Monday, June 13, 2016

Hard week last week

48 students? dang all at the same time? thats crazy how will they all fit in the pool at once? 
That is really cool though im excited for you seems like that will be really fun. Seems like you cant get away from the little kids though.. hahah in the school year pe now swimming lessons. Youre gonna be a good grandma. lol 

Things will always go well when you fast and pray. I fasted and prayed yesterday and I already see the hand of the lord in my life. Good luck today!! i love you momma

Are the fifes just gonna through all their stuff in storage? dang sounds crazy!! 

Summer workouts i kinda remember those.. haha i sluffed them all though.. Hope they work way hard hannah has the chance to play college sports if she works hard now. I hope cade works hard too if i were him i would work my tail off. 

Thats kinda funny cade has a girly friend... lol

Ill work on him hard when i get home. we will get him out of his shell.

This week was hard... ill spare you the details but someone i baptized texted me and said probably the rudest thing someone has ever told me... Hurt my feelings way bad. The coolest part of it all is I dont dislike him at all. I still love him with all my heart. I hope he will turn around and come back to God.

Sorry about the downer.. haha im not sad about it anymore it was a really good learning experience for me. I will now be able to relate to people better when they are going through hard times. IT was a faith building experience. 

I love you mom, Elder Fife

On Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 10:39 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
I hope you've had a super week!     I'm a bit stressed right now. My first day of swimming lessons is tomorrow . I have 48 students coming yikes!! I fasted things would go well now I have to have faith. The Fife's are all here with all their stuff lots and lots of stuff.

Cade and Hannah start summer workouts tomorrow morning. I hope Cade can earn a good spot on the team. I'm skittle worried about him. He's so quiet doesn't share feelings not sure what he's thinking or doing. He has a girl he likes and she seems to like him. Totally blindsided me. I see glimpses of Cade but 14 is a hard age.

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