Monday, June 13, 2016

Bringing gangsters to church

We brought a former gangster to church his name is Gee Gee. He is an author of two books and talks about all his sin and how he is changing into a man of God. He shortly went to jail after his books were published... its a work in progress.. haha We were praying there would be some black people at church so he would feel comfortable... it was one of his concerns. hahaha God answers all types of prayers.. I walked into church and to my surprise I see an African family taking up an entire pew. I found out they were from Nigeria and were visiting their less active uncle before they drove up to salt lake city so Brother Aliche could get set apart as a mission president presiding over a new mission in Africa. 
Gee is on house arrest and he got permission to come. He seemed to like it will let you know next week how he is progressing

Got the real old lady to church again on sunday. She stayed for gospel principals this time and loved it. As she was leaving early from gospel principals she said she was so happy when she came to church here and has never felt so special. It was way sweet:)

lots of knocking this week... love you all 
Elder Fife

wonder what race of person is living in this egg roll basket house? lol

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