane abs with insanity im pretty sure you have it I do it 3 times a week in the mornings and it is brutal I hate that thing.. haha its a really good workout though. 

YEah tryouts are always a little crazy.. haha Hannah will do great though. she will win just cuz shes popular.. sv cheer is kinda interesting hopefully Hannah can make them better at it.. haha 

We had ward conference too it was super good I loved it we had area 70 there elder Bussey he was a really good speaker talked about family counsels and context of eternal salvation it was a good talk. 

Dang seems like he left just the other day... weird to see all those guys come back I bet. 

I love ya so much momma thanks for always being the best mom I could ask for. hope you have a great week beautiful momma. loves Elder Fife

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Hi Son!

Hope you have had a blessed week! Happy big 19th Birthday to you on Saturday! Hope you have a great birthday out on the mish! Hope the members will do something special for you. If they don't know that you are loved back home and that we are so proud of you!! I was hoping you'd stay in Tacoma till your bday cuz one of my friends was gonna bake you a cake. Oh well... I'm sending you a box of bday stuff. The birthday card will have some loot in it. Use that to get what you want. Haley got some dress pants from H&M dad tried them on and they were super tight. So go to Ross and get them.

Hannah is trying out for cheer this week. We are at the Summit gym and her and her friends are practicing cheer stuff and back hand springs. Kinda stressful, I don't like tryouts!!!

We had fun skiing at PowderMountain. The snow was super crunchy and Icy at first then the sun came out and it was ight.

We had ward conference today. Pres. o asked about you and says hi keep up the great work. Elder Reese is home he has already grown a beard. Haha he seems great.

I love you with all my heart!! ❤️ thanks for being the greatest example and such an awesome missionary!

Happy Happy Birthday!! I'll be thinking of you and can't believe how fast my baby boy has grown up. You were such a beautiful baby and darling boy now a handsome young man! Loves

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Daddy Joe & Elder Fife's email

Dad, that chick don't really know what shes talking about.. haha this zone is pretty awful tons of disobedience and none of them really respect me. One has been a district leader and has trained thought he was going to be a zone leader he only has 2 transfers left so hes kinda grumpy and the rest of them are kinda just weird.. bless their hearts 2 are really disobedient and one is 27 years old.. haha but its not really fasing me at all I really don't care what people say to me or behind my back. I will just do my best to love them and support them. 

yeah we are really hoping for a miracle with Gretchen she was so awesome!! she was balling during the first vision totally knows the church is true shes just got to t work through a couple things. 

I have been usuing your work outs you gave me they were very useful. I have a door pull up thing that I use and ive gotten way better at pull ups training for American ninja warrior haha lets do it together someday im tired of you beating me at my own hobbies and sports.. like  at ssx tricky and driveway pickup games I gotta beat you at your own stuff now.. haha You better eat like 9 bowls of ice cream because I haven't had it for about 9 months.. pretty sad haha lyfe of a poor missionary right? I eat protein eggs and chicken for about everymeal of the day so that's good for muscles not as much for taste but I am pretty good at making chicken now so that's good. 

I love you so much pops you were looking good on the slopes!!! have a wonderful week

On Sun, Mar 15, 2015 at 11:44 AM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son.  Happy early B Day. I predict it will be the best b Day ever.  Probably a lot different than other b days but awesome.   Its official Maximus has been taken over.  I guess people have told Hannah it is good to see Maxumus back in comission at the High scene.  

That was sad about the Golden investigator that received such opposition about Baptism.  Maybe a miracle will happen and hearts will be softened.  Are you still loving the area?  How does the work compare with your last area?  Are people as receptive?  How is the Zone and the Missionaries?  The girl I talked to said it is a super tight cohesive Zone.  

Hopefully, tomorrow you will have some more time for updates.  I did have a heart to heart with Mckay.  He is a good dude and it looks like they will be proceeding with marriage plans.  I would say I have warmed up to the situation and will totally supportive if that is what she chooses to do.  

I will have to throw back an extra bowl of beam on your b day to celebrate.  We will be thinking of you and praying for you as always.  I know you are doing a great work.  So many are blessed both here and there by your service and dedication to the Lord.  I love you Son


Danes email to Elder Fife

Danes email to me... really sad excuse his language.. but he is changing when all the bros get back we are going to tize him!!!!

Hey bud! I'm in hawaii with my mom and brother and honestly sitting here wishing you were here bro.  I miss you so much, I wish you were here so we could have adventures like in CALI!  I got to sky dive man, it was so fun! I remember you did the same, but I gotta spread my dads ashes in the sky while I was free falling! It was crazy man the weather was shitty and we weren't going to get to go, my mom said that she's prayed and about 5 minutes later the weather broke and a beautiful rainbow came out and we got to do the dive man. Crazy experience.
I've thought about you a lot though lately bro, you're my best friend and I miss you.  I've definitely been struggling lately with everything, we had to put grizzly down man:( I miss that dog:(.  You know I'm not very religious but if you could send some of your powers my way that'd be great Homie.  It's crazy to me that you've been out for so long.  You better not plan on coming home and getting married, unless it's to me:). I love you bro! Hope all is well my man, keep doin work!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 3 Port Angeles

So this week wasn't very good missionary wise... my comp and I went on an exchange with the Assistants in Tacoma then had leadership training the next day then had a mission tour with Elder Maine's Elder Busey and Elder Nelson of the 70 the next day. so we haven't really had the chance to do much.. The assistants live in a mansion in Tacoma west with 4 other elders it was so much fun my camera was dead so I didn't get a chance to take any pictures but the view was super awesome the beach is in their backyard and the whole house has a full on gym with tons of huge frame pictures of black jesus... kinda weird but cool. 

We had probably the most solid investigator ever drop us the other night too made me super sad.. her husbands parents are against the church and preachers at some church. she told us that she knew the book of Mormon was true and wanted to get baptized just couldn't do it because it would cause too much contention.. super sad

Yeah so I cant really think of anything else to say... I love you all have a wonderful week:)

Week 3 Port Angeles

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Palm trees in Port Angeles

Hey:) this week has been full of being wet and hard work. We have quite a bit of people that we are teaching that are progressing and loving the gospel. A family in particular is the Heins we talked to them while we were going to walmart they invited us to teach them more so we did they loved the restoration and plan of salvation Tim the father even comes to elders quorum and participates and signs up to go on splits with us... haha He used to be into hardcore drugs he quit those but now is addicted to cigs we are working with him on that he says he will be able to quit because he wants to be baptized and wants the restored priesthood. 

We are also working with a man named Michael his son was recently re baptized because we couldn't find his records he felt the spirit and he wants to be baptized too. And come to find out my comp and him flew down on the same plane 15 months ago he recognized him and was able to put it together that they were flying from Utah to Washington 15 months ago on the same day.. pretty sweet!! The lord works in mysterious ways!!!

One more cool story is our investigator Ryan we knocked on his door a few weeks ago and he was like way pumped to see us for some reason.. I just acted way excited and he would match my excitement.. really funny he was probably high.. lots of the people here tend to do that but anyways we basically told him he was going to get ready to be baptized in two weeks and he agreed we set up an appointment at our church to show him around a little bit a few days later and he wasn't as excited but he was still interested. He told us that he believes in god and Jesus but doesn't understand why they are one person.. We explained to him that they weren't and he was happy to finally not be confused about that. Then he told us he just doesn't like church because man has changed so many parts of the Christ's doctrine in the last 2000 years that it just isn't the same. Doesn't get much better than that right?? it was  sweet we shared the resto with him and he is excited to be apart of the restoration:)

Love you all 
Elder Fife
found some palm trees..

Crazy email from Cole haha

wow that was a pretty crazy weird and interesting story.. glad you saved all of their lives though that's good!! hahaha I love ya cooley!! did you say you are playing baseball? I am so confused from the first thing you said.. haha how are ya doing you is it warm and sunny outside?? that's weird it shouldn't be like that right now it should be cold. I love ya cooley have a wonderful week..
ELder Fife

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What's up you're pretty Hoss by the way what is Hoss mean?so Steve he's like a shortstop he is like shorter than your old companion and it looks as old as Marlon kind of weird Ha we put Henna tattoos on each other we are so great mom and dad got really man so hopefully you don't come home like a shortstop so I have a weird story so me and Cade were killing vowels and one was jumping in chasing Cade then I save kids live because I was on the four wheeler and I ran it over. It only had three legs

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Dad, Being a zone leader right now just feels like a normal missionary we haven't done any trainings or anything there are just tons of perks we go to missionary training meeting with all the other zone leaders and go on lots of exchanges so its pretty great so far!! 

Yeah I think McKay is too haleys email sounded like that's exactly what he was going to do. I don't really know him at all but it seems like haley really loves him and he makes her happy so there is nothing really we can do about that.. haha I told her to pray about it. My mission president told us that when we go home and are going to get married pray and if you don't get your spiritual prompting or witness then don't get married so maybe talk to her about that in some way. 

Dane is such a good kid I heard he was taking some of the missionary lessons but then stopped i feel like if they were weird he was going to have nothing to do with them. but yeah he doesn't really do the greatest things but he is such a good kid i love him tons. 

Its crazy Hannah is going to be 16 and me 19 getting older is weird but i love my mission so much its the best i get to learn each and everyday. i have read the book of Mormon a couple times and the new testament now working on the old testament but it is pretty dang messed up.. haha i love ya tons thanks for being the best!!
 Loves Elder Fife

On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 5:26 PM, Joseph Fife <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son.  Lets hear how week two goes in the Port.  That was a good update.  Are you getting used to the new duties?  or do you think you need some better duties?

I saw old Dano at Mo Betters and he seemed to be doing really good.  He said he was looking to compete and was down to like 7 percent body fat.  It was fun to see him.  He said 'Christian is doing it right".  Not quite sure what he meant but he thought you were really doing the mission great and I thought that was cool to hear from him.  He says he has been training with the Harris kid.  I got a soft spot for old Dano.  It was so sad when he lost his Pops.  I bet your letters mean a lot to him.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him get interested in the church someday.  

We had Steve Hogan come visit the Priests today and tell us about his Mission to Germany.  He seemed to enjoy the mission and had some good growth.  This week Isaac comes home so we will hear from him next Sunday.  Wow.  It is crazy that these dudes are already coming home.  Matt and Jake will be right around the corner.  The time goes fast, and I love that you are making the most of the Mission experience.  

I think Mckay is going to come over this weekend and ask permision to marry your Sister.  What should I say?  I think I am warming up to the feller.  No good can come from going to war!  I just hope he is a faithful Priesthood holder and covenant keeper.  

We will be very excited to hear about the new area, investigators, members, comp, new duties etc.  I know the gospel is true and there is no better thing you could be doing right now.  As always, thank you so much for your example to me and especially to your little knuckle bros.  They are going to be fine, if they try to be like their big bro.  

Love you Son


Week 2 Port Angeles

I still have quite a bit of the shampoo stuff and spray but not any more pills left.. its a month supply pills and I think 3 months for the other stuff. 

98362 is the zip

Yeah its pretty crazy that I am turning 19 seems like it was last week I turned 18 haha but I am still like the youngest one out here my comp is 23 haha I give him crap about it. I don't have any pics of him right now but I will send you some next week. That's crazy that all of those guys are all coming home.. jeez time flies. Yeah haley was telling me about McKay and yeah she thinks hes going to propose to her too. It seems like she really loves the dude so Im happy for her I don't know him very well at all so I couldn't say anything about the whole deal. Yeah basketball is so lame I don't like coach day at all btw he bugs me.. haha don't ever call me a straight back mom that is not something to say to a person like me.. ahh ill pinch you mom haha is jenny going on a mission? 

For my birthday I want some protein powder and maybe some h&M dress pants they look good. money yeah don't need much. I love ya so much momma I think about you all the time thanks for being the bestest loves
 Elder Fife

On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 5:22 PM, Sandra Fife <jnsfife@yahoo.com>wrote:
Yo yo Elder Fife,
Glad Port A is treating you right! Did u go on a hike last Monday? It's cool to be able to explore that cool place a bit. Did you see any vampires haha. What's ur comps name and where is he from?  Send us a pic of that ginger. You left one number off your zip code so send me it please.

Got to be thinking of your big 19 birthday anything special you want? Can't believe you're gonna be that old. You'll always be my beautiful brown eyed boy.

How's the missionary work going? So strange Washington has such a drug problem!!? Those people need your message more than anyone. The ward has a few  USU alumni that's fun! The fact that you are driving around in a van makes me laugh! I can call u a
straight back now.

Stevie came home on Friday and Isaac comes home on Thursday.  Cole Bangater came home last week too.

Hannah turns sweet 16 on Sunday. It's funny Chad asked her to jr prom huh? Kim made some cinnamon rolls. They are cute people.

I think Mckay is coming up with Haley this weekend to ask dad for Haleys hand in marriage. Crazy!!!

Cole had a great b ball game on Saturday! We told him please play like buddy and he did. It was frustrating cuz Day didn't do the subbing fairly. B ball is so frustrating like that!

Oh do you like that hair care system I sent? U are probably almost out. Want me to send more? Let me know what you need or want for birthday/March package. Can't wait to hear from you tomorrow. All my love to you Son. XoXoXoX I love you and am so blessed to be your mom. ️Loves, Momma