Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pics from the blog

Mom and Son

It was a crazy split... the puyallup people are really nice and filled up our dinner calender even nicer:) my new companion is awesome he is way fun! i have been so blessed with my companions i havent even had any bad ones. Elder Bagley went to wapato park in tacoma to train and be a district leader

The weather was way nice it cooled way down though kinda a bummer... I lost some of my short sleeves cuz i gave them to investigators for church but i still have enough its way lucky i got my wallet back.. sad there wasnt like a hundred bucks with it lol

good for cole doing good in soccer.. haha what did they fight about thats pretty funny... 

i didnt realize how old gramps was.. dang 92 im sure that will help tons with sharon around for help. is greg still in town helping out?

my trainer elder byram went home last week...crazy hes already home... 

miss and love you momma!!!

you gotta tell sister wheelock where logan is going so i can know!!!

Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 24, 2016 at 3:01 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Wow! That's a big split! You got some Puyallup people huh? That's some serious growth. How's your new companion? Where's he from and what's his name. Where did Bags go?

The weather there has been crazy hot!! Hope you have some nice short sleeve shirts still. I'm glad your wallet got returned to you. That's lucky!!

I'm writing you from Kens ward. We came to support her giving a talk. She did great. Her and Skylar the boy dad set her up with are coming to dinner today. Why don't the members take care and feed the missionary's??? Lame!! Hope the new members will take care of y'all.

Coles soccer team is undefeated we've crushed every team. The boys are doing a lot of reffing. They got in a fight during a game. They didn't want to ref together anymore but they've worked it out.

My mom is about the same as when you left. It's weird she doesn't cook much my dad does all of that now. It's taking a mental and a bit of a physical toll on him. He's 92 still driving and taking care of his wife. Amazing to me... It's sad though. It will be nice when Sharon moves here to help with them.

I love you lots son!!! Have a great week. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Loves Momma💕

New comp Elder Burton

Had a blast this week!! Elder Burton is my new comp. He is from Gainsville Virginia. He did online school his senior year to get out on the mish sooner, way cool. He did MMA back home so gotta be on my best behavior dont wanna get kicked in the face or nothin.. He's only 5 foot 4 so I think I could take him anyways.. lol 

It was a way good week this week. We had 7 investigators come to church and Baptized Rebecca on sunday. The Elders had taught her most of the lessons before the stake split all we had to do was finish up the lessons and fill the font. Rebeccas father is not a member we invited him to her baptism and while we shared the restoration as she changed we could tell the spirit hit him way strong. He came up to us after and told us he wants to learn more:) will keep you posted.

Gregorio came to church this sunday and brought his little brother Maurice. They loved it and are excited to come next week. Gregorio is the native guy that was in his car smoking weed when we met him. Its way cool to watch the change that has come over him over the past week or so.. We have been taught to teach repentance to baptize converts.. "Elder Oaks" It works!!!

We found a lady named Laura Knocking doors about a week ago. We knock every day from 5-7 it was a way slow night.. It was 6:59 and we simply asked Hey, do you want to be baptized? Laura said yes without hesitation... haha took me a second to realize what she said... we went back found and out her brother is Mormon in the lakewood stake.. She told us she usually looks through the peep hole and just ignores us but she felt she was missing something in her life. Its awesome to watch the gospel work its magic and fill those holes. She came to church on sunday with her son and loved it. Committed to come to church next week and be baptized. 

S/O to logan getting his mission call!! My guess is he is going to the washington tacoma mission and i will be his trainer:) im way salty i have to wait a whole week to find out where he goes tho.... lol love you all 
Elder Fife


Mountain View ward & Seattle Temple🌸

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dad and Son

Dad, I am staying in mountain view and training a new elder. Haha dont be too bitter about the pass.. haha some elders found my wallet at the house i was living at they said it was like behind the couch or something... Pretty awesome cuz i got my license back!!! 

the temple was awesome!!!! i loved going it had been like a year since i had gone last.. we have a mission temple trip coming up soon that i am way excited about as well its at the end of may. 

the poopy baby people havent really talked to us... we tried to visit them but they havent been home lately.. and we just lost them because of the boundrie change.. we will see what happens maybe the other elders will get them

ken and that dude would have way athletic kids i bet they would be giants!! yeah get scouting some ladies for me that would be nice

glad your co worker is doing well. its true motorcycles are dangerous.. but cars are dangerous too so you kinda just gotta live a little i guess

i love you pops hopefully my boys is going to be good. its my first time training without another missionary i always trained in zone leader companionships

love you lots pops we are looking for more weight cuz i need to increase my max it is maxed out at 216 because a lack of weight... 

Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 17, 2016 at 9:54 AM,  <>wrote:
Hey Son. Are Transfers this week?  This was the long one right?  I can't believe you found my pass. I seriously scoured the garage last summer looking for that. You dog!  I thought you lost your wallet. How many punches do we have on that bad boy. Protect it like a testimony!!!

Mom showed me some sweet temple pics. That was fun. What an awesome day and experience. The work continues to rock. We are also curious to see how things went with the poopy roof baby lesson.

Time is flying huh?  I just have about 3 weeks left this semester. About that same amount of time and we get out last phone call. Wow. Now is the time to have a huge push to the finish line. You are the best you have ever been and just think what miracles await as you rock this last part of your Mish.

Did Mom tell you I set up Mckenzie with one of my students?  They seem to be liking each other.  The dude seems super studly. He is 6'7 and a half. He is a high jumper on then usu track team. Maybe I could scout out some ladies for you next year. Ha ha.

One of my co workers got hit on his motorcycle coming home from work. He was just sitting at a stop and some one smashed into his back. He is ok but pretty banged up. That was the same day I got my bike inspected to get it legal to drive.  Now I am having second thoughts. People just don't pay attention when they drive. Texting etc.

I know this gospel is true!  I love what joy and peace we experience when we follow Christ. I love you Son and I know you are a powerful representative of Christ. God bless you my Son



Staying in the Mt. View ward

We had a special stake conference this Sunday. Elder Snow of the seventy came the one who spoke in conference. The Tacoma stake was split... pretty cool must mean we are doing our job!! 

This transfer I am training a new Elder and staying in Mountain View.

The stake split caused our boundaries to change quit a bit and we lost some of our best investigators... pretty mad about that its always hard giving people up to others.. Hope they will get it done. 

We got tons of the pewyallup fruit-land ward in our area... about 200 active members will be at church this week... I am way excited hopefully they love feeding us because the old ward didn't... And hopefully they fulfill their callings because home teaching was at like 10 percent in the ward.. 

This week we saw all these guys ballin at a park.. we went and played them, won, and invited them to come ball at the church with us the next day. we made an agreement that that have to come to church if they want to ball at the church.. lol whatever it takes right?? it is salvation 

we are hoping to get some baptisms out of it!!

Saturday our recent converts Steve and Cherie went to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome to be apart of. Steve was baptized for his father and Cheries husband and his wife for his steves mother. 
i was a witness and as i watched i felt so much peace.  temple worker told us that in the temple lots of different spirits go and visit. Those whose work is being done, those who are learning about the gospel, and those who are curious. I definitely felt the appreciation of the loved ones whose work was done. 

had tons of meetings this week.. not too much happened.. but looking forward to this next transfer. I only have 3 left i cant believe it. this last transfer felt like a week and it was the longest one of my mission time wise. 

my motivation for this week is do whatever it takes. The hardest thing to do as missionaries in Tacoma at least is getting people to church. We try to do whatever it takes... knock on windows, back doors, call from the neighbors phone, hiss, scratch, yell, dance, sing, whatever it takes. Do whatever it takes to be a disciple of Jesus. 

love you all
Elder Fife

Monday, April 11, 2016

Bags and Fif saving babies and grillin

The house that Elder Fife
& Bagley saved the toddler from

Christian has a callus on his nuckle from knocking doors

Dad, we are praying something awesome will come from it. we ahve an appontment on turesday!!

thats way cool you handed out all those book of mormons... i wish i could do that but our mission office is always running out of book of mormons os it is hard to get them sometimes. like we didnt have any to hand out this week.

funny how the boys beat your but in riding the motorcycles... kinda like that one time when i killed you in ssx tricky.. lol and basketball!!!

i found your punch pass to burch creek in my wallet we gotta go use it up when i get home!! that would be lots of fun

i actually thought of you back flopping the other day.. hahaha good memories.. Elder Bagleys family is extremely rich they own like the nicest houseboat you can own... it was pretty crazy before he was so prideful always talking about the things he had done and people were getting sick of it but he didnt realize why people were being short with him.. i finally told him and he has changed lots he is way more humble about it the spirit really changed him. 

love you lots pops. 
Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 9:24 PM,  <>wrote:
Hey Son. That was such an awesome story you shared about the little girl. Hopefully even more miracles will come from it. Missions are truly life saving experiences. I love the callous on your knuckle. That is such a sweet battle scar. More than that I love your dedication to getting out there every night. We had something similar in our mission but with book of Mormons. As a companionship we were to give out 2 a day or Atleast 14 a week. I never missed a week and I felt super good about that. I thought about it and that is over 700 book of Mormons I gave out on my mission.  I sure hope the power of those BOM reached many more hearts even after I left. As you know this is the Lords work and he performs miracles and works in mysterious ways.

Me and the boys went dirt biking on Saturday and I could barely keep up with the dudes. They jump and do stuff I would never do. I guess I am getting to be a sissy. Ever since I did the back flip with you in lake Powell and over rotated I seem to be more of a chicken liver.

I sure hope you have an awesome week Son. Love you with all i got.


More greatness from Tacoma

Steve got the Priesthood on Sunday!! We are going to the temple with him this saturday for tisms. Cherie is coming too!! 

Before I got to the area a cambodian lady was baptized. She just had a baby and we were in the circle to bless it. It was pretty cool 

We found a native guy named Gregorio he was smoking the reef in his car when we asked if he wanted to play basketball at our church.(he had some jordans in his car) we brought him to church and played basketball with him gave him a church tour and invited him to a baptism in another area the next day. We hooked him up with some clothes and he came with us to a baptism at 12th and pearl stake center. While we were watching he told me he used to go to that church as a kid and watched his uncles get baptized. He told us he wants to change his life and get baptized too. 

We found a dehydrator at a garage sale and have been making some way good jerky for snaking its way sweet..

I benched 450 today.... lol jk i wish

we met this guy that pushed up 600 in his garage for us tho that was pretty intense glad he didnt need a spot i couldnt help him

we grilled some steaks with our grill it was way good

My ears got way sunburnt and i had like 5 blisters on it... skin cancer fo sure 

i feel bad for Elder coombs and Gray they are always lookin red in their pictures home.... 

I am loving life right now I am super happy!! 

We are donig a book of mormon challenge reading the book as fast as jsmitty translated it. Way impressive how fast it was done.  april 7-june30 

I read about Ishmael's death and murmuring among laman and Lemuel clique.. so much to where the lords voice had to come and rebuke them... they were humbled for about 5 seconds until nephi is told to build a boat.. What do we murmur about? what hard impression did you get watching general conference? remember whether by my voice or the voices of my servants it is the same. keep the commandments and ye shall prosper in the land. Dont burn at the last day, do yourself a favor and burn your sins with the spirit of fire next week with your preparation for the sacrament. 
love you, Elder Fife

lol not sure where all that came from... enjoy

Pops and Buddy

Dad, I loved conference!!! i loved The Prophets story of his buddy using his priesthood POWER to command the rescue ship back. I loved how they made it known that we are given the authority but it is up to us to have the power. It makes me want to live up to my Heavenly Heritage so much more. I loved Eyerings testimony in the first conference. It brought so much power and awe when he used the fathers name...  I felt the spirit really strong. So many people dont know the true characters of God and his son. His testimony shouted with clarity their divine roles to me. 

I loved Christofersons testimony of fatherhood. I remembered when you would come and pray with me in my room. i used to think how in the world does he pray for so long.. haha that was a wonderful example to me. Such a good memory to think back on. I want to finish my mission as strong as i can!!

Elder Bagley and I have been speaking about when we were younger. 
When I was about 14 I would say i was on the computer and trying to get to my email i typed the wrong url in and a Porn site popped up. 14 is pretty old to be first exposed to that stuff. the averadge age nowadays is 8. It didnt have much effect on me i kinda just brushed it off. Elder Bagley and I want to start a internet filter system so kids dont have to be exposed to that kinda stuff before they have too. that stuff destroys kids and families as we learn so often about.. we would do a hardware system and sell it door to door in utah... who knows its just an idea we have to try to do a richeous cause when we go home... 

anyways yeah i probably only have one more area 2 more weeks of this transfer but i think i am going to stay for another.

lovess tons pops
Elder Fife

April conference

I loved conference!!! haha sister farrer in Grays harbor gave me those socks for Christmas. I loved President Monsons Short and sweet talks!!! I remember last conference he gave a talk and lost most of his strength and started slurring his words.. I was glad to see him do short powerful talks:) Holland is always giving great talks!!! He is so real and loving when he speaks. I also loved Uchtdorf making jokes he always lightens the mood. I think my favorite of all was Eyrings testimony the very first talk saturday morning session. It really stuck with me. 

Cole seems like he is already better than me. thats great to see him progress at something!! good for him. IT is good to be cautious at skiing or else you will kill yourself... so many times i biffed it hard lol 

they are looking for a house... thats crazy cool!!! 

i have a huge calus on my knuckle from knocking doors... its pretty cool good memory and good indicator of my hard work 

swimming lessons thats cool its probably going to be pretty full of pee lol gotta get lots of chlorine in their!! thats tonnnsss of students though and lots of money good idea

This week we saved a babies life it was way crazy im going to share it in a big email. 

I have been drinking tons of water lately to stay hydrated in this awesome weather we are having and i have to pee alot so thats annoying... 

we got a referral from a member to teach he daughters baby daddy and we had a way good lesson about families and how they need to get married so they can raise their family right. I dont remember who said it but someone said children deserve to be raised in a proper family with loving parents etc 

i am so excited to see you again mom:) right now i have lots of work to do i feel i am the best i have been my whole mission and just want to work really hard to help as many people as i can get baptized and go to the temple


On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 6:17 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Hi Son!
Conference was soooo good! Right? Sister Wheelock sent me a picture of some red socks you were wearing yesterday. Made me realize you've been gone a long time. Idk those socks and I haven't done your laundry for done time now. Anyways, my favorite talks were Sunday president Monson and Holland. It was cool to think you were watching conference the same time I was :)

We had a good SB. Back to the grind tomorrow. Brighton was a sweet place to ski. I find some sweet deals on a site called liftopia. Cole is a dare devil skier!! He wants to go down anything black diamond. Jump, rails he lives for terrain parks. Cade is good to but little more cautious.

Jim and Sharon are coming to look at houses in north Logan tomorrow. So they may be living here when you get back. I hope they do that would be so awesome!!

Wow! You've knocked doors every night of the mish? You're a stud!! That's why Cole sent you that golf ball.

Lots of boys are getting mission calls around here. Hope they have as good of a mission that you've had!! Seems like your mission has been choice!!

Hannah and I are teaching swimming lessons this summer. I have 50 students already. It's gonna be a big money maker. I have to train every Saturday in May from 9-4pm. Big time commitment. Trying to get money for some up coming fun family trips.

Have a great week son!! I love you with all my heart Momma

Saving totters off roofs

Bagles and I were cruisin down the road listening to some bumpin church music in our Nissan rogue pretty stocked out of our minds cuz we just got a free grill. I was lookin around for a good knocking spot when i saw this weird lookin person like thing on a roof about a half mile away.. as we got closer i realized it was a baby... I slammed the car in park in the middle of the street and bagley and I ran to save her. She was 2 years old or so and was standing on the edge of a 20 foot roof with her pants off and poop on her leg. i run under the roof to catch her if she fell or jumped. Bagley ran and banged on the door. A kid answered and bagley asked if his mom was home.. a voice from the back says "tell them we arent interested" bagley ran in the house and yelled "your kids on the roof" he ran up the stairs and ran to the window where the baby was and heroically pulled her through. turns out it was the nanny that was watching the kids.... she almost fainted lol the 5 year old opened the window and the baby didnt want to take her nap so she went exploring on the roof.... 

A couple days later Elder Bagley and I were driving past that house again and decided to go visit them again.. we had no idea how to bring it up.. haha we didnt want to be like hey we saved your kid. praise us.. or we saved your kid so you need to come to church... we were kinda stuck.. we parked on the side of their house and we got out hoping God would provide the way. I heard a voice saying "Hey, you are the ones that saved my kid. you need to meet my wife" we go and meet his wife and she was so dang happy to see us she gave us huge hugs lol she was so grateful for us!!! the spirit was really strong we are going back to teach them this week:) i really feel that they will get baptized

I loved conference!!! i am striving to make sure my power and authority of my priesthood are equal so I may make the right decisions that will in turn determine my destiny. We are sons and daughters of God!!!! Find out by preparing for the sacrament and tasting of the Atonement!!!! love you all.
Elder Fife

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mom & son

My easter was great. We had good meeting at church got some surprise investigators come, had a good dinner and found some people while we knocked doors!! I don't know if you know but my whole entire mission it has been like mission command ment to knock doors from 5-7 and I have never missed one!! I have a huge callas on my knuckle lol
Glad your easter was good. Good the Mcdaddys came 
Mary is engaged? good for here what about Denise?
Ill be honest the pants are pretty weird but I kinda like them imam keep them goodwine wears them now too  so they are probs the cool thing to do. lol he is always making sure he is up to date style wise
Brighton and solitude... yall have some awesome ski adventures!!! sounds like a blast!!!
This is a 7 week transfer because the mtc extended missionary stay to 3 weeks. I think we will both stay though
I was telling dad about a fam we are working with and it makes me so grateful for yall families are rotten around here!!
the weather is starting to warm up around here... well hopefully!!!
I love you so much momma have a good week. 

On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 7:05 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Happy Easter!!

How did you spend your Easter weekend? We had a good Easter the Mcdade's came yesterday. Jimmy sure has changed. He's a total stud now. He actually talks to us. Mary is engaged and is getting married in the Ogden Temple May 28th.

Those pants I sent are for casual. If you don't like them take them back.

I loved your email last week. You are so blessed to ask for guidance follow the prompting and receive people to teach the gospel to. What a powerful reminder to ask and ye shall receive.

The kids and I have spring break this week. Hannah is going to St. George with friends. The boys and I are going to Midway and hittin up Brighton and Solitude. Dads coming on Friday to ski with us.

Are transfer coming up soon? What do you think next?

I love you Son! Have a fantastic week. Much love Momma

Easter Dad & bud

My Easter was good. We had some good sermons at church and had a couple investigators come. Sadly the main people we were working with didn't make it due to family get togethers and what not.... they don't understand "seek ye first the kingdom of God"... Then we had some way good dinna with an ex com member.. his name is rick and I love the dude!!! hes x military and has crazy ptsd so when he got home from the military he felt like the enemy was still attacking him and he felt tons of stress and anxiety. He got married in the temple but it always haunted him causing him to just have his name removed from the church... He is making his way back now and is just a great dude!!! He made us some good ham taters and what not for dinner. it was good. 
people here are on spring break too.. we are working with this latino family... it is so dysfunctional... we brought Alonzo and Robby to church last week they told us they were both involved in gangs these kids are 13 and 17 and already involved in that garbage.... they loved church and showed tons of desire to change their lives and learn more about the gospel. We went over a couple days later and Alonzo the oldest got arrested for bringing his gun to school... so dumb. this was his 2nd big charge the first was grand theft auto... We continue to teach and find out robby has guns too and the daughter faith is always shoplifting. I just think to myself what in the world is going on in this house... we went over and met the dad and he was the sweetest little Mexican dude who was truly just heart broken for the action of his kids. "when robby was lil nino he used to always come and kiss me goodnight. Now I never see him he dropped out of school so the last time I saw him was at court"... super super sad it is truly because the gospel and the priesthood wasn't in the home hopefully we can help them change things but the devil really has that family in a knot.... thanks for being you pops, I can think back while I was growing up and cant think of anytime when you lost your temper or wasn't their to support me. I see so many dysfunctional families out here and I know that the only reason we didn't turn out like them is because of you and mommas efforts in doing family scripture study. so many missionaries out here never prayed or had script study as a family and they suffered greatly. I remember you said your patriacal blessing promised you that. anyways sorry for the grammar... loves much
Elder Fife

On Sun, Mar 27, 2016 at 7:29 PM, Joseph Fife <> wrote:
Happy Easter Sonny.  I hope you have enjoyed your sabbath and thrown back some of you favorite carbury eggs.  We had a nice day with the Mcdades.  Jimmy was here with them and he seems to be doing pretty awesome.  He is a lot more engaging now and pretty studly dude.  The kids are now on spring break but I still have work so they are going to have to party without you and me. 

Franny is helping with Grandpa Marlin.  He feel and busted up some ribs again.  That fellow seems to have had way more that his fair share of suffering.  I really don't know how he keeps holding on.  I would have given him 0 percent chance of living through your mission.  Now he seems to have a shot.  Not sure that is what we should be hoping for though.  Seems he needs to complete his earthly mission and find some relief from all his sufferings.  

I hope you had another rockus week.  I have been working on your school stuff a little bit.  I am working toward getting you signed up for this SOaR thing.  I have you signed up for a general business pursuit, but I am sure you can switch stuff up.  I will need to sign you up for classes in a month or so.  I can do my best quess or maybe you can give me some input.  I don't want it to be something you need to worry about. 

Mom says you may be emailing on Mondays now?  I had to make sure I hit you up before.  I don't want to wreck my streak.  I don't think I have missed a single week of emaiing. 

I love you Son.  Keep rocking!