Monday, April 11, 2016

More greatness from Tacoma

Steve got the Priesthood on Sunday!! We are going to the temple with him this saturday for tisms. Cherie is coming too!! 

Before I got to the area a cambodian lady was baptized. She just had a baby and we were in the circle to bless it. It was pretty cool 

We found a native guy named Gregorio he was smoking the reef in his car when we asked if he wanted to play basketball at our church.(he had some jordans in his car) we brought him to church and played basketball with him gave him a church tour and invited him to a baptism in another area the next day. We hooked him up with some clothes and he came with us to a baptism at 12th and pearl stake center. While we were watching he told me he used to go to that church as a kid and watched his uncles get baptized. He told us he wants to change his life and get baptized too. 

We found a dehydrator at a garage sale and have been making some way good jerky for snaking its way sweet..

I benched 450 today.... lol jk i wish

we met this guy that pushed up 600 in his garage for us tho that was pretty intense glad he didnt need a spot i couldnt help him

we grilled some steaks with our grill it was way good

My ears got way sunburnt and i had like 5 blisters on it... skin cancer fo sure 

i feel bad for Elder coombs and Gray they are always lookin red in their pictures home.... 

I am loving life right now I am super happy!! 

We are donig a book of mormon challenge reading the book as fast as jsmitty translated it. Way impressive how fast it was done.  april 7-june30 

I read about Ishmael's death and murmuring among laman and Lemuel clique.. so much to where the lords voice had to come and rebuke them... they were humbled for about 5 seconds until nephi is told to build a boat.. What do we murmur about? what hard impression did you get watching general conference? remember whether by my voice or the voices of my servants it is the same. keep the commandments and ye shall prosper in the land. Dont burn at the last day, do yourself a favor and burn your sins with the spirit of fire next week with your preparation for the sacrament. 
love you, Elder Fife

lol not sure where all that came from... enjoy

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