Thursday, July 7, 2016

6 weeks left

Only have 6 weeks left.. It is going to fly by 

Elder Burton is pretty jealous Im going home... haha cant believe hes already been out for 3 months... Time is one of the Greatest gifts God has given and it goes by so fast. 

This week was killer. We finally convinced the mom of the Haro family to let her kids get baptized:) I was working with them a year ago and baptized their aunt savannah. I then got transferred they moved into mountain view area we found them again now we gonna baptize them. We taught the restoration to the less active father and he told us he still wants to live in the world... He loves drinking and smoking. We read him Alma 34 and told him he shouldn't procrastinate the day of his repentance. We were pretty bold with him hopefully he wakes up

We also have been working with the wellington family. Darrel is a 9 year old kid he has like elder siblings and they are all inactive. Ward told us to go baptize Darrell and try and get the family active. They live on a compound its crazy. Darrell and his sister wouldn't wake up for church this Sunday so they couldn't get baptized. We went over later that day and Darrel apologized to us and said he wouldn't sleep in again:) hopefully we baptize them next week. 

Yesterday our stake president had a 3 on 3 basketball tournament at his house. It was way sweet. Tons of people showed up and there was way good competition. It was way fun:)

One of the greatest lessons i have learned and continue to learn is how to bring joy into my life from the blessings of the Atonement. I have focused lately on praying until I feel something. At baptism I made a covenant with God to keep his commandments. God promised to give me his spirit. I keep the commandments so he is going to give me the spirit if i seek it. Prayer is the best way to seek it. As I do this i desire change and change requites help from Christ and his Atonement:)

I love missionary work. I love the WA-TAC
Elder Fife

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