Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Joe and Son

chillin in the celestial room had it confirmed that i should work in the temple @ home. Im excited for that. I really hope i will be able too with it being a college town and all. hopefully they have spots open. Might have to go to Brigham.. who knows.

Im excited to be with them boys at home. We will have lots of fun together. They email me every week always say sincere words. haha good boys. 

Crazy mom gots my flight plan. I remember elders saying they had their flight plan and it was crazy to think about. Now its my turn... i only have 2 transfers left 12 weeks... that will fly by this last transfer flew by 

This week missionary work seemed really slow. We are working really hard and not seeing the fruit we feel we deserve. Going to seek the spirit to improve our planning sessions so we will be at the right place at the right time. 

just here emailing a member called us and told us about twins who may need to be baptized so we are excited to follow up with that one. 

biggest bummer this last week to we got a referral from the church it got sent to our phone. it was a 9 year old kid that had just moved in with his member mom and he wanted to be baptized. we go talk to charlie the 9 year old and he said he wanted to be baptized. his mom was busy so couldnt come talk to us. we went back the next day and his mom said that he got baptized a month ago... hahaha such a bummer

Excited to be around the tute pops. have to eat beam and do some push ups in your office lol


On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 7:01 PM,  <>wrote:
That was a very happy surprise to get my own letter from you. Made the day after my birthday very special. I loved your letter!  I love your plan and know you can and will succeed at what ever you set your mind to that accords with the Lords Will. You will be a huge blessing to the Lords Kingdom post mission. I am super excited to get some reinforcements with these boys. I love them to pieces but I would love to get them more spiritually minded. I know they are still just little but not that little. Me and Mom have had some tough times trying to get Cade motivated.

Mom has been showing me some fun pics of you going to the Temple with the mission. Looks like you are having awesome times. I will be happy to get some high lights tomorrow. That little Reagan sister missionary in my class seems really nice. She was excited to make the connection. She seems to have Wa Tac pride.

I can't wait to see your face around USU and the Tute. There will be many lives for you to bless here too. I love what you said. No time to get fat and lazy post mission there is so much to do to be anxiously engaged and do much righteousness.

Keep on rockin and lovin every moment. I love you so much Sonny.



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