Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Son + pops

Its all lined up... crazy what time is my first class? do i got a pretty packed schedule?

Yeah I know Sister Sasser she was a good missionary. She was in the boonies when i was her zone leader. Her area was pretty dang slow i felt bad for them. 

Im excited to hear one of moms powerful testimonies!! i got to hear yours during the institute talk that was awesome to hear!! :) Moms an awesome lady

Hear your going all the way up to Arkansas to drive the uhaul back to Utah. Sounds fun wish i could go with you that would be fun

I will try my hardest to get you and cole a tism!! i will try super duper hard!! haha

I really am relishing these moments because i know when i get home a new kind of stress will come. Im kinda nervous for school and stuff i just hope my studies skills ive gained will make things easier on me. 

miss and love ya pops hope you have a good birthday week and when i get home we can burn your modesto nuts shirt it might need to be retired. lol

On Sun, May 15, 2016 at 9:52 AM,  <jnsfife@gmail.com>wrote:
Hey Son. I think I got your fall semester all lined up. Now we can forget about that and bust out these last few months.

I started a new class this past week.  I have a Wa Tac pride former missionary that you know. She started out with you and you were her Zone leader.  She said you are an awesome missionary. Her name is Reagan Sasser. Ring any bells?  I was just able to talk to her for a bit. Kinda cool that she served together with you.

It was so awesome to talk to you last week. Mom gave a super powerful testimony today and you would have been so proud. I know today was a weird day for fast Sunday but because of stake conference etc we did. I knew mom was feeling it. Finally at the buzzer she got up and bore a super powerful. Witness. Now I know where you get your power. Always thought it was me but I got notin. It is all your Mamma!!!

Have you given some thoughts to my birthday this Friday?  Ha ha.

It is Coles bday on Thursday. Me and Cole want you to get us each a Tism. That is our Birthday wish.  See what you can do.

Hope and pray all is going well and you are loving every moment. You gotta relish every moment because it will be gone way too fast.

Love you so much Son.


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