Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Staying in the Mt. View ward

We had a special stake conference this Sunday. Elder Snow of the seventy came the one who spoke in conference. The Tacoma stake was split... pretty cool must mean we are doing our job!! 

This transfer I am training a new Elder and staying in Mountain View.

The stake split caused our boundaries to change quit a bit and we lost some of our best investigators... pretty mad about that its always hard giving people up to others.. Hope they will get it done. 

We got tons of the pewyallup fruit-land ward in our area... about 200 active members will be at church this week... I am way excited hopefully they love feeding us because the old ward didn't... And hopefully they fulfill their callings because home teaching was at like 10 percent in the ward.. 

This week we saw all these guys ballin at a park.. we went and played them, won, and invited them to come ball at the church with us the next day. we made an agreement that that have to come to church if they want to ball at the church.. lol whatever it takes right?? it is salvation 

we are hoping to get some baptisms out of it!!

Saturday our recent converts Steve and Cherie went to the temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome to be apart of. Steve was baptized for his father and Cheries husband and his wife for his steves mother. 
i was a witness and as i watched i felt so much peace.  temple worker told us that in the temple lots of different spirits go and visit. Those whose work is being done, those who are learning about the gospel, and those who are curious. I definitely felt the appreciation of the loved ones whose work was done. 

had tons of meetings this week.. not too much happened.. but looking forward to this next transfer. I only have 3 left i cant believe it. this last transfer felt like a week and it was the longest one of my mission time wise. 

my motivation for this week is do whatever it takes. The hardest thing to do as missionaries in Tacoma at least is getting people to church. We try to do whatever it takes... knock on windows, back doors, call from the neighbors phone, hiss, scratch, yell, dance, sing, whatever it takes. Do whatever it takes to be a disciple of Jesus. 

love you all
Elder Fife

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