Monday, April 11, 2016

April conference

I loved conference!!! haha sister farrer in Grays harbor gave me those socks for Christmas. I loved President Monsons Short and sweet talks!!! I remember last conference he gave a talk and lost most of his strength and started slurring his words.. I was glad to see him do short powerful talks:) Holland is always giving great talks!!! He is so real and loving when he speaks. I also loved Uchtdorf making jokes he always lightens the mood. I think my favorite of all was Eyrings testimony the very first talk saturday morning session. It really stuck with me. 

Cole seems like he is already better than me. thats great to see him progress at something!! good for him. IT is good to be cautious at skiing or else you will kill yourself... so many times i biffed it hard lol 

they are looking for a house... thats crazy cool!!! 

i have a huge calus on my knuckle from knocking doors... its pretty cool good memory and good indicator of my hard work 

swimming lessons thats cool its probably going to be pretty full of pee lol gotta get lots of chlorine in their!! thats tonnnsss of students though and lots of money good idea

This week we saved a babies life it was way crazy im going to share it in a big email. 

I have been drinking tons of water lately to stay hydrated in this awesome weather we are having and i have to pee alot so thats annoying... 

we got a referral from a member to teach he daughters baby daddy and we had a way good lesson about families and how they need to get married so they can raise their family right. I dont remember who said it but someone said children deserve to be raised in a proper family with loving parents etc 

i am so excited to see you again mom:) right now i have lots of work to do i feel i am the best i have been my whole mission and just want to work really hard to help as many people as i can get baptized and go to the temple


On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 6:17 PM, Sandra Fife <> wrote:
Hi Son!
Conference was soooo good! Right? Sister Wheelock sent me a picture of some red socks you were wearing yesterday. Made me realize you've been gone a long time. Idk those socks and I haven't done your laundry for done time now. Anyways, my favorite talks were Sunday president Monson and Holland. It was cool to think you were watching conference the same time I was :)

We had a good SB. Back to the grind tomorrow. Brighton was a sweet place to ski. I find some sweet deals on a site called liftopia. Cole is a dare devil skier!! He wants to go down anything black diamond. Jump, rails he lives for terrain parks. Cade is good to but little more cautious.

Jim and Sharon are coming to look at houses in north Logan tomorrow. So they may be living here when you get back. I hope they do that would be so awesome!!

Wow! You've knocked doors every night of the mish? You're a stud!! That's why Cole sent you that golf ball.

Lots of boys are getting mission calls around here. Hope they have as good of a mission that you've had!! Seems like your mission has been choice!!

Hannah and I are teaching swimming lessons this summer. I have 50 students already. It's gonna be a big money maker. I have to train every Saturday in May from 9-4pm. Big time commitment. Trying to get money for some up coming fun family trips.

Have a great week son!! I love you with all my heart Momma

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