Friday, June 3, 2016

Staying in Tacoma with Elder Burton

Sweettt!! congrats to cole on the priesthood!!! Good for Mary too thats sweet. what about denise? Sounds like lots of fun.

The blatters got here 6 weeks before I got here. So they will have a year after I go home. They are from the bay area. Loaded people lol

The work was better this week. We needed to face a little bit of opposition so God could make us happier when we had success. We found 2 really solid baptism potentials yesterday. we are excited about it. 

I finally feel like i have started to figure out my skin.. seems like ever since sophmore year i had zits and couldnt get rid of them... i had a pretty bad breakout last transfer it was way annoying... my face is slowly healing up.. and because i got to shave everyday when i had zits it would rip them off and now it caused some scars... you know if i could get anything to help with that? 

Anyways, we had a good week. The weeks seem to go by really quick I only have 11 left... crazy to me. austin and hayden get home in june... sounds really cray

hope you have a wonderful week momma!! summmemeerererer thats sweet. loves

On Sun, May 29, 2016 at 8:19 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Hi son
We had a great day! Cole got the priesthood it was special. Jim and Jimmy came and my parents. Sharon, Ken and Bergs are driving here crazy!!  Mary got married on Saturday in the Ogden temple it was fun to go check that temple out. It's newly redone it's beautiful!! They didn't have a reception only a luncheon. It was good food and a fun atmosphere at an Italian restaurant.

When do the Blotters finish being mission presidents? Where are they from?

How's the missionary work this week? Hopefully good! You and Burton killing it, I'm sure you are.

Sheri Egberts mom passed away this week. More and more people my age are losing their parents. It's sad but a blessing if they are sick. Marci also list her mom but I think I told you that.

2 more days of school. Yippee!!

We went to Grandma Merle's grave today. She has been passed away for almost 16 years.

Hope you are doing great and the wa- tac is treating you right. We met a girl in Ogden who served in your mission she also loved it!!

I love you my son!! Momma

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