Monday, April 11, 2016

Saving totters off roofs

Bagles and I were cruisin down the road listening to some bumpin church music in our Nissan rogue pretty stocked out of our minds cuz we just got a free grill. I was lookin around for a good knocking spot when i saw this weird lookin person like thing on a roof about a half mile away.. as we got closer i realized it was a baby... I slammed the car in park in the middle of the street and bagley and I ran to save her. She was 2 years old or so and was standing on the edge of a 20 foot roof with her pants off and poop on her leg. i run under the roof to catch her if she fell or jumped. Bagley ran and banged on the door. A kid answered and bagley asked if his mom was home.. a voice from the back says "tell them we arent interested" bagley ran in the house and yelled "your kids on the roof" he ran up the stairs and ran to the window where the baby was and heroically pulled her through. turns out it was the nanny that was watching the kids.... she almost fainted lol the 5 year old opened the window and the baby didnt want to take her nap so she went exploring on the roof.... 

A couple days later Elder Bagley and I were driving past that house again and decided to go visit them again.. we had no idea how to bring it up.. haha we didnt want to be like hey we saved your kid. praise us.. or we saved your kid so you need to come to church... we were kinda stuck.. we parked on the side of their house and we got out hoping God would provide the way. I heard a voice saying "Hey, you are the ones that saved my kid. you need to meet my wife" we go and meet his wife and she was so dang happy to see us she gave us huge hugs lol she was so grateful for us!!! the spirit was really strong we are going back to teach them this week:) i really feel that they will get baptized

I loved conference!!! i am striving to make sure my power and authority of my priesthood are equal so I may make the right decisions that will in turn determine my destiny. We are sons and daughters of God!!!! Find out by preparing for the sacrament and tasting of the Atonement!!!! love you all.
Elder Fife

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