Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Big hug

Knocking doors this week we found a family I had previously worked with in Allenmore(Samoan). The Dad is a member mom is not 3 unbaptized children Nunu randy and Austin. I baptized Savannah their aunt who doesnt live with them but visits on the weekends. Shortly after Savannah was baptized she moved and went inactive:( On saturday we went to visit them and savannah was there. We were just chillin downstairs with the kids and she came running down the stairs as she got near i held my hand up to give her an awkward wow havent seen you for a year high five.. missionary probs lol and she just about took me out and gave me a huge hug. I was way happy to see her. She said she was still thinking about serving a mission.. Way exciting to hear even after a year of inactivity she still has desire to share:) we are going to work with her to get the rest of the family baptized.:)

Tracting describes this week pretty good:) Went to zions camp with half the mission on Wednesday it was way fun! check out the blog for pics

Love you all 
Elder Fife

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