Monday, August 8, 2016

Last week

Mom, I will see you in a week... pretty crazy... next email session will be weird hahaha 
I feel excited to come home. I have worked my hardest it will be good to start the next part of life.
I am still nervous and will miss the mission a ton and I bet i will feel lost for awhile but thats just life

Did jack serve a full mission or go home early?

That will be a hard day getting released... 

I get home for like the last week of the Olympics right?

dang i thought it was gonna be the sunday after I get home.. 27th works tho no problem

im probably going ot just leave a ton of stuff here give it to other missionaries.. I may need you to send me some money for the way home just in case cuz i dont have any money from the mish

the baptism didn't work out last week. but its really solid for this weekend. she speaks hardly any English so its kinda hard to communicate i should've studied harder in Spanish class

this week was lots of hard work the weather cooled down quite a bit so it was nice. we knocked lots and didnt see much fruit but we found a kid named talan who ran at nationals with conner mantz. His dad is a member and talan is visiting from utah. His parents got a divorce and his mom is anti he wants to be baptized so imma probably baptize him when i get home. that will be cool!! 

i go to the temple for my final temple trip on friday.l have my final interview with president blatter tomorrow final zone meeting wednesday its gonna be a fun busy week. loves with all my heart 
cant wait to see ya momma

On Sun, Aug 7, 2016 at 7:08 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
I can hardly stand it!!! You're to your second to the last p-day. How you feeling about coming home? We are over the moon excited! But can you still email me once a week haha I guess even better you can talk to me in person.  Saw Jack Godfrey today. He had his girlfriend at church with him. Dad gave a powerful testimony today it's always good.

Dad is talking to Present O right now about your release. I hope you won't be too bummed taking off that badge. I'm sure it will be a hard and emotional thing to do. You've done us so proud and you are returning with honor plus much more!!

The summer Olympics just started. Remember when you'd  say mom who took the Bronn? So cute...

How's this week gone? I'm excited to hear about the baptism from last week.

We had Logan and family over for the last Sunday dinner together. He leaves  Wednesday for the Provo MTC.

Yesterday we participated in a softball fundraiser for a little girl in our ward that had heart surgery and will most likely need a heart transplant in the future. Her dad is self employed and they have a huge amount of medical bills. It was Dad cole Cade Hannah kimball and me plus some other peeps we didn't know. We made it to the championship game and lost 12-8. We played 5 total games. It was fun we wished you could of been with us. They raised lots of money for the family. Felt good to help and serve. Our ward has changed a ton. Lots of new people!!

Your homecoming is August 27.Not sure if you knew that??

Leave or give away things you can't fit or don't want. Or mail a box home. What do you think?

I hope you had a great week and this next week will be productive and successful. I'm sure you've been able to stay focused you're my son!!

I love you so much my son!!! All my love Momma

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