Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This was a way good week. We have been doing tons of finding. I got to Steilacoom on Tuesday and there was literally nothing going on. Kinda wondering what they were doing before I got there. We have been knocking lots and trying to get referrals from the members. 

Knocking this week we found a dude named John. He is in the military. (we live right next to the base jblm) He said he got baptized while he was in boot camp and that was when he decided to follow Christ. He was raised in a Spanish Pentecostal church but he didn't speak any spanish.. 

The next day we were trying to get someone to go to a baptism at our church. Elder Holland said that 80% of investigators who attend a baptism service will attend their own. The baptism started at 7:30 and it was 7... we called john and he said he wanted to go but he was at work. He told us he was going to ask his sergeant if he could leave early. He called us back at 8 and told us that his sergeant allowed him to leave early.. We were like dang well the baptism is probably over but we will just go anyways... We were like a mile away so we hauled lance armstrong style up to the church. When we got to the church the baptism was just barely starting.. straight miracle the person being baptized showed up late. John told us after that he felt an overwhelming feeling that he needed to go to the baptism. He told us that the baptism was amazing and he wanted to learn more. It was way sweet. We worked so hard this last week and to end the week off with a miracle like that just made it all worth it. I feel that is how the end of this mortal life is like. The atonement makes everything unfair in life fair. The blessings we have been promised when we die make everything worth it. I love this work. I know I will see success because the almighty God is on my side. I love you all. Elder Fife

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