Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 2 Steilacoom

Mom, the new ward is good. they dont like to feed us very much though.. bike is pretty exausting and we work hard all day long so it is great for sleeping!! I got the package yesterday and started to use the face stuff. thanks very much

Glad the funeral was good. I was thinking about you guys on Saturday lots. DId haley not make it?

Grandpa is truly incredible what 90 year old man brakes his back and just walks off like nothing? lol i love me some salmon that will be a good welcome home meal. I truly cant believe that is only 4 weeks away.. less than a month it has flown by!! haha hopefully you dont think im a loser... lol

Sad about grandma though. not really much you can do about dementia... 

im going to send a big email with more details about the area. I love you momma. Hope you have a wonderful week. 

On Sun, Jul 17, 2016 at 12:48 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
How's the new area treating you? Ward? Comp? Town? Bike? I hope it's all awesome!

We had the funeral yesterday it was emotional at times but super uplifting, comforting and I felt the spirit super strong. Dad bore a powerful testimony. We have a dvd of the funeral. Should I send it to you? It's about an hour long.

Finished up the second session of swim lessons. We have one more in August. It's been rewarding but it takes a lot of energy.

My dad came home Friday night. He's doing good so we are going on the fishing trip we leave Tuesday. I'll catch a nice salmon for you and we can cook it up and eat together in 4 weeks. cRAZy!! How you feeling about everything? It will be great to have you back hopefully you won't think we are too big of loser. Just whip us into shape. Haha

It's been a challenging and stressful week but made it through it. My mom is lost without Olaf. Sharon and I had to be with her all the time my dad was in the hospital. She kept forgetting where he was. Super exhausting to be around that. I love her and want to honor her but ya know...

Keep doing you Elder Fife. I love you so much!!  Momma

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