Monday, June 13, 2016

Mom and son

Mom, Probably was the most challenging of my mission but it wasn't really that bad... So my mission is going pretty good if that's the worst thing that has happened..

Glad the swimming lessons went well. I was worried yall were gonna have like 40 kids in the pool at once. How many days a week is it? That sounds way cool with the handy cap kid too. Seems like yall are having great experiences. Who would've thought that would've happened doing swimming lessons?

Sad about grandpa. I feel bad for the guy too. makes me sad

Cade is crazy glad he is okay. I hear when you crash and your helmet is involved you are supposed to through it away and get a new one because it could have damage and isn't as safe.


I feel like Gig harbor will be a good place for me. I want to go and work hard because the missionaries over there now aren't the greatest. and it will be cool to be where you used to duty bop around and stuff :)

I kinda want one of those buzzer razors like the 3 prong face shavers things. you know what im talking about? ive been getting tons more facial hair and I definetly need to shave everyday and razors are way expensive. maybe check ross or tj? im not sure I don't need nothing too fancy or expensive maybe even one of dads old ones it don't matter to me. 

My week has been pretty good ill give more details in a bigger email. loves so much
Elder Fife

On Sun, Jun 12, 2016 at 3:14 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
I'm sorry you had a challenging week last week! I know we have challenges to help us grow and it seems like you learned from this challenge and you are moving on and not letting it hug you anymore. Some people are mean and insensitive. Was that your most challenging week so far on the mission??

Swimming lessons went well! We teach 9 classes. It's a long day. Start at 9:20 and go til 3:30. It's a long day in the pool. The kids seem to really like it so far. Hannah and I taught a private lesson to a special needs boy. He's 11 and has no use of his legs. It was a spiritual experience for me and Hannah. He is the sweetest boy and his dream is to swim in the deep end with no floaties!! I taught him in one one session to breast stroke with his arms and move his upper legs. We played basketball and he made six shots in a row. He told his mom he loved swimming lessons so much and asked everyday when he can come back. Warms my heart. He had such a sweet spirit about him.

We are visiting Gpa Marlin and Thelda right now. Gpa is not doing good. Feel so sorry for him.

Cade rolled the 4-wheeler down SV hill. He had a buddy on back. 4-wheeler is totaled. I'm so grateful he was wearing his helmet the wheeler hit him in the head and he has tire tracks on his jacket. He got a slight concussion and is doing fine. Dad is going on high adventure to the Moab river tomorrow. Logan, Hunter Logan's friend are going.

I'm sending you some skin stuff tomorrow. Vitamin E oil put it on at night. Do you have any other requests?

As far as the Gig Harbor situation. I'm torn when you got called there I was certain you'd go there that was part of the reason you got called there. I don't get the feeling yes or no when I pray. What feelings are you getting? I won't be disappointed if you don't go. The Lord will direct you and the President. I'll keep pondering and praying.  Did you ask to go back to Lakewood?

I hope you've had an awesome week!! I love you so much!! Momma

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