Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Temple trip

Went to the temple this week:) I loved it no other place in the world like the temple. Rode in a school bus haha it was fun chillin with all the bros in the back of the bus. It was a great experience got lots of new knowledge and revelation. 

Pretty slow week... 

It was way sad yesterday we were driving down a main road and we see two old people walking across the street not even looking for cars. People were slamming on their brakes to dodge them it was cray. They just kept walking very sluggish to the other side... we get closer and find out its Steve Canda our recent convert and his wife. I stop in the middle of the road and start yelling at them to get out of the street and he comes and starts talking to me like nothing was going on cars honking and people yelling. I pull over to the side of the street and before we could get out Steve and his wife were yelling at each other calling each other names and what not... 

Steve and Diane were homeless before Diane's brother Joe let them move in with him. Joe is in our ward and is way cool. Steve and Diane have been through lots drugs, crime, everything. They totally changed Steve got baptized and they went to the temple together to do baptisms for the dead. They are really not intelligent.. like teaching them was a disaster their comprehension was little to none. 

While teaching the new member lessons we could tell something was up with them. they were always fighting about the stupidest things. like Drinking too loud or what did you do with my quarter? 

So super long story short after church on Sunday Diane accused Steve of cheating on her because he changed his wallpaper to another default picture. and she didn't believe he knew how to do that. and she also accused him of stealing her rubber band... way stupid.

Joe semeli the guy that they are living with lost his cool for a minute and grabbed steves neck pushed him against the wall and told him to get his stuff and leave...

shortly after that we saw him and Diane fighting on 72nd st... We now have no idea where they are... It just proves that once you indulge in certain sin it is nearly impossible to change and repent. They were so close but satan worked on him starting with little arguments with his wife now they are back on the streets. Its way sad. Im way bummed about it but i have realized I can control what I can control. Hopefully they can get a grip and fix their life. 

Dont be like them this week. Contention is always your fault. 

Love you all. Elder Fife

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