Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 🦃💚

I got the meals down!! it was tough but we got em down without being rude!! probably gained 10 pounds that day. haha the ward took care of us but not as tasty as mommas cooking! ive told everyone but i will say it again it is super weird when you dont recognize half of your family members in a family picture.. haha weird

I do pretty good on my journal I get all of the main big stories but i dont get much else... Everynight it takes us about an hour to plan because we have to make 2 sets of plans for each companionship. so by he time we are done we gotta get ready for bed... i do my best though could do better still im hinking i want to print out all of my emails so i can make sure i have all the good stories. 

pretty lame week only 1 investigator showed up o church this week and he dashed right after sacrament so pretty lame... we are building back up our teaching pool knocking los of doors and going through the part member family lists doing member inspires to get some new gators!!! 

one of my companions wanted to make brownies and we didnt have oil i told him that you dont make them with oil and they are way good... they didnt turn out i guess you just got your way with the brownies.. haha

at dinner yesterday we were eating with some members and i said something about President Blatter the mission president to my companion then the dad at the dinner just wen off on how he was a bad mission president and how he was full of himself etc said bunch of dumb stuff.. I just wanted to punch the dude all he ever says is bad about people by the end of the meal i was so dang frustrated... i just dont understand some people.. President blatter is the best he is loaded like has 3 houses in hawaii 3 in mexico and you would never know such a humble man dresses like jumk haha i need to work on patience but this guy was unbelievable 

well love ya lots pops have a good week loves

Elder Fife eats 3 Thanksgiving Dinnas

Mom, the dinnas were good but not as good as yours... the bishop is really cool the family is really nice haha she is a little too nice sometimes.. haha 
good ole norm did he make his classic sounds at cade and cole? haha
I dont recognize some people in that picture.. hahah that is so weird to me!!!
man looks like a freezing game good for byu with the victory though still dont know where my loyalty is haha
good for cole with a good game!!! 
Lara miles havent thought about that family my whole mission they are like the only non members in the whole valley hahaha we outta work on em.. is lara a member I cant remember 
christmas packages seems so early it aint even december yet!!!
haha you know me too well i don know if i could handle a package chillin with me for a whole month hat would be crazy haha i miss ya lots mom I hope you have a wonderful day!! i get to talk to ya in less than a month thats exciting!!!! loves

On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 5:22 PM, Sandra Fife <>wrote:
Hey son! How were the 3 thanksgiving dinners?? I loved getting pictures from members! Is the bishops family cool? We survived ours! Norm ate himself sick as always. Boos in laws ended up coming. We had 32 people. We turned the ping pong table in to a massive table got tons of people around that. Josh was annoying everyone so ya not a lot has changed haha.  Hannah ken and I braved the cold and went to the BYU usu game. The temperature was in the teens. Hannah's feet got freezing so we only lasted until halftime. It was a close game til second half and byu smacked em down 51-28.

Hannah has her first game on Tuesday. Cole had a great game on Saturday. He reminds dad and I of you at times. I saw Lara Miles on Black Friday and she couldn't believe how much Cole looked like you she called him little buddy.

I send your first Christmas package to the mission home. I'm sending another for you to open Christmas Eve. I won't send it until it gets closer cuz I know you can't be trusted!! Haha

I love you so much and I'm so proud of you! You are seriously killin it! Keep up the hard work son you are so blessed!! Take care of yourself and remember how loved you are... All my love to you Momma

Monday, November 23, 2015

Micah quits all his vices and gets dunked.

Last week Wednesday, our investigator Micah quit smoking cigs and weed cold turkey and baptized on tuesday!!!! It was so sick Micah has had the biggest turn around ever in the past year he lost 100 pounds, quit smoking, chewing, etc and when we yelled at him out our car window  3 weeks ago has fully committed himself to follow Jesus Christ. Cant explain how sick he is in this email he is thinking about serving a mission right now throwing away his 6 figure job to serve the lord. The spirit does incredible things pretty cool how the Aonement can cleanse us of all our bad and alow us to feel something so pure and peaceful. 

We were eating dinner with this lady and her x husbands x wife... haha yeah weird i know but anyways they were super sweet ladies and come to find out one of them was baptized in 92 but somehow the records got lost... so we re baptized her on sunday haha she asked me to baptize her because I was the tallest.. 

We have 3 dinners for thanksgiving so pray for me thats gonna be rough hopefully the 6 months in the samoan ward got me prepared for that

love yall
Elder Fife

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ernie gets baptized and training day pictures.

Killin it!

Baptized a Lamanite Ernie

this week we had a lamanite baptism!! His name is Ernie Nakamura he is an indian native to washington. Grandpa Olaf probably wouldnt like him because he gets to catch all the fish he wants, but anyways he was taking missionary lessons for over a year I guess God finally smacked some sense into him. Ernie is a good guy he quit smoking a week ago and says hes done forever good thing for him the spirit has his back. 

We have been teaching a guy named Micah we saw him on the street when we were driving by and yelled to see if he wanted a jesus card turns out he did. He knows a member of the stake presidency because he used to play football with his son. We had a lesson at President Tallys house and Micah is excited for his baptism on sunday. The only thing holding him back is he smokes a pack a day. he is only 20... this guy is awesome is reading the book of mormon coming to church just is having the hardest time ever giving up the cigs but we will keep workin with him hopefully he can quit by tuesday!!

talk to you next week
Elder Fife

Friday, November 6, 2015

First week in Grays Harbor

My first week in Grays Harbor was good! We taught this girl named Dana the last few lessons and baptized her on sunday her family has such a crazy story... little too crazy for this email probably.. the change that they made in order to be baptized is awesome!! Repentance is real! Her paretnts were baptized 2 weeks ago and Dana decided to get baptized a couple days ago and her father was actually able to baptize her. 

An investigator In the samoan ward texted us a week before I left telling us she wanted to be baptized on halloween. Her name is Charlene Agafili her husband Jack is a member but is inactive. He watched the priesthood session of general conference a couple weeks ago and he felt it was for him and is making a comeback!! this desire made his wife evermore interested in the church. She decided to take the lessons again and we felt impressed to have a scripture of the day from the book of mormon with her she kept her commitments and the Book Of Mormon converted her. She asked me to baptize her so I was able to go back to tacoma and do it!!  

Up here in aberdeen people are so wack.. even worse than tacoma everyone looks so sad its a pretty depressing town.. but that makes missionary work easier lots of humble people willing to listen to us. 

Have a good week,
Elder Fife