Thursday, April 28, 2016

New comp Elder Burton

Had a blast this week!! Elder Burton is my new comp. He is from Gainsville Virginia. He did online school his senior year to get out on the mish sooner, way cool. He did MMA back home so gotta be on my best behavior dont wanna get kicked in the face or nothin.. He's only 5 foot 4 so I think I could take him anyways.. lol 

It was a way good week this week. We had 7 investigators come to church and Baptized Rebecca on sunday. The Elders had taught her most of the lessons before the stake split all we had to do was finish up the lessons and fill the font. Rebeccas father is not a member we invited him to her baptism and while we shared the restoration as she changed we could tell the spirit hit him way strong. He came up to us after and told us he wants to learn more:) will keep you posted.

Gregorio came to church this sunday and brought his little brother Maurice. They loved it and are excited to come next week. Gregorio is the native guy that was in his car smoking weed when we met him. Its way cool to watch the change that has come over him over the past week or so.. We have been taught to teach repentance to baptize converts.. "Elder Oaks" It works!!!

We found a lady named Laura Knocking doors about a week ago. We knock every day from 5-7 it was a way slow night.. It was 6:59 and we simply asked Hey, do you want to be baptized? Laura said yes without hesitation... haha took me a second to realize what she said... we went back found and out her brother is Mormon in the lakewood stake.. She told us she usually looks through the peep hole and just ignores us but she felt she was missing something in her life. Its awesome to watch the gospel work its magic and fill those holes. She came to church on sunday with her son and loved it. Committed to come to church next week and be baptized. 

S/O to logan getting his mission call!! My guess is he is going to the washington tacoma mission and i will be his trainer:) im way salty i have to wait a whole week to find out where he goes tho.... lol love you all 
Elder Fife


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