Monday, August 8, 2016

Logan & jimmy visit Wa-Tac

Way good week:)

It was way sweet to have Logan Fife come and knock 5-7s it was killa. He did way good:) he didn't seem nervous at all and he testified with power! He is going to be a great missionary. I am excited to hear about the many miracles he will see. 

When I saw logan and Jimmy pull around the corner into my apartment complex i felt way excited. It felt so weird seeing them... but it was the coolest thing:) we had a way good time together except for my neighbor getting a lil salty at jimmy for parking in her spot... once i saw them the 2 years i didnt see them for suddenly went away.. It seemed as if I saw them just a couple weeks ago. So many fun memories rushed through my mind thinking about the times I was with them.

This week we got a baptism:) will tell you the story next week dont got enough time loves

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