Monday, April 11, 2016

Christian has a callus on his nuckle from knocking doors

Dad, we are praying something awesome will come from it. we ahve an appontment on turesday!!

thats way cool you handed out all those book of mormons... i wish i could do that but our mission office is always running out of book of mormons os it is hard to get them sometimes. like we didnt have any to hand out this week.

funny how the boys beat your but in riding the motorcycles... kinda like that one time when i killed you in ssx tricky.. lol and basketball!!!

i found your punch pass to burch creek in my wallet we gotta go use it up when i get home!! that would be lots of fun

i actually thought of you back flopping the other day.. hahaha good memories.. Elder Bagleys family is extremely rich they own like the nicest houseboat you can own... it was pretty crazy before he was so prideful always talking about the things he had done and people were getting sick of it but he didnt realize why people were being short with him.. i finally told him and he has changed lots he is way more humble about it the spirit really changed him. 

love you lots pops. 
Elder Fife

On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 9:24 PM,  <>wrote:
Hey Son. That was such an awesome story you shared about the little girl. Hopefully even more miracles will come from it. Missions are truly life saving experiences. I love the callous on your knuckle. That is such a sweet battle scar. More than that I love your dedication to getting out there every night. We had something similar in our mission but with book of Mormons. As a companionship we were to give out 2 a day or Atleast 14 a week. I never missed a week and I felt super good about that. I thought about it and that is over 700 book of Mormons I gave out on my mission.  I sure hope the power of those BOM reached many more hearts even after I left. As you know this is the Lords work and he performs miracles and works in mysterious ways.

Me and the boys went dirt biking on Saturday and I could barely keep up with the dudes. They jump and do stuff I would never do. I guess I am getting to be a sissy. Ever since I did the back flip with you in lake Powell and over rotated I seem to be more of a chicken liver.

I sure hope you have an awesome week Son. Love you with all i got.


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