Thursday, October 8, 2015

Precious Son💕

Mom, Good for teed that is awesome!!!! I hope he does well cant believe that kido is 14.. dang he is getting big quick. too bad for cole though.. hahaha

Kimball is a punk.. haha wish the best for that kid but if he is acting like this so young i worry about him in the future.. haha bishop jackson needs to spank him or something..

I got the package it was perf thanks so much I havent had seeds in a long time either thanks for the card too!!.. and we go to the mall because we like to eat there on mondays and the last couple weeks my companions had to buy new coats shoes shirts etc

I love you momma Hollands talk made me miss you lots he was exactly right though i love you momma
ELder FIfe

On Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 7:41 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hi Son!
Hope you have had a good week. Conference was super awesome! The talks were spot on, loved them. I missed the Saturday morningsession cuz of football games so I will have to go back and watch those. Cade's team is region champs they have home field advantage this Saturday at SV. Cole's team is out. Where did you watch conference?

We had a family party for Cade's birthday tomorrow. Hard to believe he is turning 14!! Cole and Bubs are not that good of friends lately Kimball has a girlfriend and is using bad language. A bit concerning...

Did you get the package?  Just a few goodies hope you enjoyed them. So how many comps do you have 3? They look like studs.  

I love you so much thanks for being so inspiring and such an amazing missionary! Take care of yourself and I'm glad to hear you didn't get punched in the lip haha. All my love to you son, Momma

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