Monday, April 11, 2016

Pops and Buddy

Dad, I loved conference!!! i loved The Prophets story of his buddy using his priesthood POWER to command the rescue ship back. I loved how they made it known that we are given the authority but it is up to us to have the power. It makes me want to live up to my Heavenly Heritage so much more. I loved Eyerings testimony in the first conference. It brought so much power and awe when he used the fathers name...  I felt the spirit really strong. So many people dont know the true characters of God and his son. His testimony shouted with clarity their divine roles to me. 

I loved Christofersons testimony of fatherhood. I remembered when you would come and pray with me in my room. i used to think how in the world does he pray for so long.. haha that was a wonderful example to me. Such a good memory to think back on. I want to finish my mission as strong as i can!!

Elder Bagley and I have been speaking about when we were younger. 
When I was about 14 I would say i was on the computer and trying to get to my email i typed the wrong url in and a Porn site popped up. 14 is pretty old to be first exposed to that stuff. the averadge age nowadays is 8. It didnt have much effect on me i kinda just brushed it off. Elder Bagley and I want to start a internet filter system so kids dont have to be exposed to that kinda stuff before they have too. that stuff destroys kids and families as we learn so often about.. we would do a hardware system and sell it door to door in utah... who knows its just an idea we have to try to do a richeous cause when we go home... 

anyways yeah i probably only have one more area 2 more weeks of this transfer but i think i am going to stay for another.

lovess tons pops
Elder Fife

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